4 Front Porch Trends + Best Front Porch Ideas For Lush Patio Living


The front porch is one of the best ways to boost a home's curb appeal and give guests a warm welcome whenever they visit. Still, because the front porch is one of the first things visitors see when they come to your house, you can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself when thinking of various porch decorating ideas.

This is why understanding porch design, porch decor, and front porch trends are so valuable.

With this guide, we'll help you transform your home's exterior into a dazzling display that will have guests returning year-round!

According to Jennifer Hunter, owner of Jennifer Hunter Design in New York, a front porch is a place where, "you can express yourself and your creativity." What this means is that interior design doesn't need to start once you make it through the front door - You can start at a front porch!

In this post, we'll explain the basic porch designs before getting into a few front porch trends that can really take an outdoor space to the next level. On top of that, we'll also provide a few tips for what type of planters to use with each style, as we all know a home without greenery is like a garden without flowers.

Now let's have a rundown of basic porch designs.

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What Are Some Examples Of Front Porch Design?

Though it's possible to compile a larger list when discussing basic porch design and decor, there are a few classic and popular styles that are sure to stand the test of time.

These are...

1. The Wraparound Porch

As the name suggests, this type of porch design is made to wrap around the front or sides of a home. These are commonly found in Victorian-style homes, but it's possible to also find them in old New England homes.

In such cases, they tend to be referred to as a Farmer's Porch or Open Porch. Outdoor furniture such as a porch swing, rocking chairs, and tables make it possible for residents to enjoy outdoor spaces from the comfort of their homes.

2. The Portico

Also known as a front-entry porch, a portico isn't much of an outdoor seating area as it is a porch entrance. Though simple, portico design can either be bold or subdued, with a kind of built in beauty that serves as a focal point for the eye when approaching a house.

These are a few ideas for common front porches. Again, there are much more and after a while, it seems like they all sort of overlap - Now let's get into a few front porch trends!

3. The Screened-In Porch

Once again, as the name suggests, a screened-in porch utilizes a screen to keep the outside, outside. Also called an Enclosed Porch when using panels instead of screens, these types of porches function as a sort of outdoor living room.

Great because they allow for outdoor seating minus pesky insects and bugs, you can also enjoy the natural surroundings around your own home without having to worry too much about the season or weather - A porch ceiling will keep the rain out!

4. The Bungalow Porch

A small porch when compared to the aforementioned designs, a Bungalow Porch is the kind that contains a few chairs and potted plants, just enough to serve as quaint front porch decor by the front door.

Though small, the bungalow porch has a lot of potential when complemented with landscaping features like planters and plants to provide privacy.

Front Porch Idea #1: The Reader

Nothing more evokes the sense of front porch comfort than the combo of morning coffee and a nice book to keep you company. For this reason, we will call this porch design, The Reader,as it evokes the quaint image that many associate with a front porch.

As one of the best front porch ideas, this look is best suited for a wraparound porch or a screened in porch, but for a simpler version, it works with a bungalow porch as well. For the simple style, all you really need are a few chairs and a side table by your front door. Add a few hanging plants and voila, you've brought new life to an otherwise small space.

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You can really start playing with porch features when you have the space of a wraparound porch or screen in the porch. In such cases, throw pillows onto the outdoor furniture for comfortable seating while you enjoy your coffee and book. Why not a wicker chair? Or a few rugs to keep your feet warm in the winter? In the hot summers, install ceiling fans so you can enjoy your iced coffee and book in peace.

Large planters like the Darwin Tall Corner Planter in one corner of the porch can add greenery and show off your green thumb. How about contrasting this with wooden flooring? The green and wood blend together seamlessly and this will be sure to impress even the most experienced interior designer.

The Perfect Planter For This Porch Trend

Large planters like the Darwin Tall Corner Planter in one corner of the porch can add greenery and show off your green thumb.

How about contrasting this with wooden flooring? The green and wood blend together seamlessly and this will be sure to impress even the most experienced interior designer.

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Front Porch Idea #2: The Grandparents

This front porch trend takes the previous one a step further and opts for maximum comfortability. Regardless of who you are, the idea here is that whenever you spend time on this front porch, you feel as if you're at your grandparents' place, melting in their warm embrace.

This house porch style requires a lot of space to really be comfortable, so the porch has to be a wraparound porch or screened in porch design to work.

Once again, the emphasis here is on comfortability and a sense of loving homeliness. Think clean lines throughout, with wicker or wooden furniture and plush pillows all around. A hanging swing will take this to the next level - Can't you already imagine watching your grandparents reading your sons and daughters' bedtime stories on it?

The Perfect Planter For This Porch Trend

Once more, hanging plants with colorful blooms spilling out add those fine touches that really elevate the design, but if you're after something than can fill up space, why not a Delray Tall Rectangular Planter ? These allow for multiple plants to be grown, and going off of the fact that grandma loves to cook and bake, fruits, vegetables, and herbs would be perfect for this!

These porch decor ideas are good starting points for this front porch trend. Just try to imagine what grandma and grandpa would like, and you'll have a space to enjoy any outdoor area in no time.

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Front Porch Idea #3: The Entertainer

Heading in a different direction from the aforementioned front porch trends, The Entertaineris all about having a front porch for hosting the many family and friends you have.

This is the type of front porch design that transforms this outdoor space into more than just a home entrance, as might be the case with a portico. Here, entertainment and enjoying the good life are paramount virtues, and one might describe the overall porch design as boho chic, with textures, curves, and bursting colors!

Again, a wraparound porch or screened in porch is necessary for this - How are your guests to enjoy themselves if they don't have space to move?

French doors could be a good alternative to the regular panels that are used in an enclosed porch - Nothing provides more of a modern farmhouse look than see-through glass windows! This also means you'll be able to enjoy the scenery outside without ever having to worry about the tides of the changing seasons.

Moving on, how about a fire pit? Nothing really makes more of a statement than that! Have furniture arranged around the fire pit with patterned throw pillows with designs that pop so you can enjoy the warmth in style? If you add sconces, you can provide mood lighting to work with the flames for when the sun goes down and it gets darker.

The Perfect Planter For This Porch Trend

To really improve curb appeal and tap into your inner interior designer, introducing greenery is a quick and rewarding way to improve your porch for yourself, and for your guests.

As an entertainer, don't be afraid to make a bold move - How about this Tarragona Bowl Planter for style personified in a pot?

Perfect for hassle-free landscaping, or easily move this lightweight planter inside during winter and exercise your interior decorating skills!

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Front Porch Idea #4: The Gardener

Last but not least, The Gardener takes a step away from the more large-scale front porch styles of the first three.

This porch design is best suited for a bungalow porch or portico. Think small, think subdued, think about a person or a couple who simply enjoy gardening, but see no reason to be flamboyant.

More in the style of a front porch entrance, hanging plants are perfect for these gardeners and can be used with all manner of flowers, herbs, or vines to give a front door a quainter sense of life. With a bungalow porch, it's possible to have outdoor furniture like a chair and table, but don't go too overboard, the idea with this front porch design is to keep things simple.

If hanging plants don't interest you, there are other pot shapes and sizes at your disposal. A round one? A square one? A rectangular one? What about small? Medium? Large?

The Perfect Planter For All cases Is Fiberglass

While there are many planters that manage to support plants, no other planter material is as well-suited to the discerning homeowner as fiberglass.

These lightweight, durable, and low-maintenance planters are just what you should be looking for as someone with a green thumb.

With UV protection, resilience to frost and wear and tear, and a 3-year warranty to back it up, these planters are also beautiful - perfect for those interested in the aesthetics of their porch container garden too!

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