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Container gardening needn’t be all about getting your hands dirty and spending hours looking for the perfect fertilizer!

Using well-designed container garden planters and beautiful plants is a very enjoyable and easy way to add beauty and tangible value to your home. 

As Stephanie Horton, a professional plant consultant ‘@botanicalblackgirl’, puts it:

“It’s helpful to always consider the intended use of the pot, For example, potted vegetables require more attention to space and depth. Ornamental plants, on the other hand, allow you to lean more on the aesthetics and style of the pot”.

In our projects, we have seen the incredible impact that our planters can have on a garden’s design, aesthetics, and purpose including:

  • Bringing vibrance and life to a garden
  • Creating a private space 
  • Boosting a property’s financial value and appeal
  • Making container gardening easier

All while increasing the mental health and well-being of those around them!

If you have a landscaping bone in your body and you’re also interested in the decor and design opportunities presented by planters, get inspired with these examples of how our planters shone in previous container garden projects!

1. Garden Hardscapes Love Rectangular Planters

©Greenville Planters / Jay Scotts

The Panama Rectangular Tapered Planter shows that rectangular planters can fit any plants or flowers in beautiful arrangements.

In this project, the customer chose the Panama Rectangular Tapered Planter to soften the hardscape features of their home while drawing attention to their gorgeous arrangement of plants and flowers. Planters are adept at adding a focal point and this particular planter is fantastic container for outdoor decor!

This customer chose our fabulous Gloss Red finish (GRD) from our collection of 20 colors and finishes.

With our range, it’s easy to find the perfect color combination for your existing decor, landscape, or container garden design!

2. Homes Create Private Areas With Container Gardens

large rectangular planters produce curb appeal
©Coffinier Ku Design / Jay Scotts

The Tolga Rectangular Planter is a good example of an outdoor planter that won’t take up much space but still offer plenty of planting room.

The decorator of this house chose Tolga Rectangular Planters because they are versatile, unique, and decorative. A few of these boxes can frame the entryway, creating a little privacy on the patio or garden. 

Another reason the Tolga is great for outdoor applications? Made from fiberglass, these planters are tough and extremely durable, so they won’t crack and fade, which often happens to other planter materials like ceramic, wood, and plastic.

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3. Our Container Gardens Are Bold!

©The Gates / Jay Scotts

The Alzira Bowl Planter is the type of round planter that suits any kind of garden.

Featuring a smooth rounded base and a deep interior cavity, the Alzira Bowl Planter is a versatile round plant pot that is great for small container gardens where one pot is all that’s needed!

The owner of this garden chose the Alzira to help surround their seating area with greenery and enhance their deck with a touch of decor and a laid-back vibe. 

The Alzira comes in 3 sizes ranging up to 36 inches! While this is usually big enough for most large plants, the benefit of using fiberglass to build our planters is that we can build them any size! 
Learn more about the benefits of fiberglass planters!

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