9 Awesome Container Gardening Trends 2024 That You Should Not Miss Out!


Container gardening with planters has become increasingly popular in recent years since it offers a range of advantages, such as the ability to extend growing seasons and the flexibility to adapt plants and flowers to different environments. With container gardens, you can choose from ready-made raised planters kits, decorative plant pots or window boxes, or even repurpose household items like teapots and buckets.

Whatever container you choose, the possibilities of container gardening are endless. Therefore, it's no surprise that container gardening is expected to become an even more popular trend in 2024.

With their flexibility, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, container gardens can bring joy to any home gardener for many years to come.

This article will walk you through the 9 container gardening trends in 2024 that inspire you to apply them to your own garden!

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container gardening trends 2024
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1. Tall Planters Make Privacy Easy

Tall planters for privacy spaces
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Tall planters are becoming more popular since they allow you to easily access your plants without having to bend down. This is especially beneficial for those who have back or knee issues that make bending difficult.

This type of container garden can also be used to maximize space, especially in an urban setting where space is usually limited, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing solution for container gardening.

Tall planter ideas are full of endless creativity, they can be constructed in a number of ways, from tall-tiered planters to linear planters that create a flush boundary around your rooftop or fenceline. Paired with large plants, this can create a private oasis with botanic and vibrant beauty.

Another one to watch out for...growing your own food in tall containers is one of the biggest trends for small urban areas in 2024 as we find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and take responsibility for our own food supply! Try putting a tall planter box under your kitchen window for optimum accessibility!

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2. Vertical Container Gardens

Vertical Container Gardens
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Using every available surface to exhibit plants is nothing new, but coming up with new surfaces is. Vertical container gardening has been around for quite a long time but is still on trend up to now for its visual appeal and application. Plus, this technique is a great way to free up valuable floor space.

Container gardening trendsetters are using the vertical space in their houses to display beautiful greenery with hanging planters and wall-mounted containers.

One way to do this is to use trellises, railings, and frames to hang fabric pouches, pots, or railing planters. Such installations also provide a simple, charming touch to your landscape.

Hanging planters exist in a variety of materials, often homeowners opt for a rattan cachepot for a bohemian aesthetic, however, we suggest using fiberglass planters for much more performance and longevity. Other materials just don't age well!

With so many advantages and a consistent trend toward maximizing space, hanging planters are sure to be a popular choice for gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts alike in 2024.

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A moon garden is simply a garden designed to be enjoyed at night or by the light of the moon. Planting white or softly colored blossoms that emerge at night, selecting plants that give amazing perfumes at night, and/or plant foliage that provides a distinctive texture, color, or form at night are all examples of moon garden ideas.

Plants with bright blossoms will reflect moonlight and stand out against the darkness. Some wonderful white blossoms for moon gardens include:

  • Autumn Clematis
  • Mock Orange
  • Petunia
  • Night blooming Jasmine
  • Cleome Sweet

Some of the plants described above, such as night-blooming jasmine, petunia, and Sweet Autumn clematis, serve a dual purpose in moon garden designs by reflecting moonlight and emitting a sweet aroma. Add a moon garden to your bedroom's patio for late-night relaxation!

Looking for fragrant plants? Check out the 18 of the finest fragrant plants for patio pots!

4. Upcycling Containers

upcycling pots
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Reusing old furniture or kitchenware is currently the trend. Consider using chest drawers, cooking utensils, cookie tins, and even teacups, pitchers, and teapots as ad-hoc pots.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, upcycling produces a wonderful, old fashion, and rustic atmosphere, which is ideal because many plants don't care what container you put them in as long as they have access to appropriate drainage and light.

However, if it's sustainability you're after, buy fiberglass planters.

Not only are they modern, stylish, and lightweight but our fiberglass planters last for years ...not like those millions of plastic pots thrown away every year!

Looking for new ideas for your old (or new!) pots? Try these awesome rectangle planter ideas!

flower pots
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Fashion and gardening trends are quite similar. They return after a while. In 2024, prepare for the return of New Victorian gardens.

A sense of history and tradition will once more be sparked by this classic form of garden that emphasizes romantic beauty.

A New Victorian garden is an ideal outdoor environment, particularly if you prefer a classic but more casual garden design.

"Blame it on Bridgerton," says Katie Tamony, Chief Marketing Officer at Monrovia Plants, referring to the famous Netflix series.

“This trend is an elevated maximized version of cottage gardens,” she adds. “These classic, pretty plants bring a sense of history and tradition without the slight chaos of the typical cottage design.”

Roses, Lilacs, Hydrangeas, and hollyhocks will return as popular outdoor plants in nurseries and garden centers.

Keep an eye on how gravel gardens, as well as birdbaths and white fences, become more involved in garden design.

Color is a big part of garden design, see our huge range of colors and finishes to get some inspiration!

Waterwise Container Gardening Trends
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Water conservation has become a primary priority as a result of droughts and other harsh weather conditions, and it is more than simply a fleeting fad.

As Kaite Tamony says, “Being water-wise in your garden is essential no matter where you live. We are seeing homeowners interested in plants that are climate-appropriate, with lower water needs. But they don’t want to sacrifice beautiful blooms, bold colors and lush foliage. These consumer needs are driving the plants we are choosing, trialing, and bringing to market.”

Richard Millar, Head of Adaptation at the Climate Change Committee, also said: “The recent temperatures and worrying reports about the decline in nature can feel overwhelming, but there are things people can do to help their local green spaces adapt and to feel more involved in the solutions".

"Practising sustainable gardening is one way of doing this – avoiding peat-based composts and insecticides, installing water butts, creating habitats for wildlife, and choosing drought-tolerant plants.” Richard Millar adds.

As an environmentally-conscience company, we are proud that our planters do not leech chemicals into natural water reserves as other materials do. In addition, our fiberglass planters retain water for longer, even in hot weather.

By switching to fiberglass planters and opting for water-wise gardening practices, you can help restore and protect our planet’s environment!

Learn how the benefits of fiberglass planters are more than simply just saving time and money!

Climate Container Gardening Trends
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Our changing climate is possibly the most significant trend. Spring is getting colder and drier, and extreme weather events are becoming more often in our back gardens, causing fundamental shifts in when we sow, prune, feed, and harvest.

However, as Claire Thorpe, press officer of the RHS, points out, we can also take advantage of the changing weather patterns. "Gardeners can make the most of seasons increasing longer," she says. "Gone are the days when autumn’s arrival meant putting your garden to bed. Plants including aster and salvia are putting on a good show well into November and adding late color to gardens.”

Sarah Raven, an English gardener feels that future gardeners will have to strike a balance between beauty and color and what is right for Mother Nature. She says: "Gardeners are also becoming increasingly aware of the health of the environment and are looking at how they can make a difference, whatever size space they have. Self-sufficient, established gardens with little bare soil offer numerous advantages for environmentally friendly gardening."

With unpredictable weather and some climates getting hotter and colder, it's best to buy garden furniture that is durable. Our fiberglass planters are ideal for growing plants through winter and in the blistering heat because they are UV protected and insulated!

Learn more about why our materials are considered a godsend by plants and gardeners.

Creating water features with containers is a fantastic trend! This is an innovative way to bring life and interest to your outdoor space.

By using containers, you can be creative and create a unique design that reflects your personal style. You can choose containers of different sizes, shapes, and materials for maximum impact. Using containers also allows for easier maintenance since they are smaller than traditional water features.

Once you select containers, you can fill them with plants, stones, or any other material that will help create the desired look. If using containers with larger openings, you may also want to consider adding a liner and pump to ensure your water feature works properly.

Once complete, enjoy the soothing sounds of trickling water as you relax in your outdoor space.

Water lilies, Hyacinths, and other aquatic plants thrive in this ecosystem, grow them in round planters such as Shanghai Fishbowl Planter or Casablanca Bowl Planter for a splendid display, you can even add some little fish to make a complete ecosystem!

Looking for more creativity? Try these awesome round planter ideas!

Trending Water Features

9. Care-free Container Garden

Care-free Container Garden
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Gardening does not have to be time-consuming and stressful all the time, if you are a workaholic but love being in touch with nature, a carefree garden is a perfect getaway for you and your family. As we spend more time engaged with work, with friends, and our passions, gardening as a form of relaxation is set to get even more popular.

Lisa Nisbet, Ph.D., a psychologist at Trent University in Ontario, Canada, who studies connectedness to nature, says: “You can boost your mood just by walking in nature, even in urban nature. And the sense of connection you have with the natural world seems to contribute to happiness even when you’re not physically immersed in nature.”

According to research shown by the National Library of Medicine, exposure to nature helps to improve our:

  • Cognitive function
  • Brain activity
  • Blood pressure
  • Mental health
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep

When it comes to creating a low-maintenance garden, container gardening is extremely crucial since it offers many advantages, such as less maintenance, better control of soil conditions, and greater flexibility when it comes to moving plants around or changing locations. However, not any plant pot will do the trick.

Weather-resistant and lightweight containers such as fiberglass planters are an excellent option. Because fiberglass planters are built of composite fiberglass and resin, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor design, as well as having a slew of other advantages such as being lightweight and weather resistant and requiring little maintenance.

You will also need to choose plants that do not need a lot of attention or regular maintenance, such as perennial or flowering annuals for your flower bed. Groundcover is another great way to minimize the need for regular maintenance, as it requires less mowing and trimming than a traditional lawn.

With these simple tips and a creative container arrangement, you can create a beautiful low-maintenance container garden effortlessly.

Learn more about installing fiberglass planters!

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