Large Planters

Embrace Limitless Possibilities and Transform Your Space with Large Planter Pots

Why Should You Use Large Planters?

Large planters provide a wide range of benefits, from increasing the aesthetic appeal of gardens to creating an inviting atmosphere for guests. Additionally, large planter boxes can:

  • Easily create eye-catching and impressive landscapes outside your business, office, or restaurant
  • Help create cozy and private seating areas by placing large planters around furniture
  • Increase biodiversity by providing areas for outdoor and indoor plants to thrive
  • Help reduce air and noise pollution in rooms and outdoor spaces
  • Easily manage plants without the mess and clutter of smaller pots.

Learn more about how fiberglass planters can benefit you and your customers, and increase the value of your property!

Best Material For Large Pots

Large outdoor and indoor planters often come in plastic, metal, concrete, ceramic, fiberglass, and wood, among other material options. While rustic and quaint, the form, function, and beauty of these containers quickly deteriorate.

The best large planters are made from premium quality fiberglass to ensure they perform as needed – no matter the application, location, or time of year!

Not only will our planters last beyond their 3 year warranty, but they are also painted with your choice of premium finishes that protect the pot from UV, chemical, and weather damage – perfect for projects that require high-performing planters!

Learn more about the performance that fiberglass materials offer and how it benefits your interests!

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Fiberglass for a patio
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Paint Your World With Our 20 Color Finishes

Every JBD Concepts’ large planter is hand-painted to order with 20 standard colors to choose from, allow you to create a harmonious and visually appealing garden that reflects your unique taste and personality.

If you can’t find the color that you’re looking for, feel free to give us a call and we’ll have a talk about custom options.

Please keep in mind that the tone of a color might vary depending on the screen and display. That is why we are delighted to offer samples! If you find a color you like, let us know and we’ll give you a free sample that has been sprayed in-house to verify you love what you think you like!

ensure your peace of mind with every purchase

Our large planters are crafted to perfection and come with an exclusive three-year (3) warranty from the moment you make them yours.

This warranty covers any manufacturing defects, reflecting our commitment to excellence. In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues, our dedicated team, in collaboration with Jay Scotts Company, will swiftly handle the matter. We offer repair, exchange, or credit for any defective items, ensuring your investment remains protected.

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Large Planters Enhance Every Space

Large planters offer remarkable versatility in their applications, making them an ideal choice for enhancing various spaces. With their lightweight construction, they effortlessly fit into both indoor and outdoor environments, including:

planters in a resort
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Hospitality Sector

Hotels and resorts often utilize large planters to decorate their outdoor seating areas, entrances, and walkways, giving guests a warm and inviting atmosphere during their stay.

planters at a restaurant
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Restaurants & Cafes

Large planters can be used by restaurants and cafes to create outdoor dining areas with a cozy and relaxed ambiance, enhancing the overall dining experience for patrons.

large rooftop with planters
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Roof Gardens

For rooftops and terraces, large planters provide an excellent solution for planting greenery without adding excessive weight to the structure. Their lightweight nature makes them suitable for these elevated spaces.

montroy planters - plant corner ideas
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Large planters can be used around swimming pools and water features to add a touch of nature to the area. They are resistant to water and weather, making them ideal for such environments.

Fiberglass for a patio
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Public Parks & Urban Spaces

In public parks and urban landscapes, large planters can be strategically placed to add greenery and vegetation to otherwise concrete-dominated areas. They offer a flexible solution for beautifying public spaces and creating pleasant environments for residents and tourists.

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Transportation Hubs

Airports, train stations, and bus terminals often incorporate large planters to add greenery and enhance the overall travel experience for passengers.

Container Garden Planters
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Home Gardens & Patios

Large planters are popular choices for home gardens, balconies, and patios. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing homeowners to complement their outdoor decor while providing a sturdy and lightweight option for planting flowers, herbs, or small shrubs.

restaurant planters
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Commercial Landscapes

Large planters are frequently used in commercial settings such as hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. They offer a modern and elegant touch to these spaces, making them visually appealing and inviting to customers and visitors.

Learn More About Large Planters

What Are Large Planter Shapes?

We offer large planters in a variety of shapes and styles, including:

Round planters
Square planters
Rectangular planters
Outdoor planters
Indoor planters

Our planters also serve as window boxes, wall & railing planters, vertical gardens, and room dividers. The possibilities are endless!
Learn more about planter shapes!

What Size Is A Large Planter?

Generally, planters are considered big when you need assistance carrying them. Starting at 12″ in width, height, or depth, large planters can range up to 60″ and beyond!

Learn everything about the best size for plant pots.

How Does This Affect Shipping?

While you may think big pots mean expensive shipping, actually, our manufacturing and choice of planter material ensure a lightweight product that is easy to install with relatively low shipping costs compared to a planter with a different material like ceramic.

Learn more about ordering with us!

Who Uses Large Pots?

Large planters are perfect for any homeowner or large business that wants to create a beautiful landscape or interior design. With their ability to accommodate large plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs, there’s no limit to their application. Our biggest customers are:

Professional landscapers – Our large planters use commercial-grade materials and finishes
Homeowners – Commercial quality means our pots perform above-class in residential homes and gardens
Retailers, hotels, & restaurants – Our big planters make the impact needed to get customers through the door and increase the perceived value of goods and services.

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Where Can I Use Large Pots?

Our luxurious large pots are perfect for gardens, decks, terraces, yards, patios, and lobbies – anywhere where you need to make improvements to your landscape or decor.
These large pots are just as much at home inside your office or house as they are outside in the garden. And with our huge range of colors, finishes, and sizes, our planters are suitable for any existing interior or exterior design.

More Guides To Large Planters

You know large planters can make a big impact on the enjoyment and value of your garden or commercial space, but it’s hard to find large planters that are both stylish and durable. Our large planters come in an array of styles and sizes so you can create the perfect outdoor oasis for any space.

But if you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our large planter guides below.

panama rectangular tapered planter

Find your perfect Large planter

Our selection is huge, but we like to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for!

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