20 Unique Rooftop Designs & Ideas To Elevate Any Property


If you have a rooftop terrace or patio, lucky you! the outdoor possibilities are limitless. An outdoor kitchen, rooftop barbecues, sunny day parties, sunbathing sessions, that cozy romantic area, or even an open work-from-home environment, and so on.

Having a well-designed rooftop terrace, especially in urban areas, not only adds value to the property but also provides homeowners a place to breathe and ease their minds. When being inside is unavoidable, a rooftop retreat is one of the most accessible ways to add variety to one's everyday life.

For those without a rooftop terrace, a wooden deck is a classical alternative; add some modern hardscape features like a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, lounge seating, and raised planters to provide privacy and the relaxed outdoor space is ready!

For those with a rooftop terrace, get ready to elevate your inspiration with these 20 unique rooftop designs to boost the value of any outdoor living space.

1. Zola Properties - A Rooftop In California's Great Outdoors

Zola properties is one of our featured projects in California, where Jay Scotts' fiberglass rectangular planters were used to create edging and provide some privacy while ensuring the planter colors went in harmony with the deck and dining area.

Under the scorching sun and heat of California, many common houseplants will simply not grow or thrive in these conditions. Planters were the solution. Our planters, which provide an oasis for plants, are composed of environmentally healthy and UV-resistant materials, allowing this outdoor space to come to life.

Learn more about Fiberglass planters and their benefits!

Choosing efficient yet elegant planters were also important in complementing the property's architecture. The addition of flora gives the property's areas a more natural and pleasant vibe, making them ideal for entertaining or simply sitting outside.

2. Hanging Lights To Enjoy Nights Outdoors

This rooftop design in the artsy Logan Circle neighborhood, Viceroy Washington DC utilized mainly string lights to draw attention and give a cozy, welcoming feeling.

Hanging Lights To Enjoy Nights Outdoors

The design may seem simple but works effectively. With just good lighting, proper flooring, a comfortable sofa, and a touch of greenery, all your friends will be down to gossip all night long on this terrace!

3. Fire Pits In Rooftop Designs Create Intimate Spaces For Relaxing At Sunset

A Fire pit on the rooftop

The 2016 Sunset Idea House features this fantastic outside deck. Steps leading down to the fire pit area may be seen from the upper terrace while tall metal railings protect the windows from the elements while enjoying the breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay. The terrace rises 60 feet above the slope to give wide vistas. The key component here is the bowl fireplace with seating - the perfect place for sunset al fresco s'mores!

4. Patio And Roof Spaces Need Seclusion With Planters

Patio And Roof Spaces With Planters

A designated area for stylish entertainment is included in this rooftop deck and patio design. For summertime shade, a pergola has been constructed over part of the deck. This outdoor living area is enclosed by planter boxes, which also define, soften, and give it seclusion while adding biodiversity and other botanic benefits to the oasis.

5. Outdoor Living Space Made Possible With Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Living Space on a rooftop

This amazing rooftop terrace in New York features plants, a fireplace, ipe flooring, and comfy seating. Very simple to set up, this space can be used by the whole family for parties and events, or even just a nice place for reading a book.

Top tip: Make sure to buy specialized outdoor furniture!

6. Build A Room On The Rooftop

Build A Room On The Rooftop

With brand-new furniture, lighting fixtures, and a pergola, this abandoned upper deck was converted into a relaxing outdoor yet sheltered space for entertaining guests, or simply for spending time with family. The blinds ensure privacy from the rest of the city while keeping harmful UV rays and rain out and rectangle planters can surround the perimeter to add texture and lusciousness to the rooftop design.

7. Create A Cinema Installation

Create A Cinema Installation on the rooftop

This stunning rooftop terrace is part of a studio apartment on Hollywood Road in Central, Hong Kong. A pull-down screen for watching movies is built into the teak archway. Under the teak-framed bed, there is an HDMI socket and power outlet for the projector. It's even possible to throw up a white sheet on a wall instead of the usual projector screen and still get good results!

8. Choose Luxury Sofa Brands To Ensure Style That Lasts

Choose Luxury Sofa Brands To Ensure Style That Lasts

With its 18' by 18' size, this Chicago rooftop deck offers roomy outdoor living. Featuring a luxury outdoor sofa manufactured by Janus et Cie, the space is completed with planters around the perimeter to provide some privacy with exotic trees while an awning provides shade from the Chicago sun.

9. Natural Stone Gives A Deck Or Rooftop A Modern Make Over

Natural Stone Gives A Deck Or Rooftop A Modern Make Over

This Los Angeles, California rooftop's built-in seating has cushions that were specially made from waterproof foam and coated in Sunbrella outdoor fabric. The fire pit was made from a steel frame that was coated in porcelain tiles that had been polished to resemble Calacatta marble. The stone used in this rooftop design offers a very natural appearance and is perfect for an outdoor installation - no need to worry about UV damage to porcelain!

10. Use Minimalist Colors And Hardscape Features

Minimalist Colors Design And Hardscape Features for rooftop

This Southern California rooftop deck's fire table and hot tub were specially designed for entertaining and creating a place to relax, even in winter! With a minimalist colorscape, French limestone 9x18 tile is used for the flooring. The deck space is around 20 feet by 20 feet and uses a solid wall for privacy - a better alternative? Use modern planters to take it to the next level of privacy without compromising on style.

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11. Grow Flowers In Slimline Planters

Flowers In Slimline Planters on a rooftop

A modern roof terrace in Marylebone, London has cozy furniture that can be found at John Lewis, UK. Olive trees, which enjoy the heat of a roof terrace, are installed in slimline rectangle planters. The purple plants are a combination of Viola cornuta Blue, Salvia nemorosa "Caradonna," and Lavandula angustifolia "Hidcote.". These famous and easy-to-grow plants pack a punch on the deck of your home!

12. Modern Meets Boho Style With Rattan Seating And Eco Smart Fire Places

Modern Meets Boho Style With Rattan Seating And Eco Smart Fire Places

Picture yourself relaxing on this rooftop terrace while a fire is crackling, sipping wine, and taking in the breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! Utilizing the EcoSmart Fire XL900 Burner to achieve this deck's modern appearance, rattan patio chairs help this installation feel warmer and cozier.

13. Wood Meets Greenery For A Clean Style

Wood Meets Greenery For A Clean Style

This hip rooftop terrace is the ideal location for hosting guests or just unwinding in the sunshine and fresh air.

14. Catch Your Neighbours' Attention With A Cozy & Sparkling Patio Dining Area

A Cozy & Sparkling Patio Dining Area On A Rooftop

This simple roof deck design in Southern California has a metal awning featuring string lights. A sofa wraps around a built-in fire pit, and a dining table offers stylish rooftop dining. With these simple features becoming the most valuable assets to achieving outdoor living!

15. Create A Private Retreat To Ease Your Mind

A private garden on a rooftop

The North Carolina Hammock Company provided a comfortable hammock for this roof garden in Noho, New York. While the armchairs are unique, Anderson Teak also offers similar products. Pavers make up the flooring, and a cedar fence surrounds the space. This design is great for places where the climate is an issue since it requires nearly zero effort to take care of.

Imagine taking a nap on this terrace and turning a bad day around with a little bit of sunlight!

16. Open Rooftop Bar For Endless Summer Parties In Texas

A rooftop bar for summer parties in Texas

Located in the heart of Dallas, Texas, is this magnificent penthouse terrace. The Sunbrite TV is designed to be used outside. The coffee table is a real wood tree root, while the Balou Lounge Chairs are from Janus et Cie. The sofas, along with the table and bar stools, were made to order. The light is made by Metalarte. Conservation Grass, a man-made grass, is installed underneath the sitting area while the pergola is made entirely of steel.

17. Color Matching Elements To Make Greenery Stand Out

A colorful garden on a rooftop

This Kensington district of London has a roof deck with several inviting places to sit. Sutherland Furniture is the manufacturer of this furniture, while Iroko wood is used for the floor (a tropical hardwood from Africa). The purple blooms are known as "Globemaster" Allium Giganteum. Access to the stairs leading into the house is provided through a horizontal skylight. When sealed off, it still functions as a skylight!

18. Potted Plants For A Mobile Rooftop Garden

Potted Plants For A Mobile Rooftop Garden

This inviting patio area in Toronto, Canada has plenty of potted plants (even a birch tree on the left can be grown with planters!) and modern furniture. A square outdoor wicker coffee table, a butterfly chair wrapped in fabric, and a sofa complete the room (the fabric is custom). Custom Ipe panels serve as the flooring.

For a lightweight and low-maintenance garden, consider the best planter material available on the market - fiberglass planters!

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19. Rooftop Terrace For Minimalists

Rooftop Terrace For Minimalists

With just sofas and a focal point- a large planter with a beautiful tree, this design is perfect for people who are in love with minimalism and have small outdoor spaces.

Check out our article to learn how to choose plant pot sizes for your rooftop garden.

20. Eye-catching Planters Collection - Stunning & Low Maintenance Patio Garden

With just a table and eye-catching planters, this design offers the perfect view of the city. For people who are busy and don't have enough time to take care of their outdoor gardens, high-quality planters made out of fiberglass would be the best since they're able to withstand all weather conditions and require very little maintenance.

Elevate Your Rooftop Designs With Stylish Fiberglass Planters

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