Large Planters For Pool Area Perfection | Pool Planter Ideas For Resorts & Homeowners 2024


Nothing really speaks as much to the good life as a swimming pool. Immediately, you start thinking of calm, cool waters, children giggling as they splash in their parent's arms, and a nice, temperate sun gleaming in the sky. The thought alone is enough to make you start planning your next vacation, or, if you're lucky, getting up from your chair and diving into your backyard pool.

Regardless of whether you own your own swimming pool or are looking to install a hotel or resort pool area for guests to enjoy, one surefire way to increase the level of enjoyment and relaxation in this outdoor space is by growing your favorite plants there. So how can you do this? Well, large planters for pool area, like our extensive collection, are key in any outdoor living space or backyard garden.

In this article, we'll provide a rundown on all your questions about plants around swimming pools. After a brief summary of everything you need to know, we'll give a few concrete ideas for how you can actually bring greenery to pool areas. By the end of this, you'll know just how to achieve that tropical paradise feel, whether in the backyard of your house or in a luxury resort!

Before you begin, take a moment to explore our extensive collection of large planters and experience the luxury of having these beautiful additions by your poolside!

All You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Large Planters

Why Are They Important?

How about an irrefutable fact to get us started? According to statistics in 2015, "26% of US citizens cited a swimming pool as a must-have amenity for accommodation." That's over one-fourth of the whole American population--How could you argue with that? By then adding greenery to pools, you can really create a gorgeous outdoor space that anyone would love to spend time in.

Taking a step away from the statistics though, the benefits of a swimming pool area are far-ranging. Let's now take a look at what makes pool areas so great.


It shouldn't come as a surprise how good swimming is for exercise. As opposed to going to the gym day in and day out, the full-body benefits of swimming can do wonders for your body in terms of cardiovascular health which also promotes muscle gain and weight loss. On top of this, swimming is plain fun--How could you think it's exercise when you're in a tropical paradise with all your favorite plants?

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Build A Beautiful Outdoor Space

Following the forever-popular container garden trend, there is so much value in adding plants and planters to a house, resort, or any other kind of property. While pools are the ultimate status symbol on top of being fantastic gathering grounds for parties or long hours of relaxing, they are rather bland and uninviting without a backdrop of luscious plants. By choosing the right selection of plants and planters to go with a pool, you can bring natural style to any landscape without too much hassle!


Perhaps the most important thing when talking about the benefits of pool areas, no one can deny the sense of happiness they feel every time they see a pool. Really, pools tap into something primal, as these outdoor spaces remind us of the great blue ocean or summer days as a teenager when the world seemed like one big beautiful garden. So for anyone looking to create a sense of bliss, swimming pools are a great choice. Add some large plants to these outdoor spaces and you're taking landscaping to a whole other level.

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What Should You Be Wary Of When Putting Planters Around A Pool?

Though so far we've only raved about the benefits of swimming pools and pool planters, there are a few things you need to take into account to ensure you don't go wasting time and money.


If you're worried about chlorine affecting the health of your plants and flowers, fear not. In small doses, chlorine isn't harmful to greenery! If you're still unconvinced, go ahead and use a fiberglass planter for maximum protection. Compared to growing plants in the ground, you're free to move these planters around to locations where splash damage is minimal. On top of this, they're light as can be ensuring easy transport!


The areas around a swimming pool are notorious for heating up in the middle of summer, particularly if the floor is made of concrete. In order to ensure your plants stay safe from such weather conditions, choose a planter with wheels on the bottom so there's a bit of separation between its base and the floor. For the best results, we cannot recommend fiberglass planters enough, as they are built to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

What Are The Best Plants For Around A Pool?

Being so close to water, the plants you choose to grow near a pool area need to be able to thrive under those conditions. Here are some options.

  • Succulents like Aeonium, Echeveria, and the Century Plant (for hotter climates).
  • Large potted trees like Bay trees
  • Flowers like the Golden Iris or Broadleaf Lad’s Slipper (for colder climates).
  • Citronella and Basil (great insect repellents).
  • Hedges, Ferns, Shrubs (for privacy).
  • Vines like the Sweet Potato Vine (great for hiding the ground or areas like a shed).
  • Evergreen Trees, Olive Trees, or Palm Trees.

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3 Practical Swimming Pool Large Planter Ideas

1. Fiberglass Resort Pool Planters For Modern Elegance

If the style is what you're after with your pool planters, you can't really beat fiberglass planters. These make a great choice for resorts, where you want to create an ambiance of relaxed luxury for guests to really unwind on their holiday.

To start, take a moment to think about the overall theme of your property. Is it bohemian chic? Cool minimalist? After deciding on the sort of landscape you want to maintain, you can then begin to choose the pots and plants to fill the outdoor space.

A modern fiberglass planter like the River Rock Planter (available in small, medium, or large) is a wonderful planter that can function as a standalone piece in a corner or something to be combined with a collection of planters. Drainage holes ensure less maintenance so you can simply focus on potting the plants and letting your guests enjoy the fruits of your labor!

For an even more gorgeous display, choose from one of twenty colors to really let your resort stand out!

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2. Pool Planters That Play With Shapes And Sizes

If you're blessed to be working with a larger space, what you can then begin to do is start playing with various shapes and sizes of planters to give your swimming pool area a real boost. What this can then lead to is the possibility of growing all sorts of plants--from small trees, shrubs, to flowers!

To get started with this, choose a selection of different size and shaped planters. How about a Hollywood Rectangular Planter to go along the sides of the pool, and then a Toulan Modern Tall Tapered Square Planter to fill what would otherwise be an empty corner? The options are endless because you can mix and match as you please. Once you really start having fun, you'll have the know how to level up the look of your swimming pool, whether it's in a backyard or a swanky resort.

Another great thing about all these planters is that they're made from fiberglass. This means that no matter the shape or size of the actual pot, you can rest assured that it'll function as the perfect home for your plants!

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3. Privacy In Any Outdoor Space

A pool area, though a center of enjoyment and relaxation, can also evoke an initial sense of worry because of the fact that you're going to dress in a pair of trunks or a bikini. In such places, privacy is of paramount importance so you can really forget about everything and unwind. While creating privacy might sound like a difficult maintenance task, planters are a quick and easy way to go about doing this. So let's now find out how!

To begin, you're going to want to choose a large-sized planter. As we're trying to create privacy, smaller sizes just aren't going to do you much good. Rectangle planters are ideal. If you don't know what to pick, try out something like the Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter.

Though there are many large planter ideas, this one is simple. Once you have chosen your planters, simply install them on the outer edge of the swimming pool area and begin the potting process. This means adding the soil and fertilizer, then the plant of your choice. Again, as we're going for privacy, choose plants like trees, shrubs, or bushes. Unfortunately, though pretty, flowers just won't cut it.

At that point, you're pretty much done. Ensure proper maintenance of your plants so you can start to see them grow (this means more privacy!). Whether you're a homeowner looking for backyard privacy or a hotel manager looking for resort pool planters for a natural means of giving guests a sense of security, these tips are sure to help out.

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What Swimming Pool Planters Should You Avoid?

Ceramic Pots

Though extremely common, ceramic pots don't do well near swimming pools because of the risk of getting wet. This can lead to the planters cracking and breaking over extended periods of use, forcing you to purchase replacements.

Metal Planters

One of the least functional planters both indoors and in any outdoor space, a metal planter is horrible for the health of plants. What happens is that the metal can seep into the plant's soil, causing any number of diseases that can ultimately lead to the untimely death of the plants. Furthermore, when using these planters by a swimming pool area, the risk of the pot overheating is much higher, given how well they absorb heat.

What's The Best Swimming Pool Planter?

Fiberglass Planters - Supreme Planters For Poolside

One of the best pots on the market, fiberglass planters are perfect for use in indoor and outdoor spaces. Not only are they durable, but these planters are also lightweight, and weather-resistant, and they come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors so you can get that jungle feel of your dreams--As we said, we can't recommend them enough!

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