7 Awesome Tips For Dining Room Table Greenery & Plants


So you've done it. You've saved up enough for your own apartment or house. After shelling out some more on furniture and other decors, you're now considering your dining room table greenery plants, which some consider the centerpiece of any residential space.

The dining area looks nice enough. You have a window letting in full sun during the day and indirect light at night; there are chairs for family and friends surrounding the dining table and candles in brass candle holders for when you want some nice, moody low light. But something's missing.

You can't put your finger on it until you realize--Where are the natural elements? If this sounds like a problem you're facing, don't worry. We've got some tips for dining room table greenery plants to introduce a burst of fresh nature indoors!

In this article, we'll go over a few ideas for your dining room table greenery plants. These will surely help you bring green varieties of life to your dining area, transforming it into as much of a centerpiece filled with beautiful green as a gathering space for meals.

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1. Air Plants Take A Dining Room To New Heights!

Air plants are a cool decorating option for adding foliage to your dining room. What separates air plants from other plants and flowers is the fact that these don't require any soil to grow-Yes, as their name suggests, all they need is air! This makes these indoor plants extremely low maintenance, giving you another reason to consider them as decor at your dining table.

For one, watering requirements tend to be minimal for these plants. A weekly or bi-weekly schedule should suffice, but for the best results, you should consult your local nursery or look for exact details online.

In terms of light, an air plant doesn't enjoy being left out to absorb the heat of the full sun, so avoid placing it right in front of a sunny window. Your best bet is any space that gets indirect sunlight! Once you have these two factors in check, go ahead and decorate your dining table with this new piece of green decor. The long, delicate leaves of these plants are sure to brighten up the room!

dining room table greenery & plants
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2. A Flowering Plant For Traditional Style

Short planter on tabletop
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Flowers blooming out of a planter are the quintessential dining room decor and introduce eye-catching features to any space.

Our top tip - choose plants that require little maintenance. Perfect for busy people who can't spend too much time fussing over dining room table greenery plants, using low-maintenance plants also means they'll stay looking fresh for a long time. Nothing kills the dinner party mood like a dead plant...

With the right plant selection, the right planter can become a stunning centerpiece that evokes an ambiance of tasteful grandeur in your home.

To begin, start by choosing your planter (the Short Haden pictured left is a firm choice) and a plant. A Silver Vase plant is a classic, but there are so many other variations you could pick from. How about pink flowers like Petunias or Roses to introduce that one-of-a-kind beauty to a room?

If pink flowers aren't your style, you can go with other colors and match them with your vase for a nice contrasting effect. Flowers like to be watered once a week, and most prefer low or indirect light over the heat of the full sun.

However, this is not the case for all plants. As with all gardening--whether with outdoor or indoor plants--read up on your individual plant requirements for the best results. It won't be long before you bring the hope of spring indoors!

3. Hanging Baskets Around The Dining Table

dining room table greenery & plants

Though a dining room is mainly thought of as a spot where you gather with friends and family to eat, that doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun while you're at it! Hanging baskets around the dining room table is the perfect way to implement a sense of whimsicality to the decor of any room, giving everyone a few conversation starters so every meal is that much more enjoyable. This is a pro tip for dining room table greenery & plants.

To achieve this look, have the dining room table serve as the centerpiece of the room, and then begin installing hanging baskets along the walls surrounding it. Good choices of plants are foliage like trailing plants, ivy, spider plants, and the like--Basically, anything that will use vertical dimensions to its advantage!

As another added benefit, this kind of greenery is very easy to care for. Most do well with indirect sunlight through a window, and also don't need too much watering. Once again, these are mere generalizations so be sure to double-check with your local nursery before you do anything wrong!

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4. Spider Plants For Bountiful Green Foliage

dining room table greenery & plants
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Now let's take the previous suggestion further but focus solely on spider plants. Spider plants, as their name suggests, are plants with long, spindly leaves resembling a spider's legs. Though the idea might put a creepy crawly image in your head, in actuality, this type of foliage is rather beautiful and one of the most popular houseplants to grow. Focusing now on spider plants for use in a dining room, let's take a look at the possibilities.

For one, these indoor plants can work in hanging baskets, as floor decor (consider a Tolga Corner Planter for this), atop shelves, or why not a wall-mounted planter? Regardless of what you end up doing, by providing these warm-weather perennials with a tropical environment that has a bit of humidity, you can really start to see them bloom with their sweet green and white stripes. Spider plants are one of the best options for beginner gardeners looking for indoor plants to spruce up a room, so don't be put off by their name, check out what this greenery can do for you!

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5. Faux Indoor Plants Around A Dining Table?

While so far we've focused on foliage that is living and breathing, requiring maintenance in the form of sunlight and water to survive, how about taking a different approach to dining room decor? At the end of the day, it's important to remember that this is where food is eaten and conversation spun, so one might not be as inclined to grow a flowering plant or something excessively green. How about a faux plant instead?

Although plant purists might recoil at the mere mention of faux indoor plants, these are great to decorate around the dining room as they're not affected by the same issues that plague real plants. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that there's no worry that if you make a mistake with the watering or sunlight requirements that your faux plants will ever wither and die. These plants will remain alive for as long as you choose to keep them, so you can rest assured your dream of perpetual beauty will be in good hands.

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6. Succulents Should Be A Dining Table Staple!

If you just can't stomach the idea of having faux plants in your dining room, a living plant that's easy to care for that would be perfect as decor on a dining table is the succulent. This plant is great because of its size, simple maintenance, and cute, compact look.

Once again, seeing as we're talking about decorating a dining room, you might be less willing to go all out with your indoor plants. In such situations, the best answer is to use plants like succulents because these have a naturally cute and compact look that will allow you to place them anywhere in the room or on the dining table without having them get in the way. Plus they are great for use in plant combinations.

Succulents will serve as less of the center of attention and more as interesting background decor, introducing bright spots of summer into the house without ever being overbearing.

Finally, if all of this wasn't enough, succulents are also very easy to care for! With minimal watering requirements, just ensure they get daily sunlight and you'll be good to go.

Why not try Lucky Bamboo? Resembling bamboo, these are actually a succulent. There's no better way to introduce some feng shui into your dining room than this!

short planter on table
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7. Floor Decor Plants For Corners

planters in the corner of a room
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Last on our idea list of dining room table greenery & plants is to use plants as floor decor to breathe life into corners. This is a great idea for someone who just doesn't like the idea of having a potted plant full of soil growing on a dining table, ensuring cleanliness whilst still making it possible to introduce some greenery to your dining room.

To begin, choose a planter with edges that allow it to slot into a corner. For modern interior designs, opt for a Toulan Tapered Square Planter. With an elegant tapered body that softly contrasts the hard lines of most interiors, the Toulan is perfect for all corners of a home!

For those lucky enough to have more space, going for a rectangular planter like a Delray Tall Rectangular Planter will allow you to have a pot that's a statement piece in and of itself!

Once you have the pot, simply place it inside the corner and then get potting--Fill it up with enough soil before putting the plant inside! If you're wondering what the best plant options for this are, you can start with a plant like the Snake Plant or Zz Plant. Perfect for beginner gardeners because of their low maintenance and longevity, these are sure to bring about the right amount of nature to those otherwise dull and dreary corners!

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Incorporating greenery into your dining room has never been easier with our 7 Pro Tips for Better Dining Room Table Greenery & Plants! We've explored various options, from air plants to succulents, to help you create a vibrant and inviting dining space.

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