Best Screened Porch Plants & Ideas For Front Door Leafy Foliage


A porch is a great addition to any home, providing visual interest and functionality that can really take the homeliness and curb appeal of a house to the next level. Of the various porch types, screened in porches are some of the most sought after. This is because they allow residents year round enjoyment of their natural surroundings, without really having to worry about weather conditions or pesky insects and bugs.

Despite such benefits, one issue is that because screened porches don't receive the light of a full sun, it's tricky to know what potted plants to grow. In this post, we'll answer all your screened porch plants questions, from watering, soil & fertilizer requirements, weather & temperature conditions, to how much direct sun your potted plants need!

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Before getting into the best plants for your covered porch, let's take a look at the components you need to watch out for.

What To Look Out For With Screened Porch Plants


Compared to plants that can grow outside without any sort of cover, potted plants in a screened-in porch require their watering to be much more regulated. Understanding the right watering schedule and the planter size requirements for your plants is crucial when you start planting in such a space!

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Soil & Fertiliser Requirements

One of the most important aspects when using container gardens is the necessity to understand the soil & fertilizer requirements of each plant.

Having an understanding of these components, on top of the various kinds of fertilizer available, will really facilitate the healthy growth of any green foliage.

Weather & Temperature Conditions

Indoor plants do not have to worry about seasonal and temperature changes as much as an outdoor plant. It's possible to have warm weather year round when growing indoor plants, which is something that should be taken into account when choosing something for your screened in porch.


The final aspect to understand when planting green foliage in a screened in porch is the amount of direct light it receives. Greenery planted here tends to prefer full shade or partial shade as opposed to receiving the heat of the full sun, something that can, consequently, result in the death of such plants.

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A Few Plants For Your Screened In Porch!

1. Succulents

Kicking off our list are succulents. Though commonly thought of as plants that can survive the heat of even the hottest full sun, succulents, like most plants, will shrivel and die if exposed to extreme amounts of sunlight.

During seasons with warmer weather, how about bringing your succulents into your covered porch? While still receiving partial sun, succulents can survive those summer days. Once it's cooler, you can return them outside if you see fit.

Compared to some other plants, succulents are low maintenance! Not much watering is required and loose, rocky, well drained soil is ideal for their growth.

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2. Elephant Ears

With heart shaped leaves, how could Elephant Ears not be on the list of your favorite plants? Even better, these shade loving plants are ideal for growth in areas of partial shade and low light--Like a screened porch!

Growing them is relatively easy. Picking a part of your porch with a good amount of shade and space, pot the plant in a nicely sized container. These don't require too much water, but well drained soil is essential. Going a step further, consider a slow release fertilizer to keep it healthy.

An Elephant Ear won't survive the cold winter but a screened porch takes care of that. Once they're really growing, they can even function as ground cover, giving the porch space a nice bloom of green foliage!

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3. Creeping Jenny

A fantastic plant for use as a ground cover or arranged in a hanging basket, a Creeping Jenny ticks all the boxes when it comes to a plant for a screened porch.

A hardy perennial, this plant can withstand the full sun but also grows well in partial shade. Whether planting along vertical space using linear containers side by side, this plant will provide your front porch with a nice sense of lush greenery, surely wowing any guests you have around.

4. Dead Nettle

Another great plant for your screened in front porch is the Dead nettle. Not only does it love the shade, this plant grows out in clusters of pink, white, or deep purple flowers during the spring and summer.

Pretty when grown out of a wall planter, they can also be grown in containers and pots along the ground. When planted in full to partial shade, the upkeep required is quite low--Think about it like this, with more sunlight, more water is needed!

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5. Ferns/English Ivy

Last on this list of front porch plants, we'll try something out by taking giving you a combination of plants to work with.

The Fern/English Ivy combo is great because of the nice mix between the Fern, a vascular plant with strappy foliage, and the English Ivy, a long, spindly spiller.

On top of the aesthetic aspects, these plants can grow well even when kept away from sunlight, making the covered porch an ideal location. While the English Ivy requires little water--simply check the soil to see if its dry--the Fern will need to be watered so the soil remains damp. Apart from that, maintenance is pretty simple!

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The Best Planters For Screened Porch Plants!

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So far we've gone over plant care for screened porch plants, as well as a few examples of plants that grow well in such spots. But what about the best planter for these plants?

It'd be a waste to learn all the aforementioned information without any idea of the pots and containers to use. So let's now talk about fiberglass planters, what many consider to be the best overall planter, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned green thumb!

Why Fiberglass?

Durable and lightweight.

This means that once you purchase a fiberglass planter, you'll have it for life. Furthermore, their lightweight material allow for easy rearranging anywhere in and out of your home.


Made with built in drainage holes, fiberglass planters ensure your plants and flowers live the best life they possibly can. Furthermore, unlike degradable materials like clay or wood, these pots will never break down!


Though this won't be too important when using the planter in a screened in porch, it's worth mentioning that fiberglass is one of the most weather and temperature resistant planters out there. Plant wherever and whenever you desire!

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