7 Best Restaurant Patio Planters | How Restaurants Increase Revenue With Plants


Restaurant patio planters can be used to accent an entryway, highlight a pathway, create new sections within your restaurant, or frame an outdoor patio. Planters packed with vibrant greenery have become a standard ornamental component in food and beverage enterprises.

Adding plants can improve a restaurant's ambiance and environment and can be utilized to accentuate indoor and outdoor locations. The goal is to choose commercial restaurant planters that represent your design, complement your space, and operate effectively in the locations where you install them.

So, whether you own a tiny independent sidewalk cafe or a casual upscale restaurant, here are the 7 commercial restaurant planters that your customers will simply love!

Before going in, have a glimpse at our collection of Fiberglass Planters and see how they will elevate your restaurant setting!

4 Ways restaurant planters benefit every restaurant

In a restaurant, a little greenery may go a long way. Studies show that plants can provide health and psychological advantages in addition to their aesthetic value.

Plants are essential in every restaurant since they:

1. Create private Outdoor Areas & Make guests feel At Home using biophilia

planters outside restaurant
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Biophilia is the sense of connection that people have with nature. People are predisposed to appreciate the forms, colors, and sounds of nature. Indeed, biophilic design concepts such as green walls have risen in popularity in recent years. This principle can also be applied to restaurants. Plant life helps people feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease - all of which you want your clients to feel and associate with their restaurant experience.

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2. Restaurant planters add a nice touch of décor

restaurant planters
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Modern restaurant consumers aren't simply interested in the cuisine. They go for the adventure. They like photographing and sharing images of distinctive nuances and enhanced design characteristics on social media. Plants are a simple and powerful way to add color and texture to any room, whether it's a green wall or outdoor pots filled with brilliant flowers or lovely shrubs. They also provide a quick and inexpensive option to modify the mood of your restaurant, whether seasonally or simply to freshen things up, without requiring a complete makeover.

3. Patio planters are extremely versatile and match a variety of restaurants

Round planters on a restaurant patio
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The possibilities for commercial restaurant planters are limitless. Patio planters let you add greenery both inside and outside, from the patio to the lounge, as well as to line walks, emphasize entryways, separate sections inside the restaurant, or offer filtered vistas, such as on a rooftop terrace.

Patio planters can create privacy screens, form the perimeter of outdoor restaurant dining spaces, or build separate seating areas without the need for fabricated walls.

Ordering custom planters save you money on this kind of infrastructure as the custom-built planter can be made to the exact dimensions you need for your space. Whether you need a tall, long, thin, or large planter, give us a call and we can help you select the best custom planters for your design goals!

4. Improve the air quality in your restaurant

restaurant planter box
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As a bonus, studies have shown that even simple houseplants may eliminate up to 87% of air pollutants in 24 hours. Not only that, but plants have been proven to increase both the physical and mental health of employees and customers, and allow people to focus or relax more and for longer! This is good news for your staff who will appreciate the fresh and healthy environment!

5 Best plants for restaurant planters

1. Spider plants - Highly Versatile, Textured & Lush, & Edible!

Spider plants

You can't go wrong with spider plants at your restaurant because they're easy to grow and highly enthusiastic. With their lush foliage and white, long, arching rosettes, they're ideal for bringing color to your outdoor dining space. Spider plants have been a popular addition to houses since the Victorian era, but their edible nature may benefit eateries.

You may use them in salads, smoothies, and stir-fries, to mention a few applications, and the mild flavor is not overpowering.

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2. Peace Lily - perfect for an eye-catching planter box display

Peace lily

Peace Lilies are so beautiful that they will readily give your restaurant a rich, sophisticated vibe wherever you plant them. These plants feature stunning dark green foliage and eye-catching white blossoms.

Their appearance is the reason why they are among the most popular restaurant options. They're also one of the most forgiving plants you can select – they won't die from neglect!

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3. Monstera plants - beautiful rooftop bar plants

Monstera plants
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Need something with a lot of leaves for your floor decor? We strongly advise utilizing Monstera plants. These plants feature curiously curved leaves, such as our Monstera Deliciousa, which has a distinct split-leaf look and will offer depth and aesthetic appeal to any part of your restaurant.

Another alternative is the Monstera Adansonii, which has a climbing and vining growth habit and may reach a height of three to five feet. These alternatives will look wonderful in larger containers, which will encourage them to flourish!

4. Japanese maple - great trees for restaurant planters

Japanese maple
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Japanese maple trees can be a dramatic focal point for your patio design - the perfect plant to be set in a huge pot, or trimmed small to adorn the urban environment.

There are hundreds of Japanese maple kinds to pick from. They come in a variety of sizes and hues, with leaf forms ranging from green to orange, red, purple, and variegated.

Most Japanese maples grow at a modest to moderate rate of 1 to 2 feet per year. They normally develop the fastest while they are young and slow down as they mature. They also prefer direct sunlight and flourish in it.

5. Calathea plants - cute sidewalk cafe plants

Calathea plants are little, lovely, leafy plants with eye-catching patterns on their leaves. Their subtle color variations can provide depth and complexity; some species even contain silver, red, and pink tones. They're also really simple to maintain! To retain their unusual and rich coloration, we recommend putting them in bright, indirect light.

Apart from that, Calathea can be perfect for busy people who don't have time to maintain their green space since they require little to no care.

Calathea plants
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7 Restaurant planter recommendations for 2023

All of our products provide the perfect planting medium for restaurant plants. With the best materials, American craftsmanship and sustainable design, our planters are the lowest cost planter option when taking into account the longevity of such an investment. All our planters

1. Pego Oval Planter - Perfect For Minimalist Decor

Pego Oval Planter
©Pego Oval Planter / JBD Concepts

The Pego is a minimalist's fantasy come true. This oval round tall planter is simple yet slightly different from the standard, designed to offer something comparable to the fundamental form of typical planter pots and updated with a small oval taper for added beauty.

JBD Concepts' Pego oval planter comes in two sizes and a wide range of color treatments. Red planters are eye-catching, white planters are cool and clean, and solid black planters are great for regular usage in any casual upscale restaurant.

Simply contact our consultants to get free advice on your custom restaurant planters' color!

2. Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter - Great For Dining In Privacy

2. Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter
©Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter / JBD Concepts

These Darwin rectangular planter boxes were designed to add beauty and privacy to your restaurant patio, outdoor seating area, rooftop garden, and pool deck. Like all our planters, the Darwin is constructed from the best fiberglass materials in the market - frost resistant and with protection from the harshest sun for maximum durability.

These high-quality outdoor planters come in 20 color options and five lengths: 24", 36", 48", 60", and 72", allowing you to decor dining locations of any size.

Top tip: Due to its large capacity, the Darwin rectangular planter is perfect to mix a variety of colorful shrubs like Azaleas and adding a splash of color and seclusion to your restaurant patio at the same time.

3. Valencia Tall Round Tapered Planter - Advanced drainage design

©Valencia Tall Round Tapered Planter / JBD Concepts

Valencia planter is one of our best-selling stand-alone planters for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, the perfectly placed lines and smooth curves of these bowl planters combine to create an amazing design that is fairly adaptable, stunningly ornamental, and ultimately ageless.

Even better, unlike fragile plastic pots that chip, fracture, and fall apart after only one planting season, our Valencia pot planters are made of frost-resistant fiberglass. This means that these enormous round planters will withstand the weather and retain their quality season after season, year after year.

Because the fiberglass is safe to use inside the home, in the garden, on the patio, or in the yard, you may use them as indoor plant pots, outdoor planter pots, or a combination of the two.

Plus, the tapered design of this planter allows drainage water to drain effectively, while the depth of the planter allows for large and unrestricted root ball growth.

Top tip: To complement these unique restaurant patio planters, grow tall fragrant plants such as Gardenias to give your restaurant the finest look and smell. The white hue from Gardenia blossoms also makes your restaurant look cleaner and more hygienic.

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4. Badalona Rectangular Planter - Dividers For Open Kitchen Restaurants

Badalona Rectangular Planter
©Badalona Rectangular Planter / JBD Concepts

JBD Concepts' Badalona fiberglass planter box, measuring 39" long and 17" deep, is the ideal size for container gardening.

Because of its shape and size, this fiberglass planter may be placed in almost any place in the restaurant, both indoors and outdoors. Include it in the design of your patio to proudly display your plants, use it to warm up the lobby, or position many planter boxes along your path to greet and direct guests.

You can even use such a planter to form dividers between the kitchen and seating areas where building a wall is out of the question.

Our Badalona garden box planter is available in 20 colors and finishes. Black planters look great with canopies of classic overlapping white umbrellas, while white indoor plant pots create a calm outdoor dining space. You could always use a few colorful planter boxes to spruce up creative spaces and draw in potential customers!

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5. Tegel Tapered Round Planter - Upscale And Sophisticated Design

Tegel Tapered Round Planter
©Tegel Tapered Round Planter / JBD Concepts

Despite its basic shape and design, our Tegel round planter may be utilized to easily cover blank spaces and offer an inviting and connected theme for any upscale restaurant.

The cylindrical design of our Tegal round planters is a touch futuristic due to the small taper, but it also fits well with more classic landscapes and settings.

Tegel round pots come in two sizes and a variety of color treatments, allowing you to create your own unique fiberglass planters.

To spruce up your restaurant, shop, or personal office, use eggplant purple or bright red planters, white planters, or metallic planters for the luxury rooftop bars, or matte black planters for professional areas.

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6. Potsdam Rectangle Planter - Large For Lush Plant Displays

Potsdam Rectangular Planter
©Potsdam Rectangular Planter / JBD Concepts

The Potsdam rectangle planter is 16" wide, and 32" tall with lengths of 24", 36", 48", 60", and 72". Manufactured with sturdy fiberglass, add some modern beauty to your commercial space with no inconvenience required.

Rectangular planters form a natural split on the patio, which is ideal for businesses and cafés looking to carve usable and appealing spaces. Lush patios with plants have been shown to attract more foot traffic than alternative non-organic design options and raise the perceived value of products and services by 25%.

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7. Amsterdam Tapered Rectangular Planter - Small Footprint Big Statement

Amsterdam Tapered Rectangular Planter
©Amsterdam Tapered Rectangular Planter / JBD Concepts

It's not hard to find garden pots and commercial planters that will put the finishing touch on the design of your corporate office, trendy new club, restaurant, or simple home patio.

The Amsterdam tapered rectangular planter has been created and developed for landscapers and designers who want to maximize the creative possibilities of their outdoor or interior environment with a minimal footprint.

This tapered planter comes in two sizes; 26" and 30" high. Use a few planters of varying sizes to for a textured impact on decor, or purchase many planter boxes of the same size to create uniformity across your restaurant patio.

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Fiberglass - Undefeatable material for commercial restaurant planters

indoor garden ideas for small spaces
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The best commercial-grade fiberglass is used to construct all of JBD Concepts' planters. Unlike other types of planters such as wood planters, aluminum planters, metal planters, ceramic pots, or concrete containers that degrade over time; fiberglass planters, in our opinion, are the best containers for both commercial and residential landscaping projects.

One of the best strength-to-weight ratios is provided by fiberglass. Research indicates that it can be up to five times stronger than wood and at least twice as strong as steel despite having just one-quarter the density.

Secondly, the lifespan of fiberglass is quite long. It can withstand extreme conditions for more than 15 years without losing any of its protective properties or microstructural integrity. It has a built-in resistance to frost and can withstand severe weather conditions without losing its beauty or quality.

Plus, the waterproof nature of fiberglass and our superior finishes allows the planter to be lightly pressure cleaned with low maintenance costs. If there are small scratches and dings, fiberglass planters are easily refinished with sandpaper and touch-up paint.

And lastly, fiberglass allows for design versatility in planters. Numerous things, such as swimming pools, spas, water features, and landscaping, can be made out of fiberglass. It is also an excellent option for interior design projects including floors, walls, and counters. Fiberglass items are available in a wide range of hues and designs to complement any interior design scheme.

Fiberglass is a superior material in every manner overall. It is affordable, visually attractive, strong, lightweight, and weatherproof.

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Transform Your Restaurant's Ambiance with Our Premium Fiberglass Planters

At JBD Concepts, we understand the importance of creating the perfect atmosphere for your restaurant, and that's why we offer a diverse range of fiberglass planters to elevate your space. Crafted to perfection, JBD Concepts' planters are your ticket to space transformation. With a 3-year warranty, you can shop with confidence.

Our restaurant planters make guests feel at home through biophilia, a deep connection with nature that promotes relaxation and comfort. Moreover, the versatility of patio planters allows you to define spaces, create privacy screens, and enhance the overall ambiance of your restaurant.

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