6 Expert Ideas To Use Container Plants & Flowers In Large Pots!


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Flowers are one of the most popular plants to use in container gardening. Not only are these container plants some of the most beautiful, coming in a multitude of styles and just about any color under the sun, but flower gardening is also beneficial to your personal well-being!

From cleaning the air, and improving your memory, to reducing feelings of stress, anger, or sadness (according to a 2018 study), these container gardens are must-haves in any commercial or residential space.

But when you end up potting your beautiful flowers, are you confident you're using the correct flower containers?

Most use a small pot or a vase, but have you considered flowers in large pots? If not, let's find out all you can do!

In this post, we'll take a look at all the container gardening possibilities of growing your favorite flowers in large planters. A container garden like the ones we'll mention will allow you to keep your plants healthy while bringing a wonderful sense of early spring into any commercial or residential space. No matter if you're a humble homeowner, a chic interior designer, or a professional landscape architect, we've got the best flowers in container gardens for you!

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What Are Some Benefits Of Container Gardening?

Before getting into actual ideas of the best container plants for you, let's take a look at some of the benefits of container gardening with flowers.

Beautiful Container Gardens

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First and foremost, flower gardening is just beautiful. There's no wonder why researchers continue to publish studies that demonstrate the positive effects plants have on us--How could they not when studying beautiful flowers? There are literally plants with heart-shaped foliage, flower colors that range from bright yellow to light green to deep purple, tiny flowers that make you feel as if you're tending to an innocent child--The beauty of such container gardening is why everyone should try their hand at it.

Container Gardening For Creativity

montroy square planters
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If the aesthetic benefits of container gardening weren't enough, did you know that keeping a container garden can actually improve creativity? A study in 2014 tested this by having office workers in two environments: one with pink roses and the other without. What they found was that workers who could interact with these container plants had lower levels of stress, anxiety, and confusion, while their levels of vigor were increased--A recipe for boosted creativity and productivity!

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Low Maintenance Container Plants!

The final benefit we'll discuss but certainly not the last, growing beautiful flowers in a large container really isn't as tricky as it might first seem. For one, compared to growing larger plants like trees, you don't really have to worry about flowers getting in the way of anything, and you also don't have to think too much about things like pruning or mulching. Really, when you first start flower gardening, the main questions you need to consider are...

  1. Do you want to garden indoors or outdoors?
  2. What do you want to plant? (Annuals or perennials?)

From there, actual maintenance is relatively simple if you understand the individual plant's requirements.

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6 Ideas For Flowers In Large Pots!

1. An Outdoor Container Garden For An Idyllic Back Garden

Container gardening outside really allows you to let nature take its course, which is why we'll kick off our list by taking flowers outdoors. This will allow you to create an idyllic back garden you, your family, and your friends will adore!

To begin, choose a spot outside and then determine the large pot you intend on using. Something like the Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter is great because it allows you to plant multiple plants in one flower container if you so desire.

Outdoor Container Garden
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Whether you choose to plant with more flowers or just one, think about how the flower(s) will work in relation to what's around. For example, what is the overall design theme of your home? If you're going for a more wood-centric, country home style, you might want to consider plants like the Snapdragon flowers, Black Eyed Susan, or the ever-popular Lily!

No matter what you choose, make sure you understand the individual requirements of your plants. As you'll grow them outdoors, it'll save you a lot of worrying if they love the heat of the full sun and can handle a bit of hard frost. Out of the three mentioned, the Black Eyed Susan might be the best choice--It's also drought-tolerant!

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2. A Few Beautiful Flowers And Plants In One!

Now taking the idea mentioned in the previous tip, we'll look at what's possible when you plant several flowers as one container plant. Some call this a mixed container and to get this done properly, you can use a thriller, filler plant, and spiller plants!

As their names loosely suggest, a thriller is a plant meant to thrill, essentially something that will take anyone's breath away whenever they first rest their eyes upon it. Next, a filler is the humblest out of the three, really there to fill up the remaining space in the pot. Finally, spiller plants provide that extra oomph and length to a container garden by spilling over the pot's side.

  • Thriller: Snapdragon flowers or a Canna Lily (anything with upright stems for a tall, regal look.)
  • Filler: Gerber Daisies or Begonias (just cause your filler 'fills', doesn't mean it can't pop--These suggestions have beautiful flower petals!)
  • Spiller: Million Bells or a Sweet Potato Vine (create a green waterfall with these spillers!)

Why not try a Round Planter for your thrillers, fillers, and spillers?

However, before you go planting crazy, make sure you understand that if you intend on planting multiple flowers in one, they all have to have similar planting requirements.

Do they like the full sun or partial shade? Do they prefer warmer climates or can they survive the winter months? Figure these out beforehand for the best results.

large round pots
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3. Container Gardening With Hanging Baskets, Wall Planters, And Railing Planters

So far we've talked about container gardens that sit on the ground, but have you ever considered having a garden suspended in mid-air? Though that might sound impossible at first read, really, this is all possible when you use hanging baskets wall planters, and railing planters.

A hanging basket latches onto a structure and hangs, while a wall planter uses brackets to attach securely to the wall, and a railing planter is specially designed with a groove in the center to securely hang on railings.

vertical garden
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The advantage of wall planters and railing planters in a container garden is that these hanging technologies are strong enough to produce robust and large planters. For example, the Tiergarden railing planter is 36" in length! While our Nile Wall Planter is available in 3 sizes; 12", 24" and 36", allowing for more vertical and botanical beauty!

If you choose to use a wall planter or a hanging basket indoors, your best bet is going for small flowers or herbs that don't require too much of the full sun. This makes them the best plants to care for all season long, as you can simply hang them wherever you'd like and create a dazzling display requiring little maintenance.

However, if you want to use wall planters, hanging baskets, or even railing planters outdoors, say by a garden patio or along a windowsill, you need to make sure they can handle the heat of a mid summer sun.

When possible, bring your plants inside during colder seasons like late fall and winter, and then return them outside with the turn of early spring. A good choice for this are tender perennials like dark red Begonias or Caladiums. These will create visual interest no matter where they're placed!

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4. Spruce Up An Office With Beautiful Container Plants

So far we've provided a few ideas for flower gardening in a residential space, but that doesn't mean you can't have beautiful flowers in a spot like an office--Let's find out what's possible!

An office, though it has a reputation as being a drab and dull area--think never-ending grey cubicles and even grayer suits hunched over inside--with a few simple tips and tricks, you'll be able to change this reputation and turn an office into a place people want to visit--What a fascinating concept, ey?

To begin, we're going to assume your office isn't blessed with panoramic windows that can let in the light of the full sun (you can't have everything, can you?). As such, the flowers in the office need to be able to flourish even in environments of part shade. Some options are the Hydrangea, Rhododendron, or pale yellow Primrose. These blooms can serve as the focal point of the office, or be used as background nature to provide those necessary hints of green.

The choice of introducing such lovely flower colors to any area is the first step in the right direction for building an office space that promotes health alongside the actual work, rather than just focusing on the latter. Go a step further by potting the plants in beautiful containers like the Seoul Modern Rectangular Planter and everyone will be sure to be itching to come to work!

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fiberglass pots for an office
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5. Patio Container Gardens For A Lovely Welcome Home

Nothing more really possesses that warm, comforting embrace of a welcome home than beautiful flowers by the front door. Not only does this add curb appeal to a residence, it really gives a house the sense of having been lived in, allowing you to really relax whenever you're in that space.

To begin, choose a container. Whether you decide to use small containers or larger ones, your best bet is to go for square or round shapes. The reason for this is that you'll be planting by the entrance to a residence, and these spots aren't known for having too much space. How about the sleek Tegel Tapered Round Planter?

patio planters
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Besides the planter, you'll probably end up only growing a single plant or flower, so choose one you really like to make it count! Good choices for this are the purple Aster, Daffodil, or the white flowers of a common Jasmine. All grow well either in the full sun or part shade, and with pots that have drainage holes, you can grow year-round greenery without much work!

As a little side tip, you can also use this idea for commercial spaces like restaurants or hotels. Choose a large container garden and then follow the same process as above to give your guests a sweet welcome anytime they walk through the front door!

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6. A Container Garden For Corners

One issue that really seems to plague all prospective homeowners and even the best interior designers is how to get the most out of corners in a room. This is an issue that everyone has to deal with at one point or another if they really hope to dazzle with the look of their residence. In hopes of speeding up the process of finding a solution, we've got a simple answer for you: use a planter!

A square or rectangular pot is a simple and easy way to fill the empty space in a corner and turn it into something that blooms with life. We recommend something like the Amesbury Tall Corner Planter for this. Once you have the pot, choose a flower to begin your container garden journey, just make sure you go for something that thrives indoors.

How much sun does it require? If the corner is lucky enough to be by a window, you can still choose plants that love the full sun, but otherwise, your best bet is to go for ones that are okay in the shade. No longer will you have the sorry problem of empty, lifeless corners--Now these spots will be as interesting as the rest of your home!

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flower pots
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