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Porches are an extension of your home, and adding porch planters can create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. 

In our projects, we have seen the incredible impact that our planters can have on a space including:

  • Bringing vibrance and life to the porch 
  • Creating a private space 
  • Boosting a property’s financial value and appeal
  • Providing a welcoming experience for visitors

Our planters are designed to enhance the form, function, and beauty of any property and create a statement piece that will impress anyone who sees it.

So whether you are a designer planning to satisfy your clients or a homeowner trying to bring out the best in your property, check out how our planters were used in these projects so that you can have the perfect porch design!

1. Our Range Is Endless – Perfect To Show Your Creativity On The Porch!

flower pots
©Alicante Residence // San Jose Michigan

Alicante Fluted Round Planter is one the most stylish round planter options for homes.

The Alicante Fluted Round Planters in this porch design adds a touch of creativity to this customer’s outdoor space.

The homeowner chose this unique shape to introduce eye-catching detail and texture, making them a standout feature in the porch design. The elegant round shape of the planters make a statement, complemented by the colorful flowers placed inside. 

This homeowner needn’t worry about their plants either – fiberglass planters help plants flourish!

Learn more about the benefits of fiberglass planters!

2. Saint Tropez Bullet Round Planter

Porch fiberglass Planters
©Jay Scotts

Saint Tropez Round Bullet Planters are some of our bestselling modern planters

The owner of this house chose the Saint Tropez Bullet Round Planter for this porch design project because of its cute and understated modern design. 

The slightly curved edges and impressive taper from the base make it stand out from other planters and create a sleek and stylish look that will never fail to wow passersby.

Our range of over 20 colors and finishes helped this customer find the perfect color combination for their existing decor and porch design. 

3. Our Rectangle Fiberglass Planters Made This Space Theirs

Rectangular planters are the perfect addition to your patio.

This customer chose the Camoux Rectangular Planter to create a secluded area to relax in and block out unwanted views while keeping the porch stylish and modern. And it worked! 

With a perfectly crafted linear shape able to make botanical walls, privacy fences, and landscape dividers, the Camoux is extremely versatile and blends seamlessly into existing hardscaopes.

Whether used as a standalone statement piece or combined with other elements in your porch design, the Camoux Narrow Rectangular Planter is sure to be a valuable addition to any porch design!

Did you know our planters are also guaranteed for 3 years? There’s no need to worry whether they’ll last – they will.

rectangular fiberglass planters
©JBD Concepts / Jay Scotts

4. This Customer Brought Their Plants Closer To Home With Planters

Porch fiberglass Pots
©JBD Concepts / Jay Scotts

The Montroy Cube Planter will quickly become your new favorite square plant pot!

This homeowner owner chose the Montroy Cube Planters in this porch design to bring a pop of color and energy to the space while bringing nature beyond the limits of the natural landscape – something that our planters are very effective at!

Planters placed in such high-traffic areas look great but few can take the relentless wear and tear. Homeowners shouldn’t have to choose! That’s why we offer fiberglass planters. 

See why our materials make our planters special.

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