5 Great Plant Corner Ideas | All You Need To Know About Corner Plants IN 2024


Indoor plants are often overlooked in home decor despite the fact that they add a fresh, green quality anywhere they're placed. On top of this visual interest, there are numerous other benefits a plant collection can have on you and your commercial or residential space. However, one might find when they begin gardening that while it's quite simple to introduce new plants to a room, there's a spot that's always quite tricky to figure out. Yes, we're talking about corners. Don't worry though, in this article we'll fix you up with numerous plant corner ideas to get those nit-picky spots popping!

Before showcasing our range of plant corner ideas, we'll start off by briefly discussing the best shape, size, and material for filling your empty corner. The reason it's vital to get this figured out first is that oftentimes, it's those aspects that hinder one's ability to garden in a corner. Once that matter is taken care of, you'll be better equipped to learn about all our numerous plant corner ideas.

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Best Planters For Growing Plants In Corners

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Round fiberglass planter | ©Jay Scotts

Let's start off by discussing the best shape for a corner planter. This is the most important factor when you want to grow corner plants and getting this right makes everything else fall nicely into place.

What's The Best Shape For A Corner Planter?


square planters in the living room
©Lasting Greenery / Jay Scotts

A square planter is your best choice for potting corner plants. The reasoning for this is simple and one you've probably already figured out for yourself. A square planter naturally slots into a corner given their shape and edges. It's also relatively compact, meaning you're not taking too much space in using a square pot.


Fiberglass planters
©Jay Scotts

A rectangular planter is your next best option with plant corner ideas. Again, these will easily slot inside a corner, but you have to remember that due to their length, one end of the planter will be in one corner while the rest will jut out. If this bothers you, go for a square pot. However, rectangle containers are much better for plant health if you want to plant more than one plant. Furthermore, their size adds interest to small spaces and are a nice contrast to the classic square design.

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What's The Best Size For A Corner Planter?

As opposed with shape, you have a bit more leeway with pot size so long as you stick to a square or rectangular planter.


montroy cube planter
Jay Scotts

If you're looking to grow smaller plants or you want to see plant babies develop, smaller pots are the right size for you. Most small pots would end up being square shapes as rectangular ones are too long to really be considered 'small'.

Something like this Cuba Low Corner Planter is a good example of your plant corner ideas. Given their size, these save space while also allowing for the possibility of serving as the focal point of a room.

How would you do that exactly you ask? We'll get more into specifics later but it involves small pots and tall plants - Any ideas?


A medium-sized planter is that weird middle ground that's occasionally difficult to define. A safe bet is to consider any pot between 14'' to 24'' in diameter as a medium planter.

You can start working with rectangular and square planters with a medium pot. Not only does this allow for more plants if you decide to group plants, but the increased size of the pot will also serve as attention-grabbing decor. Simply place plants inside and watch a space bloom with green!


A large pot in a corner is a surefire way to eliminate even the thought of those empty spaces and create a plant corner that is an integral part in the overall makeup of a commercial or residential space.

When you opt for a large planter like the Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter, you're giving yourself the option of planting pretty much anything, from tropical plants to trailing plants to different textures of flowers! Such a large size makes for the perfect addition to any grand resort, as it really gives guests the sense of being immersed in nature, which is the perfect recipe for a relaxed weekend getaway.

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5 Great Plant Corner Ideas

©Via Mizner | Jay Scotts

Enhance An Otherwise Dull Corner With A Tall House Plant

Kicking off our list of plant corner ideas, how about using tall corner plants to enhance those otherwise dull spaces?

This is simple to pull off and occasionally you don't need to even think about doing it, it'll just happen on its own. However, if you are looking to work with this style, choosing a plant like the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Snake Plant, or Bamboo Palm will give you the best results. These indoor plants can grow to nice sizes without being overbearing and are also amongst the most popular plants in the world.

To complete the design, simply pair the plant of your choice with a fiberglass pot like the Darwin Tall Corner Planter and you should be good to go.

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Bring Color To A Corner with plant corner ideas

If you want to take decorating with indoor corner plants to the next level, how about a gardening corner filled with color? Bringing color to a corner is a simple way to show off your plant collection while simultaneously making corners burst to life--Let's find out how you can do this!

To start off, all you have to do is think about the color of the plant that's going to go in the corner. How does it work in relation to the rest of the room? Or, on the other hand, will you have is stand out as a statement piece? These are some questions you'll want to think about when you begin decorating your corner.

If you want more than just using plants for this idea, you can also add color with the planter itself! A company like JBD Concepts is your best friend if you want to try this out, as all there fiberglass planters come in a host of colors so you'll be sure to find the shade you desire.

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©Plant The Future / Jay Scotts

Leverage The Beauty Of Tropical Plants

Another fun way to eliminate boring corners is to leverage the beauty of tropical plants. This plant corner idea is great for indoor and outdoor use, and if you're blessed enough to be working with a pool space, this is the idea for you!

Given their name, tropical plants will want to be in locations that receive a good amount of sunlight to flourish. While corners don't exactly seem like the places to receive much light, so long as there's a window nearby, you're sure to be fine. If you're still worried, plant these tropical plants in the corners outside--Think the corner of a patio, the corner of an outdoor garden, or, like we mentioned, the corner of a pool space.

©Jay Scotts

For an actual plant to pot, how about a Fiddle Leaf Fig? These plants are from the tropical rainforests of West Africa and love a bit of sunlight and humidity. Their leafy shape are sure to be a prized asset to your plant collection so go ahead and get decorating!

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Small Pots With Tall Plants!

montroy planters - plant corner ideas
©ViaMizner Boca | Jay Scotts

We briefly discussed the possibility of using small pots to serve as the focal point of a room, but never got into exactly how to go about doing this. Let's find out!

Simply put, this plant corner idea works by putting together two componenets: a small pot and a tall plant--Self explanatory, right? The reason this idea is so great is because of the fact that by using a smaller sized pot, you can save money while effectively hiding your pots in the corner. What do we mean by this?

Well, what if the corner is behind a couch or next to a wooden table? The view of the pot in such situations is obstructed so all that you and your guests really end up seeing is the tall plant shooting out from it--Pretty neat, eh?

To get started, choose flower pots like the Montroy Cube Planter. Once you have the pot, choose a tall plant to go inside! You could use small trees like the Japanese Maple for a stunning display of green!

Show Off With Climbing & Trailing House Plants

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©Gardening Chores

Climbing and trailing house plants are some of the best ways of using up corner space. Each offer their own distinct look that will be sure to provide some much needed visual interest to a room.

Climbing Plants

Climbing plants do just what their name suggest. Some notable mentions would be the Wisteria, Clematis, or various species of the Ivy. By planting these in a pot in a corner, or on a trellis, you'll not only be able to fill a corner, but also bring about some green to the vertical space above said corner. With proper maintenance and care, you'll be able to decorate the walls of a room with a natural jungle look that is sure to impress anyone who comes around.

Trailing Plants

Compared to climbing plants that go up, trailing plants spill outwards and down. However, you can simply pot some trailing plants and have them spill onto the floor, a much more stylish choice would be to use wall planters or a pot sitting atop a plant shelf.

For a wall planter, try something like the Nile Wall Planter.

plant corner ideas
©Balcony Garden Web

On the other hand, with a plant shelf you can simply place a pot atop the shelf and then have the trailing plants growing out from there. Regardless of your choice, trailing plants will surely provide you with a beautiful design that will introduce varying heights to your interior design!

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We offer a wide range of planter sizes and shapes | ©Jay Scotts

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