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For any homeowner or landscape architect, deck design can either be considered a blessing or a curse. For some, the area possesses a whole host of opportunities for innovation, with ideas like deck railings, planter boxes, or an urban vegetable garden being a few notable deck ideas that can really upgrade the look and feel of an outdoor space. On the other hand, there are more still that have trouble figuring out what to do with a deck. What outdoor furniture can you use? Is it possible to incorporate planters into the mix? Such questions often become headaches for anyone with a deck, which is why we're here to help out we're our deck planter ideas.

In this post, we'll take a deep dive into deck planter ideas to help you master this outdoor space. However, before getting into our favorite deck planter ideas, we'll start off by providing you with a few bits and bobs of information so you know just what you're getting into.

We'll begin by explaining just what deck planters are. Then we'll take a look at a few benefits of deck planters before looking into the best material for these kinds of planter boxes. Once that's all taken care of, we can then get into the fun stuff--Our favorite deck planter ideas!

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What Are Deck Planters?

Before you go too far into deck design, it's vital to know just what a deck planter is. Really, the idea is made up of two individual aspects of landscape design, namely, a deck, and a planter. Let's work through each to define a deck planter.

What's A Deck?

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According to Timber Tech, a deck is an outdoor structure built from boards, capable of supporting weight and supported by structural elements such as joists, beams, and posts. This outdoor living space is usually made out of wood.

Though they are commonly mistaken for each other, a deck and a patio are two different spaces. A patio is a paved area directly on the ground and can either be connected to a house or not.

What's A Planter?

Planter boxes are vital tools for anyone hoping to grow potted plants, as planter boxes serve as the container said plant grows. A planter can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, while there are even built-in planter boxes that are great for use with a deck.

As you might've worked out by now, a deck planter is a planter used on or around a deck. There are various deck planter ideas that are great for introducing greenery to this space, which we'll get into later in the post.

Low maintenance commercial landscaping is a great way to integrate plants without too much hassle.

What Are The Benefits Of Deck Planters?

The benefits of deck planters are far-ranging, so let's take a look at a number of them now.


Container Garden Planters
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Deck planters enhance the visual appeal of both commercial and residential landscapes. They add a touch of natural beauty and can be customized to match the overall design theme of your choosing. Similar to how a patio benefits from patio planter boxes, a deck also benefits from the introduction of greenery.

Space Optimization

Deck planters make efficient use of available space, particularly in urban environments where land is limited. These planter boxes allow you to maximize greenery in areas that would otherwise be unused, serving to upgrade both the form and function of an outdoor space.


Deck planters offer the flexibility to create a variety of deck planter ideas. They can be designed in different shapes, sizes, and styles to complement the surrounding environment or match specific architectural features. Whether you want to arrange planter boxes side by side or have planters against deck railings, the choices are really up to you.


Deck planters can accommodate a wide range of plant species, including tall plants. This allows for creative landscaping designs, incorporating plants of varying heights, textures, and colors, which in turn result in visually striking displays.

Privacy And Screening

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Tall plants placed in deck planters can serve as natural screens, providing privacy and reducing visibility from neighbors or pedestrians in public spaces. They can create a secluded and intimate atmosphere, making them ideal for residential decks or commercial outdoor seating areas.

Improved Air quality

Plants have the ability to purify the air by removing pollutants and releasing oxygen. Deck planters contribute to improved air quality in both commercial and residential spaces, creating a healthier and more pleasant atmosphere for occupants.

Low Maintenance

Deck planters are typically designed for easy maintenance. They can incorporate features like self-watering systems or drainage mechanisms, making it convenient to care for the plants and ensuring their longevity. Never has outdoor design of a deck area been so hassle free!

Green Branding

In commercial settings, deck planters can be used as an integral part of a green branding strategy. By incorporating natural materials and lush vegetation, businesses can project an eco-friendly image and create a welcoming environment for customers or employees.

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What's The Best Deck Planter Material?

Now you know a few benefits of a deck planter, let's find out what the best material is for this type of landscaping. We'll share a few pros and cons of concrete planters and plastic planters, before concluding with our reasons for why fiberglass planters are the best.

Concrete Planters


  1. Durability: Concrete is highly resistant to weather conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations without deteriorating.
  2. Stability: Concrete planters have substantial weight, which provides stability, especially in areas prone to strong winds or accidental bumps. They are less likely to topple over or get damaged.


  1. Heavy: The weight of concrete planters can make them challenging to move or rearrange, limiting flexibility in deck design. Their weight becomes even worse when you decide to pot larger plants like small trees and the like inside.
  2. Porous: Concrete is a porous material, which means it can absorb and retain water. This can potentially lead to water damage, cracking, or freezing during colder seasons if not properly sealed.

Plastic Planters


  1. Lightweight: Plastic planters are significantly lighter than concrete or other materials, making them easier to move and rearrange as needed. This is beneficial for outdoor décor as it means you can move around the planter whenever you feel like it.
  2. Versatility: Plastic planters come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, offering a wide range of design options. They can mimic the appearance of other materials, such as terracotta or stone, while maintaining their lightweight properties.


  1. Durability: Plastic planters may not be as durable as concrete or fiberglass planters. They can become brittle over time due to exposure to UV rays or extreme temperature changes. This leads to breaking which can in turn mean more money has to be spent on replacements.
  2. Environmental impact: Some plastic planters are made from non-recyclable materials or have a shorter lifespan, contributing to plastic waste in the long run. Furthermore, if a plastic planter breaks and you don't recycle it, this also contributes to waste.

Fiberglass Planters

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  1. Strength: Fiberglass planters are lightweight yet incredibly strong and resistant to cracks, fading, and warping. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, including UV rays and freezing temperatures, without losing their structural integrity.
  2. Versatile in design: Fiberglass planters come in a wide range of designs, shapes, and sizes, offering versatility in deck planter ideas. They can mimic the appearance of natural materials like stone or wood, providing a high-end aesthetic without the associated weight or maintenance.
  3. Lightweight: Compared to concrete planters, fiberglass planters are much lighter, making them easier to transport and rearrange. This feature is particularly beneficial when moving or redesigning the deck space.

In conclusion, while concrete and plastic planters have their merits, for the best bang for your buck, you're going to want to go for fiberglass planters.

4 Do's & Don't Deck Planter Ideas For Any Outdoor Living Space!

Do: Use Deck Planters To Go With The Rustic Furniture

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Kicking off our list of deck planter ideas is one where we play with planter styles to achieve a specific aesthetic. Considering the fact that most deck boards tend to be made out of wood, a common style for decks are the more rustic look, with earthier types of furniture serving as the focal point for the aesthetic. By then incorporating plants into the mix, it's possible to get a nice contrast of green with the more brown, earthy furniture.

To start off with this, choose more simply designed planters like the Tolga Rectangle Planter. Choose a color scheme that isn't going to pop out, as the purpose of this idea is to stick to a more rustic feel. Our Matte White finish is a classic, as seen in the deck installation above.

Once you've got the planter, all you have to do is pot plants inside. How about dwarf trees, tall grasses, or similar taller plants to instantly create a bit of privacy around your deck? With a covered deck, the sense of coziness is taken to the next level!

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Don't: Built-In Planters Don't Work Long-Term

Planters on a patio
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While many deck ideas involve what to plant in built-in planters, including how to create your own built-in seating and multilevel design, there is a problem, and it's in the name - 'built in'.

Built-in planters seem great as they are neat and tidy, but what happens when you want to rearrange your deck design? Or bring your plants in over winter?

To maintain your creative freedom you might be better off going for standing planters. With many more options available than the standard built-in planter box, free-standing planters provide space-saving solutions to smaller spaces. For example, our Milano Narrow Rectangular Planter is perfect for creating or covering perimeters in tight spaces. Like in the installation above, this urban apartment balcony became a flexible garden of Eden with only one or two planters.

Built-in planter boxes or raised beds would simply be too big in such a small space.

As for beauty, a moveable container garden allows you to rearrange to your heart's desire. Combine that with using fiberglass planters with an appearance that never falters (unlike traditional wooden planter boxes that will eventually succumb to outdoor weather) and you have a practical, luxurious, and space-saving deck landscape!

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Do: Use A Raised Bed Flower Garden

Penthouse Pool club - Rooftop design
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Raised beds are a great way to introduce a mix of colorful annuals and perennials, including vibrant petunias, cheerful marigolds, and delicate lavender. These are perfect complements to deck or patio furniture because they introduce playful bits of softness to the area which allows deck design to be much more homey.

To do this, you can incorporate raised beds along the edges of your covered deck to create a charming flower garden. This allows you and your guests to enjoy a fragrant and visually stunning display right outside your deck while enjoying the protection of the cover.

On the other hand, how about using a fiberglass planter like the Potsdam Rectangular Planter for a raised bed near a pool? By mixing greenery with yellow flowers as seen in the above image, you can really give landscape design that much-needed sense of tranquility.

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Don't: Vertical Greenery Is More Trouble Than It's Worth

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While vertical greenery has gained popularity in recent years for its space-saving benefits and aesthetic appeal, it can also bring along several challenges.

One of the more common problems is the weight and structural strain this type of greenery puts on walls or structures where it's installed. Additionally, maintenance and irrigation can become cumbersome, leading to potential water damage or difficulty in reaching and caring for the plants. However, there is a solution that addresses these concerns: fiberglass planters.

With their lightweight yet durable properties, fiberglass planters offer the perfect solution for vertical greenery. For one, they provide a sturdy base for mounting and supporting planters, ensuring the weight is properly distributed while minimizing structural stress. Moreover, fiberglass planters can be equipped with built-in irrigation systems, simplifying the watering process and reducing the risk of water damage. Last but perhaps most importantly, the wide selection of fiberglass planters allows you to simply grow large plants that still provide that sense of vertical greenery, minus all the trouble!

How about trying the Wannsee Extra Large Round Planter as seen in the image? This planter will allow you to pot all manner of trees and larger greenery, thereby providing you with the much-desired vertical feel!

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In summary, deck planters are the key to transforming your outdoor living space. Choose fiberglass planters for durability and versatility. Embrace rustic charm with wooden deck boards and simple planters, or create a cozy retreat with raised bed flower gardens. Avoid the hassle of built-in planters and structural issues with vertical greenery – fiberglass planters offer an elegant solution.

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