Square Planter Ideas | Size Guide & Pro Planting Tips


When most people think of pots and their various shapes, round pots tend to be what comes to mind. Whether for a residential garden or commercial spaces, a round planter can be found everywhere and is used to fulfill all sorts of container garden needs.

Despite the popularity of round pots, there are numerous other shapes, sizes, and styles. Square planters are one, and with a few tips, these planter boxes can transform your landscape or interior. These containers have a number of characteristics that make them the ideal pot for all your favorite flowers and plants.

Before learning about the benefits of a square container, let's find out why investing time and money into a planter box is useful.

What Difference Does A Planter Box Make?

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Zen and the art of...

Maintaining an indoor garden is helpful for your personal well-being. According to a study in 2015, researchers found that growing plants indoors have stress-reducing effects, and allow you to feel more relaxed and soothed. This means a planter box can be a tool for bettering your mental health because they make it possible to grow plants and flowers in and out of your home. Not only that but plants are known to clear the air of any given space so it's only a win-win!

Green gardening

On a more business-related note, research done in 2005 found that the perceived value of real estate property increased by 11% when investments in landscaping were made. Furthermore, a 2015 study discovered that retail products and services were considered up to 25% more valuable when paired with elements from nature.

Benefits Of Square Planters In Landscaping

box planters make the landscape more beautiful
Our square planters make the landscape more beautiful

Every planter box comes with its benefits. The main advantages of square planters are in their ability to utilize space effectively, and in turn be easier to organize, as well as the fact that they hold more soil.

Space it out

Similar to rectangular planters, square planter boxes manage space more effectively than your classic round pot. To give you an idea of where you can use your square pot, here's a list of some areas.


  • Compact spaces (the corners of a room)
  • A garden
  • On the patio
  • On the porch
  • As a window box


  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • A courtyard
  • Public parks
  • Hotels

Another way in which the square pot is similar to the rectangular container is how little effort they take to organize. One of the main issues with round planters comes from the fact that they cannot fit into corners or be arranged side by side. With the square container garden, you can stack and line up as you wish, without the worry of endangering the growth of your favorite plants!

Soil, soil, soil

Another key aspect of container gardening is soil requirements. Square planter boxes hold up to 8% more soil than round ones. This means there's more volume for potting soil and nutrients, ensuring your plants a long life. Furthermore, this extra space allows for planting multiple crops in one pot. You'll be surrounded by lush greenery in no time!

Not sure how to fill your pot? Find out everything you need, from filling to watering!

How Do You Use Square Plant Pots?

For Interior Designers

square planters in the living room
Our square planters are great for living rooms

When it comes to adding aesthetic touches to a room or house, interior designers are in luck with square pots. When working with this shape, there are various planter box ideas a designer can play with, as management of space and size is never too big of an issue.

Similar to a rectangular planter, a square planter makes it possible to achieve a sense of symmetry, and are perfect for use by doorways or on a patio. The shape can also create visual interest in the corners of a room, which are notoriously difficult to fill.

On top of this, squares are in vogue. They have a look that fits perfectly with modern minimalist interior design, while making it easy to pot plants or flowers in clean lines in and out of a home. For those who prefer a more chic, bohemian living space, square plant pots can also be used to contrast beautifully with more free-flowing interior design.

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For Landscape Architects

Our square planters are used as effective hardscaping in a garden.

Square pots are a gem for landscape architects because of their versatility. Depending on the size of the planter, it can be used in any given location. It can also hold anything from plants, fresh herbs, trailing vines, and even your favorite colorful flowers!

When working with a new space, landscape architects need to consider beauty and functionality. While rectangular planters tend to have a larger base length and width, square pots have a wider range of size options, meaning a landscape architect has more choice when figuring out how to best satisfy those requirements. A garden in a bustling city can be transformed into an enclosed area of peace and tranquillity by using a mixture of containers, keeping the outside, out.

Landscape architects also have the choice of weather-resistant pots. Square pots are made out of a number of materials so no matter whether it's a warm day with a full sun out, or a cold, gloomy afternoon, there's a planter for every occasion.

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Best Sizes For Square Planter Boxes

Small Square Pots

cuba low corner planter
Cuba Low Corner Planter

There are several planter boxes you can choose from when thinking of a container for small plants. A popular choice for both an indoor and outdoor space is the Cuba low corner planter with dimensions of 14'' x 14'' x 12''. These have the perfect container garden design whether you're thinking of using them as corner pots for rectangular planters, or just as a box planter to fill the small spaces in your home.

Mid-range Square Pots

Brisbane tall corner planter
Brisbane Tall Corner Planter

A mid-range planter also works well indoors and outdoors. The Brisbane tall corner planter works well as a statement piece, and at dimensions of 24'' x 24'' x 32'', is just the right height to give a plant the chance to bloom. Once again, using this planter size at the ends of a rectangular planter can create a playful approach to gardening.

Large Square Pots

Our Toulan modern tall tapered square planters are placed in the living room

Large planters are ideal for the spacious outdoors and can be used to maximum effect in a garden or along a porch. The Toulan modern tall tapered square planter is a great garden planter that can withstand any climate, while still maintaining a sleek, minimalist design. With dimensions ranging from 12'' x 12'' x 22'' to 28'' x 28'' x 60'', you'll be sure to find the size that fits for you!

Still unsure what size you need? Read our guide on the best plant pot sizes!

3 Square Planter Ideas To Improve Any Space

Tall square planters are used to make the entrance more beautiful

1. Follow the lines

Square pots are one of the best choices for achieving a symmetrical design scheme in any residential or commercial space. Whether you opt for a small, mid-range, or large planter, lining your plant pots is simple.

This kind of pot placement allows a person to be drawn along with the path the pots create. What this creates is a deeper sense of alignment in any given space, with a sense that nature is leading the way.

Another top tip in a similar light to this is to use garden planters as a means of framing around a structure. This is best achieved around a pool or in a garden and enhances the sense of symmetry in a given area. To go even further, combine your square planter with rectangular planters!

2. Keep your rooms open

A nice way to use square planters is to have them in place of doorways or barriers. As opposed to walling rooms off, using a planter box with small to mid-range plants or flowers can act as a way to maintain a sense of privacy between rooms while adding a more airy, floral ambiance to your home.

This works best in hallways where you can have two planters on either end of an entrance into another room, providing an enhanced feeling of spaciousness.

3. Choose Any color you like

Similar to how many people first think of a round pot when choosing a planter, the material and color scheme of a container garden also tend to be quite simple. Think of your standard brown, clay pot. While those have their merits, it's easy to spruce up your garden or home with bright color fiberglass containers that can merge with the natural color of your plants and flowers.

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Taking this a step further, how about considering a different type of pot? There are hanging containers, metal planters, concrete planters, or how about one with a copper finish? The choices are endless and with a little imagination you can come up with all sorts of planter box ideas that are just right for your plant choices!

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What To Plant In A Square Planter Box

Our black square planters are perfect for front yards
Our black square planters are perfect for front yards

There's a variety of choices when considering the best plants for a square container. Think of annuals, perennials, herbs, fruits, vegetables, vines, and bulbs. As with any container garden, you need to take into account the requirements of each individual plant. When planting multiple plants in a single pot, make sure they all have the same light, water, and soil requirements!

1. Overflowing blooms

Overflowing blooms are a sure way to make any passerby stop and stare at the lovely arrangement of your garden. These work well in square containers as they grow and spill over the edges. Try a Licorice Plant, Joseph's Coat, Trailing Snapdragon, or any Petunia or Geranium. Go a step further and plant flowers in a hanging basket with drainage holes, offering low maintenance for a beautiful, drooping appearance!

2. Vegetables, fruits, and herbs

Similar to a rectangular planter, a square planter is the perfect garden planter for this kind of greenery. With a larger container you can choose from an assortment of options, just don't forget to give each crop an adequate amount of space.

Remember your drainage holes and make sure you pay attention to the requirements of each plant. Herbs tend to require less water than vegetables and fruits which is important to keep in mind!

3. Large plants

To create a statement, look no further than growing plants like Bamboo, Eulalia Grass, Japanese Maple Trees, or Evergreen Trees. Even more than a rectangular planter, a square planter is the best choice for this kind of greenery as it provides a stable base for the plants to grow over time.

Large plants are perfect for planting in a garden or patio, and really add a wow factor to any space. Take into account that with any sort of tree, it's better to opt for a larger container! This is because their roots need more space to develop as they grow.

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Square Planter FAQs

Plants in our square planters help to improve the landscape fresher and more beautiful
Plants in our square planters help to improve the landscape fresher and more beautiful

How do you water square planters?

The most important thing to consider when watering any plant regardless of the shape of the pot is to figure out what that individual plant requires. For example, plant succulents and delicate flowers like African violets require less water than a snake plant.

Are you using smaller pots or larger ones? This amount of water required changes based on this, too. The last element to consider is location. An indoor plant may require more manual watering than a plant in the garden, back porch, or by the front door. In those cases, rain does the job for you!

Once you understand those points, you can follow these best practices for watering your planters:

  • Check the soil before watering. Sometimes the surface may look dry but the soil underneath is moist. Use a finger to check!
  • Take your time. Dousing a plant is a surefire way to ensure it doesn't water evenly. Use a watering can and let the soil absorb the water.
  • Set a schedule. A plant, like a person, appreciates a schedule. Water in the morning or late at night, but try not to mix the times up.

How do you fill a square planter box?

Like watering, how you fill a pot changes based on the actual plant inside. One important factor to consider is the aforementioned fact that a square pot holds 8% more soil than its round counterparts. Remember this and follow these best practices for filling your planter box.

  • Choose the right size! There's nothing worse than planting anything into a pot that is under or oversized. The plant will have a harder time adjusting to the pot, and you can ruin its chances of healthy growth.
  • Make sure it's clean. A dirty pot will ruin your planting adventures before they've even begun! Clean your pot before use to ensure easy planting.
  • Use good soil. Packing your pot with dirt from the garden might sound like a fine idea but really, it's better to go for the store-bought brands. They're cleaner and packed with nutrients that will help your plant to grow to its fullest potential.

Not sure how to keep your planters looking as good as new all year round? Learn how to maintain your fiberglass planters!

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