10 Dream Garden Destinations You Can Replicate with Our Modern Outdoor Planters


Are you a garden enthusiast with a touch of wanderlust? Do you dream of infusing your outdoor spaces with the essence of iconic global destinations? Look no further, because we have just the solution for you! With our modern outdoor planters, you can create your own dream garden getaway right at home. These versatile planters in various sizes and shapes will help you bring the world's most enchanting landscapes to your doorstep.

Join us as we explore 10 dream garden destinations and discover how you can replicate their allure using our contemporary planters.

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1. Provencal Paradise, France

large outdoor planters
©Theresa Roemer Mansion Houston / Jay Scotts

Close your eyes and imagine the picturesque lavender fields of Provence, France. Now, open them to the possibility of recreating the romantic allure of this French countryside right in your backyard.

Choose our clean lines rectangular plant pots for rows of lavender, and add smaller, round planters for colorful blooms to replicate the vibrant essence of Provence.

2. Zen Tranquility, Kyoto, Japan

large outdoor planters
©Jay Scotts

Japanese Zen gardens are renowned for their serenity and minimalist beauty. Embrace the tranquility of Kyoto's calming landscapes with our large, square, or rectangular plant pots. They provide ample space for carefully selected stones, bonsai trees, and peaceful raked gravel patterns.

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3. Mediterranean Oasis, Santorini, Greece

Back Yard Planters
©Back Yard Planters / JBD Concepts

The whitewashed walls and vibrant blue waters of Santorini are simply mesmerizing. You can capture the charm of this Mediterranean oasis with our medium-sized round planters filled with bright, colorful flowers and lush greenery.

4. Moroccan Elegance, Marrakech, Morocco

large black outdoor planters
©Ovando / Jay Scotts

Moroccan riads and intricate designs exude an exotic allure. Use our ornate, square contemporary planters to infuse the opulence of Marrakech into your outdoor space, perfect for showcasing succulents, cacti, and ornate ceramics.

5. Tropical Bliss, Bali, Indonesia

round fiberglass pots
©The Gates / Jay Scotts

Transport yourself to lush Balinese landscapes and tropical serenity with our large, round contemporary planters. Fill them with palms, ferns, and tropical flowers to evoke the feeling of a Balinese retreat.

Bring the beauty of nature to your doorstep with our eco-friendly and stylish modern outdoor planters. Explore our range to add a touch of sophistication to your garden.

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6. Coastal Haven, Amalfi Coast, Italy

©Seascape Ashley / Jay Scotts

The charm of the Amalfi Coast's coastal beauty is hard to resist. Our large rectangular planters are perfect for growing your favorite Mediterranean herbs and flowering plants, creating a coastal haven reminiscent of Amalfi.

7. English Garden Charm, Cotswolds, England

driveway entrance planters

Evoke the enchanting beauty of English gardens in the picturesque Cotswolds with our small to medium-sized rectangular planters. Fill them with classic roses, lavender, and other cottage garden favorites to capture the charm of the English countryside.

Have a pool at your place? See how you can turn it into a paradise with large outdoor planters.

8. Desert Oasis, Palm Springs, USA

modern outdoor planters
©Blake Marvin Home / Jay Scotts

Picture the modernist desert landscapes of Palm Springs. Using our large, square, or rectangular plant pots, you can infuse your outdoor haven with Palm Springs' contemporary desert vibes. Choose drought-tolerant plants like agave and cacti to create a stunning desert oasis.

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9. Tropical Escape, Maldives

pool planter ideas
©Jay Scotts

Escape to the Maldives' overwater bungalows and turquoise waters without leaving your home. Our small to medium-sized round planters can help you recreate the tranquility of this tropical paradise by planting tropical trees, bamboo, and water-loving flora.

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10. Rustic Retreat, Tuscany, Italy

Container Garden Planters
©Coffinier Ku Design / Jay Scotts

Transport yourself to Tuscany's rustic charm and vineyard vistas with our large, rectangular planters. Recreate the spirit of the Italian countryside by growing grapevines, olive trees, and fragrant herbs in these versatile plant pots.

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As you've seen, our contemporary planters offer endless possibilities for transforming your outdoor spaces into personalized garden retreats inspired by global wonders. The allure of these dream garden destinations can be yours with just a touch of creativity and the right selection of planters.

For our valued customers, the adventure begins by taking action. Visit our modern outdoor plant pots collection page today, explore the range of style and color finishes, and discover the perfect planter sizes and shapes to turn your outdoor space into a little piece of paradise.

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