6 Amazing Rectangle Planter Ideas To Liven Up Your Property


Planters come in a number of forms, sizes, and designs that may be utilized for a variety of design schemes. While there are many planter box ideas to add interest to landscaping and decorating projects, a rectangular planter has a whole lot more advantages to talk about than most planters!

Rectangular planters serve a variety of functions, including increased plant capacity, simpler plant management, design framing, isolation, and simplicity, which would be difficult to achieve with many other planter designs.

This article offers landscape professionals and homeowners rectangle planter box ideas to transform their space. These rectangle planter ideas focus on increasing value and enjoyment of residential properties when used in:

  • courtyard
  • balcony
  • deck
  • terrace
  • backyard

Commercial applications for rectangle planters include:

  • front entrance, front door, and walkway areas
  • offices
  • restaurants
  • resorts and hotels
  • public areas and parks
  • airports
  • retail stores

Additionally, we selected the top plants for rectangle planters to help you develop a green thumb.

Benefits Of Rectangle Planters In Landscaping

Even though every planter has its own advantages, often the simplest ones are the most straightforward to incorporate into an interior design!

Rectangular containers are ideal for minimalist settings and may accommodate more plants in a given area without endangering the health of those plants.

Rectangular fiberglass planters on a top roof
Our rectangular planters are perfect for creating privacy on rooftops.

Less space, more plants

It's a great idea to put a variety of plants in rectangular planters, particularly the larger ones. The number of containers used in a space can be reduced if there are multiples of the same plant or a diversity of plants that complement each other in the overall design scheme.

This will not only save room, but it could also save money. For all various plant sizes and requirements, several different planter sizes are available, ranging from 20 x 7 x 7 in. to 100 x 18 x 28 in.

Management with ease

Having a few rectangular planters rather than several round or square planters simplifies management!

A big number of tiny pots need additional watering and cleaning. When it comes to larger rectangular planters, there is just one spot to water instead of several, and cleaning is the same. This is especially beneficial in a business situation since the opening and shutting of a store is already a procedure. Use rectangular planters to make your landscaping easy and beautiful!

Not sure what planter you need? Take a look at our guide to the best pot sizes!

Who Benefits From Rectangular Planters?

Black Rectangular Planters Outdoor
Rectangular Fiberglass Planters are perfect for use outdoors

For interior designers

Rectangular planters are the perfect addition if you're looking for a stylish way to spruce up your client's home interior design. These versatile pieces can be used to add a splash of vibrant colors and life to any room, and they offer a number of benefits for homeowners.

Rectangular planters are very versatile, so they can be used in a variety of ways. For example, they can be placed on shelves or tables to create an eye-catching display, or used as part of a larger indoor garden. They're also great for dividing up space in larger rooms and offices, or for decorating an empty walkway. All of these applications add value to the house or property.

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For landscape architects

Rectangular planters are also a popular choice for landscape architects. There are several benefits to using rectangular planters in your landscape design. Rectangular planters can be placed in a variety of locations and arrangements. They look great against a wall or fence and can hide unsightly areas in commercial locations or they can be used to create a private or intimate seating area in a yard or garden.

Rectangular planters are also very versatile when it comes to plantings. You can create different looks by mixing and matching other plants. And because they're long and narrow, rectangular planters are perfect for planting herbs, vegetables, decorative grasses, and even small trees and shrubs.

Rectangular planters overall are a great option if you're looking for a stylish and functional way to add greenery to your landscape.

Every landscaper knows that planters made from fiberglass are worth every penny, check out how square fiberglass planters transform every space!

Standard Rectangular Planter Sizes

White rectangular planters
Our rectangle planters are used to decor offices // The Plant Parents

See our full Plant Pot Sizes Guide.

Our rectangular planters come in various sizes and shapes, from small planter boxes for wall-mounting like the famous Nile planter to extra wide large planters that bring some modern style to your home, office, garden, or pool area without having to worry about maintenance.

One of our most popular rectangular planters that makes an exceptional addition to any outdoor or indoor space is the Cuba low rectangular planter box. Each planter in this series has an interior that is 12′′ deep, making them perfect for almost any kind of foliage, even shorter plants with stronger roots. For project versatility, the Cuba is offered in 4 lengths: 36", 48", 60", and 72".

If you want to create a more private or secret retreat, then try out Darwin tall rectangular planters. These planter boxes were designed to add beauty and privacy to your favorite hangout areas, such as rooftop gardens, dining areas, and pool decks. The Darwin is made of the most robust fiberglass available, providing resilience to wind, cold, and full sun. It has enough space for trees, privacy hedges, or even picture-perfect palm palms.

To accommodate any location, these high-quality planters come in five lengths: 24", 36", 48", 60", and 72". Your Darwin planters will remain attractive and functional for many years thanks to the automotive-grade paint we use.

Check out our Rectangular planters collection for more details and give your landscape a splendid feel!

6 Rectangle Planter Ideas To Improve The Value And Aesthetic Of Any Property

For many home and business settings, square planters and rectangular plant pots are the obvious design choice. They may be arranged in many different ways and look amazing doing so.

large rectangular planters produce curb appeal
JBD Concepts' large rectangular planters produce curb appeal and can actually increase the value of your home!

Here are 6 fantastic ideas for using rectangular planter boxes to enhance the aesthetic of your indoor and outdoor living space!

1. Build a garden on a vertical shelf

A vertical garden is a fantastic way to give any home or business area a significant wow factor. It is a perfect solution for tight spaces, for bringing greenery within, or for significantly enhancing a frequently visited yet ignored area like your back porch.

For many folks, the thought of creating a vertical wall garden is intimidating. You might hire a professional landscaper or try your hand at do-it-yourself landscaping.

The best shape for planters to form a vertical plant wall is a rectangle. It's doable for everyone. Plant tall-growing plants in the planter after placing it up against a wall. A lattice board or wooden stakes should be used to provide the plants on the walls with plenty of support.

2. Create privacy

Since the straight sides enable you to connect planters together without a space in between, rectangular planters are the ideal choice for seclusion.

The optimum privacy effect can be achieved by growing a thick shrub or a leafy plant. Plants that are acceptable and beautiful should be placed in a row within the rectangular container. Then arrange the planters in a row at your entrance, around the patios of your restaurants, around swimming pools, or use them to create divisions in a waiting area.

Your room will seem private and elegant while being cozy and refined thanks to rectangular containers!

modular planters
Our long rectangular planters are the best tools to make a privacy wall that is beautiful, functional, and unique.

3. Frame your outdoor space

Framing is an important component of any design, and rectangular planters can be ideal for highlighting these various parts of a house or business.

Lining a sidewalk or entryway, for example, with lovely planters can be an ideal way to attract customers! Planters may also be used to create a DIY wall or fence that serves as both décor and a property border marker around your deck, patio, porch, yard, or rooftop.

Rectangle containers are the best planters for framing a property since they butt up beautifully with one another and produce clear and elegant lines.

Rectangular Planters outdoor
Our rectangle planters are used to carve out usable space for commercial or residential reasons.

4. Add greenery to the corners of a room, Balcony, And Gardens

Room corners sometimes have an empty or disused appearance and this can negatively affect the perceived value of a commercial or residential space. To improve the look of a room or outdoor area, a rectangle planter box can quickly add interest and even be a feature piece when placed in high-traffic areas. For example, an indoor decorative blooming tree for the room's corner will make a statement in a house or an office!

For those interested in outdoor container gardens, consider using a floor-standing or raised planter box. Place plants with various textures and heights for greater aesthetic appeal.

Top tip: a white-painted traditional planter box complements most decor.

White Rectangular Planters
Our white rectangular planters are matched ideally to patio railing or a terrace

5. Tabletop and railing rectangular planter boxes for limited space

Modern housing or multi-use commercial premises sometimes lack a porch or a large yard for a garden. You shouldn't be hindered from having a lovely indoor garden by a lack of space in your home or place of work.

A rectangular tabletop planter box is perfect for a limited area and creates indoor greenery without taking up much room.. Its long and narrow design makes it perfect for placing on a window sill, accommodating its inside with luscious greens.

Railing planters are ideal for areas that are even more confined. For this planter box concept, flowers, tiny plants, and succulents are cute ideas to add style to a terrace or patio railing.

Tabletop planter
©JBD Concepts

6. Less is more

The concept of minimalism is very adaptable and widespread. Rectangular planters are ideal for your decor because so many organizations and houses are oriented toward these simple concepts.

With the philosophy that "less is more," rectangular planters fit the minimalist aesthetic's need for clean lines. The number of planters in the area is reduced when many plants are placed in one planter box, allowing clear lines and more open space to enhance the minimalistic aesthetic.

Screened Porch Plants
©Jay Scotts

Interior designers and contractors use rectangular planters to help to reduce clutter, noise levels and improve air quality in a room, and provide a little serenity to a design even if it is a little busier than minimalism.

Landscape architects can also use the form, function, and beauty of a rectangular planter to make an exterior more neat and tidy by collecting plants into manageable pockets of greenery - this is much easier with rectangular planters due to their large capacity for small and large plants and even trees!

What To Plant In Rectangular Planter Boxes

In a rectangle planter, you can plant annuals, perennials, bulbs, vines, vegetables, and herbs, but plants in the same container must have similar light, moisture, and soil requirements. Sweet alyssum, verbena, wave petunias, celosia, anchusa, and trailing ivy geraniums are good choices for partial shade and work in most indoor and outdoor areas and weather conditions.

Black Rectangular Planters Outdoor
Black Rectangular Fiberglass Planters are a sophisticated and functional addition to for your property.

Make sure your plant has adequate room to expand over time and select the appropriate size planter for it. To promote its growth, use the appropriate soil and fertilizer and pick a location where it will get enough sunshine. Consider the following types of plants:


Both indoors and outdoors, trees make an excellent statement piece. Following the nursery's guidelines is crucial for optimal growth, especially for indoor trees.

The Rubber Tree, Guiana Chestnut, Weeping Fig, and Fiddle Leaf Fig are all excellent choices for interior trees.

Planting these ornamental plants is simple. Ensure that the planter you select is a solid rectangular container durable enough to hold trees. All our planters are made with exceptionally durable materials - fiberglass and natural resin, and are routinely used to display trees. Be careful, not all planter materials are as strong!

Blooming bulbs

Almost any bulb can be grown in rectangular pots, and different bulb kinds can be mixed together as well. In reality, it is quite similar to planting bulbs in the ground.

Flowering bulbs like miniature daffodils, hyacinths, lilies, and snowdrops are perfect for a smaller rectangular planter box or as a complement to bigger boxes to create layers on your patio or yard. If you want something that is low maintenance, you should grow a blooming trellis plant and let it naturally overflow.

They can be used in low-lying divider planter boxes or elevated planter boxes along railings. Such flowers will provide color to the area and be pleasing and attractive.

Herbs and vegetables

Herbs and vegetables make excellent plant choices for rectangular containers. Many of them may be planted in a row with little work and in a lovely pattern.

Crop planting is an excellent idea for a restaurant's garden or interior design since it is both affordable and intriguing.

Some vegetables and herbs are more sensitive to their environment than others, so take care to choose the proper soil and have adequate drainage holes in your planter box.

Pick herbs that are simple to cultivate, such as sage, chives, thyme, and mint. Choose Cherry Tomatoes, Lettuce, and Kale coupled with Marigolds to add to the style of a window box when it comes to veggies. Like flowers, they will require water every few days and fertilizer every two weeks.

Plants for privacy

Trees or bushes are excellent choices for creating privacy with rectangular planters!

In reality, providing privacy requires the utilization of rectangular planter boxes in a linear pattern to create excellent botanical barriers.

Taxus Baccata (Yew tree), for example, is perfect for producing a long hedge. This tree is regarded as one of the quickest-growing evergreen trees. It has bluish-green needles and grows at a pace of 1 foot per year on average. This type of tree demands a solid, but durable container for years of continuous usage, thus a commercial-grade planter is ideal.

Check out our guide on privacy planters for patio, porch & garden privacy screens.

Level Up Your Landscape With Fiberglass Planters

Fiberglass planters are the preferred material for both indoor and outdoor landscaping experts because they are strong, stable, and weather-resistant. Although there are many options, including wood, plastic, clay, and stone, fiberglass is the best material for planters since it can survive the effects of time and weather.

Learn more about our materials and why they can help you reach your goals!

Orange Planters fiberglass planter guide
Our planters are used in public spaces, restaurants, and resorts to draw foot traffic and intrigue.

The beautiful thing about fiberglass box planters is that there are so many different colors and finishes to pick from. They may even be painted to resemble a natural finish.

A wooden planter box or a cedar planter box can be decorated. But even treated wooden planters won't be able to withstand the worst of winter and frost, and they will decay after being exposed to dampness for an extended period of time.

Top tip: To obtain the same aesthetic impact as a wooden planter box, it is advisable to paint or add color to a fiberglass container - beautiful and durable!

Not sure if fiberglass is the best material for your planters? Read our guide to the 5 best benefits of fiberglass planters!

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