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Plants are a popular way to add a touch of greenery to any space, but what if you're looking for something different? With the right container, there are various creative ideas for using planters without plants in any indoor or outdoor space. Whether you're just seeking a minimalist aesthetic or you want to mix up your decor, planters without plants are a great alternative to fill a room and landscape with style.

In this article, we'll explore some exciting ideas for planters without plants. However, before getting into those, we'll first focus on why someone might want to make the move away from live foliage--While it might seem counterintuitive, there are many great reasons why you might feel obliged to. From there, we'll start looking at how you could begin the transition before then taking a dive into the world of planters without plants. There's so much to learn!

Why Use Planters Without Plants?

According to Data Bridge market research, the artificial plants market is expected to witness market growth at a rate of 4.4% in the forecast period of 2022 to 2029.

Despite this rise that is seeing more and more people accept fake plants as worthy substitutes to their 'normal' potted plants, there are still large groups of people that will inevitably find themselves scratching their heads at these numbers.

For many, the very idea of faux plants goes against everything they believe gardening is about. After all, if you're trying to introduce nature into an indoor or outdoor space, shouldn't you be using real plants--whether flowers, succulents, herbs, or trees?

While it's difficult to find fault with this purist ideology, there are a few reasons why planters without plants can be a worthwhile way to landscape. Let's take a look at some of those reasons.

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Low Maintenance

One of the most common reasons why people don't garden in the first place is because they lack the knowledge and experience, and therefore end up convincing themselves that they won't be able to properly take care of their plants. This is why landscaping with fake plants is getting popular. It makes gardening extremely low maintenance.

To put it bluntly, there's no need to worry about killing plants when they weren't even alive to begin with. Therefore, it's possible to produce the same visual interest a real plant elicits with a faux plant, minus all the hassles of figuring out watering, sunlight, and soil requirements.

Above and beyond, this makes the fact of their low maintenance one of the biggest draws of using fake plants. Even if you're the most inexperienced gardener, there's zero worry about your gardening ever failing. Once you have the plants where you want them, you can pretty much leave them be for season long enjoyment.

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Time--and plenty of it--is another crucial component in successful gardening. It takes a while to witness a seedling bloom into its full and final form and during that period it's vital you maintain a caretaking schedule that seems to put plants at the center of your life.

For most people, this isn't possible. Everyone's busy with one thing or another so to actually arrange your life around plants would be the perfect way to never actually enjoy the journey, leading to more frustration than fulfilment. This is where faux plants come in handy.

Their lack of maintenance means you won't waste precious minutes that could be spent attending to your numerous other responsibilities, giving you the bang of beautiful blooms for the smallest buck.


Another one of the benefits of using planters without plants is that they add a touch of style and design to your space without the need for frequent cleaning. Live plants can shed leaves, attract insects, and require regular watering, which can result in soil and water spills that need to be cleaned up.

What makes planters without plants so great is that you can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of planters and faux plants without worrying about maintaining and cleaning up after live plants. This makes it possible to have greenery anywhere--whether a home, office, or other space.

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Variety Of Plant Choices

The final reason why you might find it worthwhile to use planters without plants is due to the fact that this allows for a variety of plant choice in your gardening. Confused? Let us explain.

When gardening with real plants, it's crucial that you take into account the individual needs of your plants. Aside from watering and soil requirements, sunlight, weather, and climate play key roles in determining whether a plant can flourish in a specific environment.

However, let's say you want to grow a tropical plant in a climate that doesn't receive much sunlight, and experiences heavy rainfall? With faux plants, you're able to do this!

Fake plants allow you to override a individual plant's base survival requirements, thus allowing you to pot whatever you want, wherever you want.

How Do You Start Using Planters Without Plants?

Indoor Space

Tall square planters
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  1. Choose a planter. Though we recommended fiberglass for its versatility, you could use other options like ceramic or plastic in an indoor setting.
  2. Consider the space where you'll put the planter. Will you use a large planter or a smaller one? Will there be color or no color? Take your time to choose wisely!
  3. Figure out what faux plants to pot. Understand how the plant will work in tandem with the furniture around it for the most attractive result.

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Outdoor Space

fake plants in pots
  1. Choose a planter. While you can get away with any planter material indoors, or outside, you're going to want to opt for fiberglass. They are much more durable, making them ideal for use outside where weather and climate play a big role.
  2. Once you have your fiberglass container, think about its specifications and where you'd like to use it. Will you go for small planters or a larger one? Will you place it by a seating area or on its own? These are some questions to think about.
  3. Figure out what faux plants to pot. Once again, consider how the plant will work in tandem with the furniture around it. Will it be by a fire pit? Or will it be used on its own to add depth?

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4 Ideas For Planters Without Plants

1. Vertical Gardens For Upwards Greenery

Let's lean more in the direction of gardening with fake plants. One of our favorite ways to start doing this is with vertical gardens.

Vertical gardens, as their name suggests, are gardens that don't sit on the ground as most traditional pots do. Think window boxes, trellises, or wall-mounted planters.

fake plants on wall

Now, the reason we suggest using fake plants in your vertical gardens is because of cleanliness issues. With vertical gardens, the problem of leaves shedding, soil spillage, and similar matters becomes greater because there is a risk that the waste will end up on furniture, or, in the case of a resort or restaurant, on top of a guest--Yikes!

This is why using fake planters in these scenarios is so beneficial. As stated, one of the benefits of fake plants is that you don't need to worry about leaves shedding, soil spillage, or any other such issues. Therefore, by using such plants, you're able to get the beauty of this kind of gardening minus all the trouble that could come with it. Really, it's a win-win.

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2. Mix And Match With Real Plants

Kicking off our list of ideas for planters without plants, we're going to start by seeing what's possible when you mix and match your plants.

What we mean by this is, rather than immediately committing to just fake plants in your landscape design, how about getting the best of both worlds? Say you have a few easy-to-care-for plants such as the Snake plant, ZZ plant, or succulents dotted around any room of your house, and then you use fake plants in the patio or yard outside!

Essentially, what we're trying to accomplish by doing this is ensuring you can satisfy both the plant purist and the more accepting gardener.

flower pots
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What you'll find then is that you can use low-maintenance living plants with more outlandish faux plants, providing any indoor or outdoor space with the perfect balance between the two. Of course, when you use low-maintenance living plants with a fiberglass planter, caretaking becomes that much more simple. Aside from numerous benefits like their durability and lightweight make, they also come with drainage holes--Never has gardening been easier!

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3. Hanging Plants Are Cute To Arrange!

Similar to the previous tip, you could go ahead and use fake hanging plants as a great way to create cute arrangements around a house or other property.

While vertical gardens elicit more of an image of many plants in one, a hanging planter allows you to hang individual flowers or vines for a feel of spring all year round.

Once again, because you're using fake plants, it's possible to have an attractive array of green without the responsibilities that come with growing live plants.

indoor garden ideas for small spaces
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To get started with this idea, simply choose a few hanging pots and then arrange whatever flowers, vines, or other plants you'd like. From there, you just need to find areas in a room that you can hook you hanging planter onto, and voila, your work is done. As a pro tip, you could add wind chimes near the plants to provide that even greater sense of the outdoors!

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4. Creative Ideas For A Planter

Though we've so far been talking about a few ideas for using fake plants in a planter, we'd now like to introduce several options for alternative planters that you could consider experimenting with. This is where a planter starts to serve as less of a home for plants and more as design pieces in and of themselves--Of course, you can pot living or fake plants in them too!

Wheelbarrow Planter

A wheelbarrow planter is a charming and unique addition to any garden or outdoor space. This creative twist on a traditional gardening tool adds a touch of whimsy and rustic appeal. With its mobile design, a wheelbarrow planter allows for easy repositioning, making it ideal for showcasing seasonal flowers, herbs, or even succulents.

Birdcage Planter

A birdcage planter is a creative and decorative way to bring a touch of vintage elegance to your garden or indoor space. By repurposing an old birdcage, you can transform it into a unique planter. With its intricate design and open framework, a birdcage planter offers a delightful opportunity to showcase cascading flowers or trailing vines, creating an enchanting display of greenery.

Tin Can Planter

A tin can planter is an eco-friendly way to upcycle and repurpose common household items. By repurposing tin cans, you can create rustic planters that add character to your indoor or outdoor space. They are particularly suitable for small plants or herbs. The affordability and versatility of tin can planters make them popular for those seeking a budget-friendly creative gardening solution.

Why Modern Planters Are Better For Both Homes And Businesses

Rather than use something unique and fancy as a planter like a metal sculpture made from tin cans, or some barrel from the local home improvement store, it's super easy to do your planting in actual containers. Modern and luxury planters are recommended for two reasons:

Plant containers suit a more professional aesthetic and perform to a high standard. Offices, resorts, and retail spaces, for example, couldn't repurpose a shoe organizer and expect to impress customers. Moreover, such an unfit-for-purpose planter will degrade rapidly and cost more money and time to care for it, leaving you to replace it anyway.

Plus, specialized plant containers can be painted to your exact specification. This spray paint protects plant pots from UV damage and helps to insulate your flowers from heat and cold - if you eventually choose to fill them with live flowers!

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