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Though extremely valuable for improving the curb appeal and overall feel of a commercial facility, many interior designers and landscape architects often settle for the bare minimum when commercial landscaping.

The reason for this is that commercial landscaping can often seem a daunting prospect, with various plans and tasks that need to be completed to ultimately create a worthwhile property.

A simple solution to this is low-maintenance commercial landscaping. As the name suggests, low maintenance landscaping refers to simple, hassle-free landscaping.

But what is landscaping? To give a short definition, landscaping denotes the act of introducing living elements--such as plants--to a residential or commercial property.

Therefore, low maintenance landscaping is the act of using plants that don't require much fussing over to keep alive in said residential or commercial landscapes.

As the name of the game is simplicity, in this article we'll focus on how to craft a beautiful commercial landscape with various low maintenance landscaping ideas. However, before getting into all that, we'll first provide a few indoor and outdoor plants that require little care. This way, you'll have a better understanding of what to look for when you start planting.

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What Are Some Low Maintenance Plants?

As mentioned, before getting into our pro tips for low maintenance landscaping, let's take a look at what plants thrive with little effort. Having knowledge of these species is valuable as the payoff for plants in commercial properties is great, with a host of benefits like reduced stress, as found by a study in 2015.

Therefore, by planting low maintenance plants in a landscape, it's possible to access these many benefits with little effort--If that sounds like a win-win, it's because it is!

Indoor Plants

Snake Plant

short planter on table
©The Plant Guy / JBD Concepts

One of the most beloved plants worldwide, the Snake Plant is as low maintenance as they get! Relatively drought resistant considering their minimal watering requirements, it's possible to watch this plant thrive year round in partial shade to full sun.

ZZ Plant

A favorite of expert gardeners, the ZZ Plant is the type of low maintenance green that will not only add visual interest to any commercial property, it's also extremely easy to care for. Not only drought resistant, the plant grows well in partial shade to full sun, and the roots of a ZZ Plant prefer to be tightly bound so you don't ever have to worry about repotting--How good does that sound!

Trailing Plants

Trailing Plants like a Spider Plant or String of Hearts Plant are also great choices for low maintenance plants. While we won't get into the individual requirements of each, you can rest assured knowing they are simple to care for.

On top of this, compared to the aforementioned plants, trailing plants offer a new kind of look to your commercial property. Have the leaves trailing off a desk or table, or better yet, suspended them in mid-air to create an unparalleled display of green!

low maintenance commercial landscaping
©RUSSH Magazine

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Outdoor Plants

Ornamental Grasses

Renowned for their longevity and resilience in all conditions, ornamental grasses are perfect for decorating the space outside commercial properties. Though the name encompasses a host of individual ornamental grass species, with a little research it's possible to find the one just right for you. Once you have your pick, let the grass grow freely and watch your property transformed into a beautiful green garden.

Black Eyed Susan

Though similar in appearance to a Sunflower, the Black Eyed Susan is much tougher. On top of being deer resistant, these flowers are master pollinators with a love of the sun, but don't worry if they don't get much of it--They'll still survive! Plant these in your commercial landscape either in the early fall or spring and dazzle guests with a fantastic yellow display!

3 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas For A Commercial Property!

low maintenance commercial landscaping
©JBD Concepts

Take Care Of Corners!

Kicking off our list of expert ideas for low maintenance commercial landscaping, let's focus on how you can take care of corners.

While it's possible to get away with leaving corners empty in a home, with commercial properties you want to make sure you're getting as much out of every available space. As such, using low maintenance plants such as the aforementioned Snake Plant or ZZ Plant are great tools to not only use up that empty space, but make it come to life!

©Via Mizner | Jay Scotts

Of course, by no means are you confined to the plants previously mentioned. Choose plants that suit your fancy and pair them with a planter made out of material like fiberglass for even simpler commercial landscaping. How about something like the Cuba Low Corner Planter? This pot comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors so you can find the pot just right for you and your plant.

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Low-Maintenance Trees

Office Planters
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There's no better way of making a statement with commercial landscapes than by planting trees. The word itself evokes images of stature, knowledge, and power, making these amongst the best options for boosting curb appeal while providing some much needed green to any location.

In terms of whether you want to plant trees indoors or outdoors, the choice is really up to you. For now, let's focus on some options of low maintenance trees for any commercial landscape.

To begin, how about combining a Japanese Maple with a fiberglass planter like the Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter? This tree is great because it adapts to a wide variety of soil types and light conditions, while the numerous individual species of the Japanese Maple allow you to choose one that suits you--They bloom in all kinds of bright and vivid colors!

Low maintenance trees take a commercial landscape to the next level, and can be use to line walkways or a parking lot, or to stand on their own in front of buildings. The choices are endless!

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Native Plants For A Low Maintenance Hack

Large Planter Boxes
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A crafty way to get over the issue of researching what low maintenance plants will work for you is to simply choose plants that are native to the region you intend on planting them in. More common sense than anything, this is perhaps one of the simplest ways of 'making' plants low maintenance, as, by planting them where they belong, you'll find they don't require as much fussing over as they would if you'd planted them elsewhere.

In order to get started with this idea, think about where the commercial landscape is. Some questions you might want to ask are:

  • What is the weather like?
  • Is the air dry or filled with moisture?
  • How many seasons are there?
  • How extreme are summers and winters?

By understanding these aspects of the location you're in, you'll have a much easier time choosing plants than end up being low maintenance, simply because the ones you choose are native plants.

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