5 Fiberglass Planter Benefits That Landscapers Cannot Miss!


Having trouble deciding which planter to get for your sitting room, garden, patio, entryway, or deck? We might be a little biased, but we believe that the most reliable and visually appealing planter materials are fiberglass and natural resin.

But the material isn't the main thing that makes our products special, nor is it the hand-crafted process, from design to manufacturing.

In fact, it's our knowledge of the industry and an understanding of the user's needs and goals that inform our award-winning planter collection.

As an authorized distributor of the Jay Scotts collection, we bring you the world’s finest handmade pots and planters.

Not sure if they are for you?

Here is a summary of the advantages of fiberglass pots to assist you in determining whether they are the best option for you or your customers.

5 Incredible Benefits Of Fiberglass Containers For Landscaping

1. Fiberglass planters offer exceptional long-lasting value

Planters outside commercial entrance
©Jay Scotts

Our Fiberglass planters are manufactured for commercial and residential use and are resistant to chemicals, fading, and water damage. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, regardless of weather conditions, as fiberglass plant containers won't rot, warp, or degrade over time.

Fiberglass planters rarely ever show signs of damage, even after prolonged exposure to chemicals, salt air, UV radiation, water, and temperature variations.

Being rust-proof, UV-resistant, and frost-resistant means fiberglass planters have long-lasting performance saving you time and money in the long term.

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2. Fiberglass Planters Are Lightweight

large rooftop with planters
©Jay Scotts

While durable, fiberglass planters are also incredibly lightweight, which results in less expensive shipping for each item. This is especially important for landscape architects who may be buying in bulk to supply a housing development and need to keep an eye on the bottom line. It also benefits the end user who gets a high-quality fiberglass planter for less than what a heavy planter would cost!

The lightweight durable nature of fiberglass planters also means easy handling and installation - no need to break your back when it's time for a rearrange or to overwinter your plants indoors!

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3. Fiberglass Planters Have More Visual Appeal

Fiberglass planters in a resort
Our fiberglass planters are used by resorts and commercial properties throughout America. Styled and installed by Geomantic Designs | Landscape Architecture

Planters made of fiberglass are fabulously decorative. Because our fiberglass planters are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, you can easily choose the perfect fiberglass planter for different areas of your home or commercial space.

Plus, we offer landscape architects and homeowners over 20 planter colors and finishes to create lovely color combinations or to suit any color scheme the landscape or interior currently has. Interior designers may even incorporate several fiberglass pots for a more dynamic, interesting plantscape.

Many of our customers use pots and planters for the focal point of a lobby, garden, or other indoor and outdoor areas as the visual appeal alone can increase the perceived value of real estate properties by 11%, a 2005 study found, making planters a great investment.

In addition, where other planters fail, fiberglass planter materials offer a smooth stylish look that never degrades even in harsh weather conditions.

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4. Fiberglass planters offer versatility in design

Round planters on a restaurant patio
©The Gates / Jay Scotts

Planters made of fiberglass can be molded to any shape or size to fit the specifications of the design project. Our large collection of different fiberglass planters means there's a planter for any purpose.

With unlimited design restrictions, unlike other materials, fiberglass planters provide both indoor and outdoor spaces with a sophisticated, modern aesthetic while offering real elegance and variety.

Visual appeal, practicality, and versatility—three of the most important components for design flexibility—are the hallmarks of fiberglass planters.

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5. Fiberglass planters are best for plants

Square fiberglass planter
Our rectangle planters look stunning in residential and commercial spaces.

A beautiful plant without a planter that shows off its beauty and supports its growth is a doomed plant.

Whether for indoor or exterior design projects, fiberglass planters are the next-level flower pot for producing luscious greenery and happy, healthy plants.

Different materials such as wood, stone, and plastic tend to harm plants as they degrade, rot and rust under UV rays and adverse weather.

As a composite material thats environmentally friendly and durable, fiberglass pot and planter products do not leech chemicals into the soil. Being weather resistant also means plants are kept at a consistently appropriate temperature whether indoors or outdoors.

A large variety of fiberglass planter styles and szes allows landscapers and homeowners to find the right pot for their plant. Whether it be exotic flower arrangements or large trees and hedgerows, there is a fiberglass planter that supports optimum plant growth.

Explore our fiberglass planters collection, the cornerstone of durability and aesthetics, and partner with us to elevate your commercial landscaping projects to unprecedented heights!

How Modern Fiberglass Planters Are Made

The Jay Scotts collection of fiberglass planters are made from the highest quality materials, which are then handmade by highly talented artisans.

  1. Each planter is made using a bespoke mold that is precisely the size, shape, and measurements of the finished product.
  2. Following that, fiberglass sheets are precisely cut, formed, and placed within and around the mold.
  3. Depending on the intended planter structure, high-quality polyester resin is then brushed numerous times over the mold to produce the finished item.
  4. The fiberglass planter is brought to the finishing department once the last layer has hardened, where each product is carefully trimmed, sanded, and polished by hand to produce a flawless surface.

It takes a lot of work, but it's required to manufacture the beautiful, long-lasting modern planters that JBD's customers have come to adore and expect.

Cube planter on a rooftop with a tree
Our square planters are big and bold enough to accommodate trees and other large plants // Reveal Design

Fiberglass Planters In Comparison To Other Materials

Planters come in a wide variety of styles and materials, including glazed ceramic planters, polystyrene foam containers, and of course fiberglass pots.

To better understand what plant containers are best for your landscaping requirements, let's examine the most prevalent materials.

Want fiberglass planters but worried about the upkeep? Don't worry, fiberglass planter maintenance is easy.

fiberglass planter benefits
©Vietnam CDM

Metal planters

For a contemporary design, metal pots are a wonderful choice because of their tendency to seem sleek and sophisticated. These containers are very weather-resistant as well, and if treated properly, they won't degrade in hot heat or freezing temperatures. However, they do not provide insulation and can heat or freeze plants to death very quickly in extreme weather.

The fundamental issue is that metal containers corrode when they are left outside without routine maintenance and upkeep. Despite not necessarily cracking, metal planters rust more in the winter because of their ongoing moisture exposure. Fiberglass planters require very little maintenance, unlike metal pots, and don't have such drawbacks.

Ceramic pots

Earthenware pots include those made of ceramic, terracotta, or clay. While clay pots are frequently coated to provide appealing finishes, terracotta is known for its distinctive reddish-brown hue. These work well with a rustic style.

They shouldn't, however, be used as outdoor plant containers in the winter. Earthenware is composed of permeable material, which is porous, absorbs water, and freezes in the winter, allowing the containers to easily break apart.

Concrete planters

Cement paste, water, sand, and sometimes silicon, aluminum, or iron are all combined to provide a solid binder for concrete or cement planters. The pot has an industrial-chic light grey hue when left untreated that works with many different current design concepts.

Concrete planters typically perform better outside in cold climates than conventional terracotta planters, ceramic pots, or pots made of other natural materials. But over time, the surface of the concrete planter acquires tiny divots and holes that let the moisture soak in and eventually cause the pot to crack.

Concrete pots' weight is another drawback. This is especially valid for huge and enormous concrete pots that simply cannot be moved after installation.

Compared to fiberglass garden containers, plastic pots, and wicker planters, all the above planter designs are difficult to move and produce an immobile container garden.

Plastic containers

Being inexpensive is one of the best things about plastic pots! A flexible container for your landscape, conventional plastic pots are often reddish in hue. However, various styles are available in a range of colors.

Plastic planters quickly dry and do not absorb moisture. Although this is advantageous for cold climates, if the plastic planters are flimsy, the soil inside of them may still expand and cause them to split. Plastic planters often only last 2 to 3 years, don't look professional or beautiful, and can easily be broken.

Many of our customers use plastic pots as a grow pot, before transferring to a fiberglass pot when its time to be displayed.

Fiberglass Planters FAQ

Large Square Planters in a gorgeous front yard
Our square planters are often used by homes to increase the aesthetic value and beauty of the property.

Are fiberglass planters good for the outdoors?

Fiberglass planters are great for outdoors. Modern fiberglass planters are a practical choice for both indoor and outdoor use because of their durability, high strength-to-weight ratio, and great resistance to damage, UV rays, water, and chemicals.

Incredibly lightweight and available in a huge range of sizes, fiberglass planters accommodate all plants, project specifications, improve any environment, and meet a variety of practical requirements.

Commercial grade fiberglass planters are excellent at providing privacy with flora, style for high traffic areas, and offer a significant amount of order and tidiness to a landscape.

Pioneering outdoor aesthetics - make our outdoor planters collection your trusted partner in crafting remarkable outdoor spaces and elevate your landscape design business with every planting!

Are fiberglass planters good for indoors?

indoor planters
©The Plant Guy / Jay Scotts

Yes, fiberglass planters are perfect for indoor use. In fact, many of our customers love the lightweight nature of our planters which enables them to arrange plants easily indoors, and can even transfer plants inside during cold winters and hot summers without worrying about the mess that other inferior planters would make.

In addition, landscapers, interior designers, and decorators choose fiberglass planters to alter both the look and function of indoor areas to increase the value of their client's property or services.

Are modern fiberglass planters toxic?

Fiberglass is not toxic. Exposure to microparticles of fiberglass is uncommon once fiberglass is put in a structure unless the material is disturbed during restorations or other operations.

Plus, unlike plastic planters where toxic color pigments are blended with plastic, fiberglass planters have paint and glaze applied to the exterior of the container and do not leech into the plant or the environment.

Therefore, it's safe to say you can grow fruit trees, vegetables, and other edibles in fiberglass planters without worry. Fiberglass planters are also a great choice for people who have allergies or sensitivities to certain materials. They won't absorb moisture or attract mold and mildew as some other materials can.

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