Plants In An Office Landscape? 5 Expert Ideas For Your Own Office Landscaping!


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An office landscape has long been considered the epitome of drab and dreary design. Take a look at office layouts and nothing about them really screams innovation or consideration for the employees going about their business inside--It's all blacks, whites, and greys, with cubicle after cubicle in tight rows.

Really, the look reminds you more of a prison than somewhere people actually make a living.

Thankfully, however, after such studies like this one conducted in 2014, which found a 15% increase in productivity after an empty office space was spruced up with plants, modern offices are now making a point to be more green.

In this post, we'll begin by providing reasons why you should bring colorful flowers and plants to an office building. Afterward, we'll start detailing our expert ideas for how to actually go about using greenery in office design in an effort to further break the current status quo. Let's unleash plants everywhere and boost worker morale!

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Why Does Office Landscaping Matter?

Aside from the study already mentioned, there are numerous other reasons why one should begin to consider the value of a well-thought-out office landscape. Not only can you create compelling common areas when you install dramatic flower beds, but you're also able to boost the mental health of employees, which, for any well-to-do company, should be among the top priorities. So let's take a look at a few more reasons why an office landscape matters.

Stress Relief

Take a walk in a park or forest and you might have noticed it yourself, that sensation of calm that overcomes you and lasts for a while after you've left said park or forest. It's almost as if the plants had been speaking to you, whispering soothing words of comfort and urging you to finally let your guard down and relax.

Though that description might sound a bit fantastical, the phenomenon is actually rooted in science, as has been proven in a study in 2015.

According to researchers, interaction with indoor plants can have a stress-reducing effect by switching off areas in one's autonomic nervous system that triggers stress-releasing hormones.

office landscape

If you put two and two together, what this means then is quite astounding. By having potted plants in an office landscape, you're able to recreate this 'walk in a park' feel and make it possible for employees to relax while they work, rather than being stressed out by the mere thought of another day in the office.

Communication & Collaboration

Now you know that plants in an office landscape improve productivity and reduce stress, other benefits can also be seen in a sort of trickle-down effect. Two of these are communication and collaboration. Let's take a look at each.

office landscape
©Rachel Cho

The reason communication becomes more fluid in an office space has to do with the fact that once stress is reduced amongst employees, everyone will have less qualms and worries about actually engaging in meaningful discussions with one another.

Take a common area that is not just a selection of desks and chairs but one rife with trees and shrubs and now choose which location you'd feel more comfortable a) spending time with fellow employees and b) having discussions with them about ideas and concepts. It's no surprise that most will opt for a green environment.

In a similar vein, collaboration is also improved among workers when they work for a company that puts effort into office landscaping. For one, it just shows that the company cares for its employees which will in turn make the employees want to work more. Secondly, just like how communication benefits from a greenery-filled office landscape, collaboration is fostered in such an environment.

Again, as a thought experiment, imagine an office space without plants and one filled with them. Which one would you rather spend time in, and in turn, which one would you rather collaborate with fellow workers in? The answer should be the greener office.


The last reason office buildings will benefit from landscaping has to do with the fact that aesthetics are improved with the introduction of plants.

While some might consider beauty to be a trivial matter in the case of a workplace, the aforementioned reasons should put that idea to rest.

As such, not only will greenery have benefits for worker morale, but plants can also be used to attract attention to workspaces and aid in making an office much more attractive to prospective employees. Many modern offices understand this and go to great lengths to upgrade the front entrance of an office building--Never before has there been an easier way to attract passersby and make a long-lasting first impression!

office landscape
©Green Design

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5 Expert Ways To Use Plants In An Office Landscape

Potted Plants Throughout The Office

indoor planters
©The Plant Guy / Jay Scotts

Starting off relatively simple, just focus on introducing potted plants through the office. This is the easiest way to start office landscaping because all you have to worry about is the planter and the plant.

For the easiest route, choose a fiberglass planter. These are extremely low maintenance while not sacrificing anything in quality. Open up closed offices with your plants or highlight entrances with large planters--Nothing has ever been easier.

As a starting option, why not try the ever-reliable Cuba Low Corner Planter? Have these in uniform rows around an office space or along the desks where employees work. Try planting plants like the Snake Plant or Zz Plant for a hassle-free style. Once you get comfortable with this, start using colorful flowers or take a cue from your environment by growing native plants!

Pro tip: Extremely lightweight and versatile in design, fiberglass is the best material for an office plant pot!

Create Compelling Common Areas

Though we briefly touched upon this, now it's time to really get into the how of it all. While creating compelling common areas might seem tricky at first, really, all you need to do is have a design goal you want to achieve and a plan of how to realize it. Considering how this will be an environment where workers come to gather and unwind, it's possible to be a bit more playful here than in the rest of the office space.

As such, why not focus on colorful flowers, trees, or shrubs? This type of greenery will really elevate the space and the rest of your office landscape while also creating a clear separation between places where one should work and where one can unwind.

Taking this a step further, it's possible to also use fiberglass planters to aid in achieving whatever concept it is you're after. This is because fiberglass planters come in a variety of innovative forms, from the more established square or rectangular designs to modern, curved screens! Take your pick and transform a common area with some office landscaping that will have employees looking forward to coming to work every day.

amesbury narrow rectangular planter
©The Plant Guy / Jay Scotts

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A Welcoming Front Entrance

One of the most common ways landscapers ruin the overall effect of their office landscaping is by not caring enough about the main entrances of office buildings. Even though a front door and entrance are the first spots people will see and pass through, they are criminally overlooked, which is why this idea focuses solely on building a welcoming front entrance.

Once you put your mind to actually introducing plants to a front entrance, you'll find that it doesn't take much to improve the aesthetics of this place. However, to get the best results, it's imperative to use the best quality planter and plants as this is a spot where making a statement should be of paramount importance. As such, go for a fiberglass planter such as the Toulan Modern Tall Tapered Square Planter. There are a few sizes available with this planter and because of its fiberglass make, you'll have no issue using it outdoors, rain or shine.

©The Plant Parents / Jay Scotts

As for the actual plant potted inside, how about considering trees or dense, bushy shrubs? These produce the most oomph and are the perfect way to greet both workers entering office buildings and pedestrians simply passing by.

Just like that, voila, you've figured out how to attract attention to your overall office landscape without being overly in-your-face about it.

Frame Outside Your Office Building

©JBD Concepts

Taking the previous tip a step further is to then start working with the space outside of your office building, instead of simply focusing on the front entrance. The reason this works so well is because most of the times, office buildings have a bit more space to work with compared to homes or smaller buildings. As such, it's then possible to start installing various types of greenery in the outer portions of an office landscape, as opposed to focusing on a few areas.

How about framing outside your office building with plants? This can easily be done with large planters such as the Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter.

By having a selection of these rectangular planters outside, it's possible to quickly make an office landscape appear much friendlier.

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Install Dramatic Flower Beds

Last on our list of expert tips for your very own office landscaping, take a step away from simply potting single plants and go for dramatic installations of flower beds!

This is the type of office landscape that really starts the push the boundaries of what most would consider to be an "office", as it relies heavily on plants to beautify the space and turn it into something more approachable and fun.

Though possible both indoors and outdoors, we best like this idea when used outside, and taking a cue from the previous tip, this can be used to effectively cover up the space around an office. Again, go for a larger planter. Your best bet is a rectangular one but square would work as well.

low planter
©Jay Scotts

Once you have a selection of your favorite fiberglass planters, fill them with all types of flowers. Just don't forget to pay attention to the individual care requirements of each specie. For the best results, work with three flowers in each pot, and use the thriller, spiller, and filler combination!

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