What's An Indoor Container Garden? | 6 Ideas For Beginner Gardeners & Designers!


It's hard to beat an outdoor garden. Plants, whether they're flowers, vegetables, or even fruits, should be allowed to grow as they see fit, as nothing really compares to that pure and natural image of nature unhinged. But sometimes growing outdoors just isn't possible. Whether it's time, money, or simply a lack of know-how when life gives you plants but you'd rather grow them inside, what do you do? Well, ever heard of an indoor container garden?

Indoor container gardens are great because simply put, they allow you to grow plants indoors. No longer do you have to worry about factors like too much sunlight, insects, or the ideal growing season - All of this and more gets taken care of with indoor container gardens!

In this article, we'll take a look at what we consider to be the 6 aspects of indoor container gardening, with a few tips for how to get the best out of each, before providing 6 container garden ideas that will get you started with your indoor plants. It won't be long before your home resembles a beautiful garden center!

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6 Aspects Of Indoor Container Gardens

1. The Pot!

indoor fiberglass planters

Considering the fact that what separates indoor container gardening from simply planting outdoors is the actual pot, this tool is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of any indoor container garden.

  • What is the container size?
  • What is the container shape?
  • What is the container made out of?
  • Does the container come with drainage holes?

These are all questions that need to be answered when you start choosing houseplants and how to use them in your indoor gardening plan.

  • Small pots are suited to some plants but not for others.
  • Square pots allow for plants to fit into corners while round pots don't.
  • Plastic pots function differently to wooden ones.

These are some examples of the types of issues that will need to be addressed depending on pot choice. As such, having an understanding of containers leads to a better idea of the actual plants to grow inside them!

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2. Space

indoor container garden
©Miami Edition / Jay Scotts

Next on our list has to do with space. By space, we're referring to how you plan on managing your indoor container garden in relation to the build of the room you plan to grow them in. As opposed to the great outdoors where you can get by with letting nature run its course, you need to choose plants wisely when planting indoors.

  • How large is the room or house you plan to start indoor gardening in?
  • What size containers do you intend on using in said space?
  • What is the function of that room in the first place? Generally speaking, you'll be less inclined to start indoor container gardening in a kitchen than you would in a living room!

By understanding space and planting requirements in relation to it, you'll have a much better time with indoor container gardening.

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3. Watering

As mentioned, watering plants outdoors is much different to watering them indoors. There's a certain amount of leeway one has with an outdoor garden, as, aside from a certain amount of monitoring, you can almost let rain take care of the job. That's not the case with indoor container gardening.

Watering plants indoors requires much more thought on the part of the gardener, which can be an intimidating prospect to someone who doesn't consider themselves a green thumb.

  • How much watering do your individual plants require?
  • At what times will you water your plants?
  • Will you install some kind of drip irrigation system or do everything yourself? If so, understanding and adhering to a strict watering schedule is essential for the health of your indoor plants.

Once you have watering under control, you will really start to reap the benefits of indoor container gardening. It won't be long before you bring spring inside!

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4. Fertiliser & Soil Requirements


When container gardening, it's essential to understand the fertilizer and soil requirements of your plants. The right potting mix makes a world of difference to the healthy growth of your plants. If you know what to fill your container with, planting becomes that much easier!

  • Do your indoor plants prefer moist soil or can they live with drier soil?
  • How much fertilizer and what kind (if any), do your plants need?
  • How will the moisture of the indoors affect the soil of your container gardening plants?

Such are a few of the questions one might ask when working with new plants. As a general rule of thumb, store-bought soil and fertilizer will be your safest bet when planting - Then you can focus on your gardening!

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5. Weather & Temperature Conditions

When you opt for indoor gardening, weather, and temperature conditions become less of a burden in your gardening journey. The fact of the matter is, developments in technology have made modern homes more comfortable than ever. It's now possible to regulate these conditions in such a way that makes houses feel like their own private island, without the worry of rain, the winter cold, or the scorching sun.

Indoor container gardening is handed a major boost as a result of this. So long as you maintain an indoor climate your plants can grow in, there isn't too much you need to be concerned with.

However, for the sake of clarity, what are a few things to look out for?

  • Are you using a fan in your home? The soil of plants in close proximity to fans has a higher chance of drying out quicker - Make sure to adjust watering to keep this soil moist!
  • Similarly, are you using air conditioners? Though great for regulating temperatures, make sure you're not heating up or cooling down a room too much.

6. Sunlight

Like the previous factor, sunlight is less of an obstacle when you garden indoors. Of course, you still need to take into account the actual build of a home and the presence of windows, but you can at least be sure that direct sunlight will not prove too much of an issue in such a scenario.

What might you want to consider?

  • Where are the plants in relation to windows? Make sure you know how much light each plant will end up getting!
  • How much shade does each plant receive? Some plants prefer shade while others need a bit of light to grow.

Container Garden Ideas!

Now you have an idea of the 6 aspects of indoor container gardening, let's take a look at some ideas you can use for your personal indoor garden center!

1. Contrast Plants With Interior Design

One of the standout benefits of indoor gardening is the fact that you're now able to use plants as a tool in your interior design plans. Whilst blending plants with the look and layout of a room is an obvious way to create interest in a space, how about using them to contrast with their surroundings?

Imagine, a minimalist room with great, bountiful greenery blooming outwards - What could be more beautiful? As a top tip, use large containers that are uniquely designed to add that extra bit of oomph you're after! How about a Globe Planter?


  1. Banana Tree
  2. Calathea Orbifolia
  3. Elephant Ear
Large Fiberglass Planters
©Jay Scotts

2. Flowers By The Entrance

Large planters by the front door
©JBD Concepts

What greater first impression can an indoor container garden make than when used by the entrance as a way to greet you and your guests? Flowers by the entrance are the perfect way to say Hello, welcoming you with a charming floral display and smell that means you don't have to waste time and money on air refreshers you spray.

Whether these plants sit on either side of the front door or atop a shelf, this is an easy and convenient way of using container gardening to introduce lovely foliage inside - As a tip, use an ornate vase to add that extra dimension of beauty!


  1. Gardenia
  2. Lavender
  3. Jasmine

5. Wall Mounted Greenery

rectangle planter
©Midwest Tropical

So far we've provided a few ideas on how you can use traditional containers that sit on the floor or atop shelves for your indoor container gardening. Now let's venture up and see what's possible with containers that are mounted on walls!

Using wall mounted planters are great because they're an unusual way of bringing indoor foliage to the more unconventional spaces inside your home. Ever head of a window box? Though normally thought of for use outside, the idea is that by having a planter attached to a window or wall, you can start bringing your greens to new heights! Think of all the possibilities now? Whether you intend to grow herbs, vegetables, or salad greens, you can do so much now you've got more space!


  1. Southern Maidenhair Fern
  2. Creeping Fig (Ficus Pumila)
  3. Basil, Parsley, Rosemary? (Really, any herbs you like!)

How about this Nile Wall Planter to get you started?

3. Make Those Corners Pop!

rio grande cylinder planter
©Jay Scotts

A plant is an attraction in and of itself, which is why no matter where you choose to use an indoor container garden, you're always going to bring about a certain amount of interest to that space. However, the effectiveness of this is taken to the next level when you use containers to fill corners, spaces that are notoriously tricky to fill.

Square or rectangular containers are the ideal pots for this. Their build mean they naturally slot into these spots, introducing a nice bit of foliage to what otherwise might have been an empty space.

Whether you then use small or large pots is up to you, but regardless of your choice, you're sure to now have those dreary corners popping!


  1. Snake Plant
  2. ZZ Plant
  3. Variegated Ivy (Hedera Helix)

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4. Succulents Everywhere!

selenge extra wide large rectangle planter
©Jay Scotts

If you really take some time to think about it, it's possible to make the case that succulents are one of, if not the best plants for indoor container gardening.

Not only do they come in an array of beautiful colors, shapes, and designs without having much preference for the containers they're potted in, but they also don't need much maintenance.

Simply choose a fast-draining potting mix and place the succulent anywhere in your home, whether that be by a window or on a shelf. All you have to do then is attend to their minimal watering requirements and you've got it - Succulents everywhere!


  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Aeonium
  3. Echeveria

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6. A Tomato Plant Indoors?

grow indoor vegetables

In the previous idea, we touched on the possibility of growing herbs and vegetables through indoor container gardening, but now let's really take a look at what you can do.

Ever imagined growing a tomato plant indoors? Not only will this add a different look and feel to your home, but you can also, of course, consume the fruit of your labor - Really, you're killing two birds with one stone!

Sunlight's ideal but store-bought fluorescent grow lights prove a worthy substitute, and really, you're not taking up any more space than you would when growing more traditional plants. However, keep these two things to keep in mind: manage your expectations: food crops tend to grow much slower when grown indoors, and not all vegetables can be grown indoors!


  1. Carrots (Carrots are considered one of the best vegetables for indoor container gardening!)
  2. Herbs like Basil, Parsley, Rosemary
  3. Other vegetables (leafy greens, sprouts, and, of course, a tomato plant)

Plant your seeds and watch your home transform into a lovely vegetable garden!

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