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JBD Concepts firmly believe in the health and aesthetic benefits of being surrounded by plants and to that end, we work hard to guarantee that the greatest quality planters in the business are available to you, the home gardeners, landscape architects, green-thumb enthusiasts, interior designers, and plant lovers. 

Plants deserve to be shown in the best containers on the market, which is why we offer over 70 types in various sizes and colors. We offer the finest planters whether you are seeking something to fit and integrate with your present décor or want to add a statement piece.

Read on to get an insight into the planter manufacturing technology that makes fiberglass planters the designer's and home gardener's favorite plant management tool!

The Highest Quality Commercial Grade Fiberglass

Fiberglass molding
Our fiberglass planters have been handcrafted, trimmed, and finished using custom molding to ensure our designs are up-to-date and of the highest quality.

All our planters are manufactured of the highest quality commercial-grade fiberglass. We believe that fiberglass is the ideal material for commercial and residential landscaping items.

Despite being a lightweight material, its high-performance and quality is simply unequaled when compared to steel, wood, and concrete. 

Features of fiberglass planters

For starters, fiberglass offers one of the finest strength-to-weight ratios. According to research, it can be at least twice as strong as steel while being a quarter the density, and up to five times as strong as wood.

Secondly, fiberglass has a lengthy lifespan. Its mechanical characteristics and microstructural integrity can survive for more than 15 years even under harsh settings. It is naturally frost-resistant and can tolerate harsh weather without losing its appearance or quality.

Finally, fiberglass offers flexibility in planter design. Fiberglass can be used in a variety of applications, including pools, spas, water features, and landscaping. It is also an excellent choice for interior design applications such as countertops, floors, and walls. Fiberglass products come in a variety of colors and styles to match any home or business décor.

Overall, fiberglass is a better material in every way. It is lightweight, sturdy, weather-resistant, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing!

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Benefits of fiberglass planters

Rest certain that our fiberglass planters are stronger, lighter, less expensive, and more flexible than other materials, and that they will outlive other planters in high-traffic, high-importance, all-weather environments. Without a doubt that fiberglass planters will be your best investment ever:

  • There is no need for heavy lifting - Our commercial fiberglass planters are the lightest on the market and allow easy delivery, installation, and day-to-day moving and lifting. This results in a high-value product that is also simple to manage!
  • Budget-friendly - When the strength-to-weight ratio is considered, as well as the cost of resources, fiberglass frequently comes out on top as a more cost-effective material than wood or steel. Furthermore, because our planters are comprised of long-lasting, fade-resistant, chemical-resistant, and corrosion-proof fiberglass, they require little to no maintenance or replacement.
  • Looks fantastic - One of the nicest aspects of fiberglass is its versatility in terms of design style. Fiberglass is a naturally high-end material that looks attractive, sophisticated, and trendy. Furthermore, based on the color, finishes, and numerous designs you can select, fiberglass planters suit any existing décor. It's no surprise that fiberglass planters are popular among landscape architects.

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The Resin

Resin is used to bind all of our fiberglass planters. Our resin is derived from non-plastic linear low-density polyethylene (LLDP), which results in a high-quality polymer that we bond with composites such as fiberglass.

So, what exactly is resin? Is resin made of plastic? Resin is not plastic; this is a prevalent misperception about resin that harms its reputation. Plastic is made from synthetic petrochemicals, whereas resin is sourced from plants. In actuality, plastic and resin have virtually zero similarities. 

man applying resin to a fiberglass planter.

According to the US Forest Service, resins are plant compounds that are not soluble in water and harden when exposed to air. They are created in particular cells in plants and are also produced when the plant is injured.

Similarly, we chose resin because these protective features are reproduced in the production process to create a robust material that can preserve your pots and planters from both hot and cold regions.

Furthermore, plant-derived resins are biodegradable, reducing the need for plastics. This is a deliberate move toward lowering our environmental impact.

Overall, our fiberglass planters are stronger, more robust, and effectively more weather-resistant than standard mass-produced plastics.

To develop unique and high-quality products, our resin blend is painstakingly applied by hand to each planter. Because of our molding method and the flexibility of resin fiberglass materials, we can produce any planter form that meets the demands of the customer and is suitable for any weather situation.

How does it benefit you?

Whatever setting that is, our resin-infused fiberglass planters will never fail to wow because of their magnificent advantages: 

  • Products that are durable and may be utilized in any environment - Our resin-infused fiberglass planters are really weatherproof and temperature resistant. They perform brilliantly in bright sunlight, look stunning in sleet and snow, and perform admirably in torrential rain.
  • Because our resin planters are non-porous and non-hygroscopic, water and mineral salts will remain in the planters, keeping the plants healthy and happy. Falling or increasing temperatures pose no problem for our planters; they will not break or degrade as a result of rapid weather fluctuations, preserving the pot's integrity. 
  • Maintenance-free and trouble-free - The nicest part about our resin planters is that they don't require any extra care or maintenance. They will not require much maintenance after they leave the manufacturer in excellent condition. Your resin-based planters are designed to last and will appear brand new for many years. They are also protected by resin's inherent ability to resist wear and tear while maintaining a gorgeous gloss.
  • Professional planter pots for little and big plants - Landscapers will discover that the material of the planter is unimportant when it comes to holding little plants for commercial or domestic environments. A little pot is easy to move about and repot as needed. The actual problem arises with extra-large pots, which are fashionable design statement items. Durability, honesty, and professionalism are critical here. Our resin fiberglass pots outperform the competition in terms of commercial quality and performance!

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Paints And Finishes

Fiberglass planters from JBD Concepts are made of commercial-grade fiberglass and high-strength resin, then primed and painted. Choose from 20 different colors and finishes to match any project or existing decor.

Our planters' outside surfaces are coated with a UV-resistant coating. This provides added confidence and security from the elements such as sun, rain, and even minor nicks and damage.

man checking a planter for defects
Each of our fiberglass planters has been quality tested by a technician before being shipped

We believe that no matter what paint brand or color you choose, it is best to start with a primer. Even while many paint manufacturers claim that their products do not require a primer, using one ensures that the paint adheres to the fiberglass surface, which is especially important if the planter will be used outside. 

To achieve our immaculate finish, we prep the fiberglass planters with two layers of primer. The primer covers any holes in the material, resulting in a smooth, even surface. It works effectively as a bonding agent between the fiberglass exterior and your preferred paint.

We apply the first coat after lightly sanding and thoroughly cleaning the fiberglass surface. After it has dried, we add primer to the outer surfaces and let it air for an hour. Following that, another mild sanding is done, followed by the second layer of primer. 

We are pleased to send the planters to you in this condition. You may then further personalize the individual pots by painting them in different topcoat colors using marine-grade or automotive paint.

Otherwise, we can paint it with a standard gray color that will fit various design demands, or you can choose from our magnificent and colorful topcoat colors and we will handle all the painting for you!

How does it benefit you?

Our resin-infused fiberglass planters will look great on a veranda in Las Vegas or a rooftop in Arizona.

  • Customizable for every design need - Whether you pick merely the topcoat or our normal gray finish, this fiberglass planter is ready to be tailored to any design style and will look beautiful in whatever color you choose.
  • Primed for success - The primer will preserve the planter's surface over time. It will assist to extend the life of your selected topcoat paint and will work as a bonding agent, guaranteeing good adhesion between the topcoat and the fiberglass foundation.
  • Visual appeal - Our paints and finishes not only extend the lifespan of our planters but also their visual beauty. With multiple coats, our planters don't lose their aesthetic value.

All of these benefits increase the longevity of your planters and eliminate the possibility of a flop in your interior or landscape design plans.

Want fiberglass planters but worried about the upkeep? Don’t worry, fiberglass planter maintenance is easy.

Cube planter on a rooftop with a tree
JBD Concepts Montroy Planters look stunning on a porch, in a bar, or in your home // Installation by Reveal Design

JBD Concepts Offer You Or Your Customers The Best Planter Solutions Available

All of our planters come with an industry-leading warranty for both residential and commercial use giving you peace of mind that your investment is safe, and that the form, function, and beauty of your new planter will last beyond expectations.

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