Round Planter Ideas | Size Guide & Pro Planting Tips


Round planters are the original and traditional shape for a container garden and decorative planters, and although they have been around for many years, they are still a popular choice, and for good reason! You can do many things with this shaped pot, from flower arrangements to container gardening. The options are vast.

So, for those considering buying a round planter, or looking for information on sizes and planting, read on for container gardening ideas and tips on everything from purchasing the ideal container to where to place it and what to fill it with.

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How To Use Round Planters In Landscaping And Interior Design

round planter ideas
Our round planters are perfect for landscaping.

Anyone whose job it is to design spaces where people spend time will tell you that pots and plants are essential for creating the best aesthetics. In fact, places often look incomplete without the addition of nature. Here are a few container garden ideas with round pots!

Round pots especially have been hailed for their pleasing shapes. The curves can create harmony in otherwise sharp and harsh rooms and are often the container shape of choice in interior designs. Not only that but the term "round pot" encompasses many subdivisions, including:

And that isn't all, the options really are endless, with container shapes to suit any design or style.

Interior design with round planters

fiberglass planters
Round planters are used by commercial spaces to add color and intrigue to their space.

So, what are the benefits of adding plants to indoor spaces? Okay, where do we begin?

For interior design, a plant pot not only brightens up the room it is placed in, but it can also reduce stress, increase productivity and counteract the negative effects of city living. So, in a nutshell, indoor plants can improve your overall quality of life.

The question is, where should you put them?

For homeowners

Jay Scotts Planter in room
Alicante fluted planters look stunning in modern homes.

For plants inside the home, we recommend using round containers in social areas like the living room, dining room, or even the entrance. It's good to think about places you will see and appreciate them most often.

Living room container ideas

Our large round planters are tools for interior design.

In a living room, you could choose to have a large round planter as a focal point of the space. This will create an inviting atmosphere in your home as it instantly grabs the attention of your guests and invokes a peaceful ambiance.

Inside commercial Buildings

Congress Tall Extra Planters as commercial planters for privacy
Our round fiberglass planters in a hotel's entrance

If you are a business owner or an interior designer whose customer is commercial, try to identify the areas that need to create an impression.

In hotels, restaurants, or anywhere with a reception we recommend the use of small planters containing ornamental plants, strategically located on check-in desks or tables.

Indoor plant and garden ideas

tarragona bowl plater
Tarragona Bowl Planter provides a fun and clutterless aesthetic.

You could choose a beautiful trailing plant like Boston fern, that spills over the container edge and instantly breathes new life into its surrounding. Alternatively, you could opt for delicate flowers like orchids, that look spectacular around the room, next to windows, or at the side of the sofas.

For halls that are long and straight, an easy method to add visual interest is to install containers that create symmetry throughout the walkway. Try lining either side at intervals with round pots containing beautiful leafy plants like Ear Elephant Plant or Monstera Deliciosa.

Round Planters For Small Spaces

round planter in a corner of a living room
Our Corry Cylinder Planer is placed in the small corner of a living room.

If the area is small or somewhat crowded, an alternative you may consider is using a plant stand. Plant stands are ideal for small round pots and have two common purposes.

The first is to maximize floor space, and the second is to raise the plant to a height that is more visually accessible. Making the most out of your plant's aesthetics and your home's space.

Commercial container garden plants

Geomantic Designs, Landscape Architecture
Styled and installed by Geomantic Designs | Landscape Architecture

You can experiment with bright colors like purple calibrachoa, to invoke a funky, contemporary vibe to a modern restaurant or company. Alternatively, soft colors are more appropriate for a corporate workspace.

Waiting rooms also benefit massively from some colorful flowers or large leafy plants, as they are usually spaces where people unwantedly spend a lot of time. It is a good idea to think about how you can make a room like this more inviting and relaxing.

Consider placing large round pots or standing planters filled with gorgeous plants next to the seats, as it will invoke a calming atmosphere.

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Landscaping with Round Planters

planters around a pool in a resort
JBD planters are a favorite for commercial developers / Styled and installed by: Geomantic Designs | Landscape Architecture

If you are looking for some container gardening ideas you have come to the correct place.

No garden or outside area looks complete without flowers or plants bringing the place to life.

It's no secret that garden beds full of plants such as ornamental cabbage looks fantastic, but you can really add depth and highlights to an area with container plants.

So, here are some container gardening ideas for landscapers designing outdoor spaces and homeowners alike:

1. Lining a path Or Entrance

planters hardscape
Our planters make entrances more appealing.

The entrance to your building or home should always include beautiful plants. This is the place with the most foot traffic and the first impression of your space. Try placing two tall cylindrical pots, or Saint Tropez Bullet Round Planters on either side of your front door on your front porch.

A nice way to fill a tall container is with ornamental grasses, like Pampas Grass, which can even grow to over 3m tall!

Integrating a mix of these plants with decorative flowers like orchids gives an instant professional gardening appearance.

An added bonus is that Orchids bloom as soon as early spring, and are generally drought-tolerant plants when planted in containers! This combination will add instant beauty to the outside of your home or building. People dress to impress, so why shouldn't your home?

Worried about how your planters will fare in the cold outdoors? Learn how to maintain your planters!

2. container garden plantings

planters on a wall
Our small planters work great on walls and tables.

Small round pots used to grow edibles are the original outdoor space design. With round container garden planters, you can keep your favorite plants safe by easily moving them indoors in harsh weather and thus harvest them throughout the year.

Many vegetables such as cauliflower and spinach grow best in partial shade, which can be achieved with sun protection from the wall. Others like tomatoes and corn require full sun and would create visual interest situated next to a patio or seating area.

Again, using lightweight round planters offers you the luxury of moving your plants easily to the optimum position in your container garden!

Read more about our materials and why they are both lightweight and durable.

If you're looking for a more traditional container garden. You could line your garden wall with an array of different plants, or place a few of your round containers in a wooden crate for a more rustic look.

3. Dividing spaces with These interior and garden ideas

Small trees in short round pots make an excellent space divider. Picture this: a busy patio of tables with citrus trees in between, giving the illusion of privacy in close settings.

The Globe Planter in its largest size was made for this, with its quintessential mix of traditional and contemporary styles and durable construction built for large plants!

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Planting Tips For Round Planters

Small vertical garden
Small vertical garden using our Pego and Rio planters.

Filling Tips For Round Planters

To give your container plantings the best possible chance in life, it is essential that you fill the container correctly. Not only does this improve plant health, but it can also allow your container to be lightweight and easily rearranged.

For optimum plant health, we recommend fiberglass planters. Learn the benefits of fiberglass planters and never touch plastic again! So, how should we fill our container? Let's begin from the bottom up.


It's no secret that all plants require water, therefore it is integral to opt for containers with a drainage hole. Good drainage is important because it allows excess water to leave the containers, preventing root rot. The good news is that JBD Concepts gives you the option of drainage holes on every pot it sells, so unless you plan to fill your container with fake plants, we recommend you include them and we'll help you drill them!

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Pot Fillers

If you have a tall container, you may decide to use pot fillers to reduce the weight of the container and use less soil. Alternatively, if you have a top-heavy plant, you can fill your container with heavyweight pot fillers to center them and make them less likely to blow over in windy conditions. Remember to place something like newspaper or cheesecloth over the pot fillers if you have chosen to use them.

Read all about installing planters and save time, money, and worry!


Next, fill the containers to the top with soil. It's up to you which variety you use, but our expert advice is to use a potting mix that is high-quality and pre-fertilized. This will ensure optimum plant health and save time spent adding fertilizer to the soil. For container gardens, you may want to choose potting soil that includes plant food, to aid your fruit and veggies.

The good news is that round pots have less volume than square or rectangular-shaped containers as they don't have corners, this means that you will save money on the soil. After completing all these steps, it's now time to place your plants in their containers!

Best Plants For A Container Garden Of Round Planters

Small plants

round Planter
on a table
Our Casablanca Bowl Planter fits perfectly with small plants

Small pots are usually considered anything 10" or less. Some great options for this size are small herbs, fruit plants that have shallow roots e.g. alpine strawberries, or 1 to 3 annual flowers.

Annual flowers can add a wow factor to a container garden, inside a home, or other indoor areas. Our favorites are bright red begonias or low-maintenance Zinnias, which are available in a variety of shades and are super easy to grow. You can plant 1-3 of these in each pot (about 2" apart).

For indoor use, we recommend Begonias as they prefer partial sun and will benefit from the protection a building can offer.

For your container garden, opt for the Zinnias as they love a sunny spot. You could even fill window boxes with these beautiful flowers. As they are annuals they will only grow for one season, but the good news is, they will produce flowers all the way up to the first frost of fall. Unfortunately, they don't like to be replanted, so choose a container that is at least 6" from the get-go.

Medium plants

Santa Barbara Low Fluted Round Planter
Santa Barbara Low Fluted Round Planter

Now you can start looking at larger herbs, small trees, or even an assortment of annuals and perennials.

If you are planning on lining a walkway or path, try using low-growing perennials in short round pots such as the Santa Barbara Low Fluted Round Planter. This will not only add color to your walkway but also dimension and layers to container gardens.

You could try Eastern Pasque Flowers if you wish for them to hold their own, or dusty miller if you plan to integrate it with other bold colors.

For a classic, timeless look, choose from English Ivy or variegated ivy. These gorgeous plants add layers to your container garden design and the container will prevent these plants from taking over your garden!

Another option to consider are sweet potato vines. They look fantastic in many spaces, such as a patio, window box, or a container's edge, where they can beautifully trail over.

You can find this plant in a variety of different shades of green and even purple. Although they prefer full sun, they can also tolerate part sun making them extremely versatile. Sweet potato vine is a plant that does like water regularly, so keep an eye out for the rain and check them at least once a week.

Large plants

If you plan on adding large pots to your container garden, you could fill them with shrubs, an orchard tree, or even large fruit and vegetable plants.

A really beautiful and effective container design is to have shrubs running along a patio or on a staircase. You could choose the Alzira Bowl Planter or the Brannan Tapered Round Planter, which are popular for their elegant shape and design.

For commercial spaces, boxwood is a popular choice for many landscapers, and we can see why. First, it grows excellently in container gardens, and second, it can be shaped to suit the aesthetics of its surrounding.

Alzira Bowl Planter
is a favorite with landscapers and interior designers.

This plant does prefer warm weather and isn't particularly cold hardy, so consider your container garden location if you live in a particularly cold environment.

Another container garden idea for large round pots is to plant a mixture of complimentary flowers, with either fountain grass or creeping jenny. The golden creeping jenny compliments an array of different colors and is a classic "spiller" plant. Fountain grass is tall growing and pairs excellently with shorter flowers such as portulaca.

For a container size guide and more information on how to fill them, read more about the best planter sizes.

We hope you enjoyed these container gardening ideas. Now you need a selection of round planters! We are confident they will make a great addition to your container garden, home, office, business, or wherever else you plan to install them.

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