Elevate Your Space with Tall Planters Landscaping: The Art of Stylish Privacy


Tall planters landscaping is one of the best ways to elevate any indoor or outdoor space. The only problem is, most newbie gardeners and even some of the more seasoned landscapers have an innate fear or working with tall planters, despite the fact that it merges the aesthetically pleasing with the functional--Who said planters can be used for privacy?

At JBD Concepts, we understand this issue more than most, and it's one of the reasons why we want to help you figure out all your tall planter related problems. Want to start using tall outdoor planters for privacy on a rooftop? Or do you simply want eye catching displays of your favorite plants by the front door? No matter what you're after, we're sure one of our planters from our stock of 73 in various sizes and shapes will be just right for you.

Without further ado, let's get started.

The Need for Privacy in Outdoor Living

Pot plants around pool
©Greentec / Jay Scotts

The need for privacy in outdoor living is an innate desire. Really, it's what makes us human. At a certain point, we'd like to unwind without worry of strange eyes observing us, in the absolute peace and calm of our private domain.

While privacy indoors isn't the most difficult to come by, in an outdoor space it's much easier to be left open to intrusive viewers. In such situations, using tall outdoor planters is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to manage your own privacy.

In order to start using a container garden for outdoor privacy, what you really need is the perfect vessel to do so. Something like the Perth Tall Rectangular Planter pictured is one of your best bets. Not only is this pot tall, but it's also a long and wide planter which improves its privacy even more. The final piece of the puzzle is the plants potted inside. Opt for bushy shrubs, ferns, or trees for maximum privacy with your tall outdoor planters!

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Embracing Vertical Elegance

Planters around pool areas
©Vida Fitness / Jay Scotts

While tall outdoor planters are functional, they're also elegant too. Understanding this is key to success with tall planters, as it gives you more reason to use these types of planters.

The fact is, compared to smaller indoor plants, using tall outdoor planters with plants like trees can really elevate your landscape design to the next level. Of course, you can also do this inside, but the sense of natural wonder you get is magnified in the great outdoors.

Take for example the image pictured above. While the Montroy square planters used on this rooftop pool is not necessarily thought of as tall planter, it has numerous size options which means you can put taller plants that provide the same effect of vertical elegance. Again, this is why it's worth embracing tall outdoor planters. They provide an aesthetic appeal that is unmatched when compared to other planter pots and fill a space with style and life.

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Transforming Outdoor Settings

privacy planters for patio
©The Plant Guy / Jay Scotts

While we've talked about a few ways to start using tall outdoor planters, it's better for you to have some real-life examples to truly understand all the possibilities. In this case, we're going to demonstrate the possibilities using the picture of a residential rooftop as seen above.

Before beginning, just imagine for a second what this outdoor space would look like without the tall outdoor planters lining the wall--Most would agree it'd appear pretty bare, and who's to say whether you'd even enjoy coming out to sit on the lounge chair offered?

This is why the introduction of tall outdoor planters, in this case, a row of our Milano Narrow Rectangular Planter is so effective. Not only does the container garden fit in with the rest of the design with its muted white style, but by potting bushy trees inside, it was possible to create an inviting escape where you can imagine yourself reading a book for hours on end.

Our tall outdoor planters have had similar success in all kinds of other spaces. If you want a glimpse into what else is possible, check out these planter projects!

For the finest in tall planters, look no further. Browse our diverse collection and find the perfect match for your style.

Choosing the Right Tall Privacy Planters

tall planters landscaping
©The Dalmar / Jay Scotts

So far we've discussed the effectiveness of tall planters in general, but we still haven't touched upon what separates the planters at JBD Concepts from the rest. Really, the answer is simple: Fiberglass.

Fiberglass is the material we use to make all our planters, whether tall outdoor planters or short indoor ones. The reason we're so insistent on using this material is because it's naturally durable, lightweight, environmentally friendly, and stylish--Essentially, you're getting the most bang for your buck!

While fiberglass is great for all planters, the use of the material for tall outdoor planters specifically is probably where it shines the most. We say this for two reasons.

  1. Tall outdoor planters are usually bigger. Fiberglass is lightweight making it perfect for bigger pots, ensuring they never become too heavy to carry.
  2. Tall outdoor planters must be durable. Fiberglass is a material that can withstand all kinds of weather and climate conditions, making it the optimal choice for this type of container gardening.

Moving on, we'll end with caretaking for your fiberglass planters!

Maintenance and Care

Cube planter on a rooftop with a tree
JBD Concepts Montroy Planters look stunning on a porch, in a bar, or in your home // Installation by Reveal Design

Oftentimes, people think it's enough to simply buy a planter and at that point, the job's done. Unbeknownst to them is the fact that that's only the beginning, as both indoor and outdoor planters require maintenance if they are to remain in use for the years to come.

On top of the benefits already discussed, where fiberglass planters showcase their greatness is also in the fact of how little maintenance they require. It's true, unlike most planter materials, once you buy a fiberglass pot you can pretty much use it for as long as required!

Once again this comes back to the durability of the planter, as it can handle all types of temperatures and weather conditions without much issue. Unlike other materials like wear over time when used outdoors on a patio or by the front door, you can place your fiberglass planter in this spot and pretty much let your plants grow--How easy does that sound?

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Take Your Garden To New Heights With Tall Planters Landscaping

Landscaping with tall planters is the best way for you to take your garden to new heights. The selection of tall planters provided in our collection at JBD Concepts will ensure you find the right tall planter for your plant, ensuring you can start creating privacy and aesthetic beauty in your residential or commercial property.

If you've found the planters that's right for you, go ahead and purchase it so you can begin planting. We believe in making your shopping experience as stress-free as possible, that's why we offer a return policy for our customers to shop with ease. Our dedicated team will be more than happy to chat about any questions you have. If this sounds like you, contact us now!