What Is Commercial Landscape Design? 4 Pro Tips For Commercial Properties!


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For any real estate agent, professional landscape architect, or interior designer, commercial landscape design is one of the most important considerations to make to really upgrade the look and feel of a commercial property. Similar to how a residential space needs the addition of green elements to create more of a homely feel, the same is true for a commercial landscape.

Just imagine for a second a city where streets aren't lined with trees, and buildings have no plants in the outdoor space leading up to the front door.

How do you think you'd feel living in such an environment? We can't imagine you'd be doing so well!

In this post, we'd like to provide you with the information and inspiration necessary for ensuring that your commercial landscaping is up to par. In order to do this, first we'll give you a better idea of what commercial landscape design encapsulates before giving you the reasons why you should seriously consider landscape design services for your own commercial property. After that, we'll touch on the available landscape design services you can choose from.

Leaving the fun stuff for last, we'll then get into some professional ideas for commercial landscape design that will take your landscape architecture to the next level!

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What Is Commercial Landscape Design?

commercial landscape design
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As hinted at in the first paragraph, landscape design has everything to do with natural elements. As such, landscaping is then the process of introducing different types of greenery like plants to work in symbiosis with a building's architecture.

The difference between commercial landscape design and residential landscaping is that the former focuses on commercial landscapes such as hotels, office buildings, and shopping centers while the latter has to do with houses and apartments.

At the end of the day, while you're still using nature to enhance the layout and overall design of both types of properties, the scope of the project and services you might consider change depending on the building.

Now you have a better idea of what commercial landscaping is, let's see why it's so important to spend time creating the best landscape possible!

Why Does Commercial Landscaping Matter?

To start with a statistic, a study in 2021 found that $268 of lawn care services adds about $1,200 in value to your home—a 352% ROI. While this is talking about residential properties, it's not far-fetched to predict similar carryovers when making the move to commercial landscapes.

Aside from this obvious benefit of a property's curb value increasing as a result of conscious decisions to introduce plants to the space, let's discuss what other improvements can be seen.

Attract Clients

One of the more standout benefits that commercial landscaping brings to a property has to do with the fact that because you're introducing beauty in the form of greenery to a space, you're able to create a landscape that attracts potential customers.

This is vital for commercial properties because the success of such businesses relies entirely on creating traffic to said property. Now, again, imagine two separate buildings, one without any form of nature and another that obviously has a landscape plan and executes it perfectly. Which do you think will have a better chance of attracting clients based on looks alone? It shouldn't come as a surprise that a commercial space with landscaping work done will encourage people to enter and see what's inside!

Show Off Your Individuality

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If you were at all worried about landscaping actually making your commercial landscape blend in with other buildings instead of standing out, fear not! Tying into the previous benefit, by making an effort to focus on commercial landscaping, it's also possible to show off your individuality with landscape architecture.

While this might seem tricky to figure out at the start, with a little bit of guidance and a plan for your project, it's possible to create a unique commercial landscape that stands out from the rest.

Let's say you operate a hotel that prides itself on a bohemian chic design scheme. It's possible to put guests into this headspace before they even set foot through the door by using fiberglass planters boasting great trees growing out from them, complimented by outdoor furniture for guests to relax in whenever they please. This is just a taste of what's possible. Once you put your mind to it, anything's possible, really.

Save The Environment!

While aesthetic features are an obvious plus, in the grand scheme of things there's no greater benefit to a commercial landscape design than the fact that it can be environmentally friendly. While many people associate the building of a commercial landscaping project as detrimental to Mother Nature, plants and greenery actually help out immensely.

For one, ever consider a green roof? These help conserve water and affect heating and cooling costs depending on the season. On a separate note, a rain garden is a great tool that not only helps with proper water run-off, but it also possesses its own aesthetic appeal that can serve as the focal point of an outdoor space.

commercial landscape design
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These are a few ways in which a commercial landscape can exhibit beauty while still being environmentally friendly. You'll also find such features help with energy savings so you're also being easy on your wallet!

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What Types Of Commercial Landscaping Services Are Available?

Now you know what commercial landscape design is and why it matters, you might be wondering what the different available landscaping services are. In this section, we'll focus on outlining several so you can best understand what's needed for your landscape architecture.

Lawn Mowing

One of the simplest services that can really up your commercial landscape is lawn mowing. There's no better way of creating a nice and trim appearance to your commercial property than by ensuring the lawn is mowed, which is why we place it first on our list.

Pruning, Hedging, Mulching

A little more complicated than simple lawn mowing, pruning, hedging, and mulching is where we start to get into more crafty ways of upgrading a commercial space.

Pruning refers to the process of removing dead or decaying leaves from plants in order to ensure proper growth. Specific tools and an understanding of the individual plant are required to effectively prune.

Hedging is the process of trimming down plants in order to achieve a desired shape. A skill that allows you to play with landscape design, it's vital to understand all its various components.

how to get commercial landscaping contracts

Finally, mulching is the process of applying mulch to the soil of your plants in order to strengthen the health of your soil.


The often overlooked twin of landscape architecture, hardscaping refers to the introduction of 'hard' materials such as stone, wood, or concrete to a commercial landscape. Think a parking lot, retaining walls, walkways--Even fire pits!

The construction of hardscaping features works with the softer landscape design to create a nice flow between the two elements.

Using Planters!

Amesbury Rectangular Planters
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Once you start getting comfortable with your landscape design you could also consider using planters to bring about some greenery to your commercial landscape project. Though not necessarily considered a service, planters are great because they allow you to place plants wherever you'd like, especially if you use a lightweight and durable planter material such as fiberglass!

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4 Pro Tips For Your Commercial Landscaping Project!

Add Benches, Shade, And Trees

planters in a resort
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To start off with a nice combination of features, you can use fiberglass planters in your commercial landscape design to add benches, shade, and trees to a property. This is great for hotels and resorts because you can add some visual interest to an outdoor space, while providing means for guests to enjoy some quiet time outside--A win-win!

In order to achieve this, start off by using a planter such as the Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter. Its size makes it possible to plant trees inside, which will then allow you to create shade for benches to sit under.

Orange Planters fiberglass planter guide
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Once you get really good at this, you can start to use planters with trees that are growing directly out of the ground. In such cases, you can grow different plants in the pots to bring variety to a building's architecture that will set it apart from most businesses!

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Line Property Pathways

Rectangular Planters outdoor
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Another effective way in which to use planters for commercial landscapes is to have them lining property pathways. This type of landscape plan is great because it really brings about a sense of separation between your property and the rest of the street, allowing you not only to direct traffic towards the front door but also establish a layout for your site.

As stated, one great way and perhaps the easiest way to go about doing this is to use planters. Fiberglass pots work wonders for this as they're lightweight and extremely weather resistant--Rain or shine they'll keep your plants healthy and alive!

On the other hand, you could also try your hand at a bit of hardscaping with the construction of retaining walls. These are great as they will literally set apart areas in which guests can move around in, while also providing some much-needed greenery to take a bit of the edge off an outdoor space. In order to construct retaining walls, get in touch with a professional landscape architect and set up a landscape plan--It won't be long before you've got just what you want!

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Use Planters To Highlight Your Business Entrance

commercial entrance landscape design
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A part of commercial landscape design that often goes overlooked is the front entrance. The reason for this is that when you begin to work on commercial properties, you more focus on the areas leading up to the front entrance, thinking that so long as you get those areas dolled up, the rest will follow suit. Unfortunately, this isn't the case.

Forgetting to decorate the entrance of a building is like running a one-hundred-meter race and slowing down as you approach the finish line--While you're still getting the job done, you're falling short on what could be a much better result. This is why it's so important to spend time on the entrances of a property by adding a little greenery. Now you're really fulfilling all the potential!

In order to do this, use a fiberglass pot like the Saigon Round Tapered Planter. A stylish pot in and of itself, by adding some greenery inside you're really giving guests a reason to want to come inside your building--Whether it be an office space or a hotel!

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Spruce Up Your Parking Lots

Last on our list of professional tips for upgrading a commercial landscape, let's focus on parking lots!

Similar to the previous tip of never forgetting to spruce up a front entrance, it's also vital to pay the same amount of care and attention to a parking lot. While many think of these areas as dull and dreary and just a throwaway location for cars to sit in, you can really separate yourself from others by putting in some plants and shrubs to add that extra dimension of beauty!

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