3 Ideas To Master Your Indoor Landscape With Indoor Plants!


Most people have heard of landscaping. If you haven't, landscaping is how landscape architects alter a plot of land, with various tricks that allow them to create a certain aesthetic.

Though landscaping is most commonly associated with changing an outdoor space, did you known that there's a type specific to work done inside?

This is what's known as interior landscaping on an indoor landscape, and for anyone looking to really upgrade the look and feel of their indoor environments, it's vital to understand how to best go about doing this.

In this article, we're going to take you on a deep dive into how to master your indoor landscape. This will include information about what interior landscaping is, why it's important, and the benefits of a properly thought-out interior landscape.

This is valuable information not only for homeowners but for the interior landscapers of commercial buildings too. Once you have a better understanding of what indoor landscaping is, we'll move on to providing a few of our expert ideas for such interior design!

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What Is Interior Landscaping?

indoor landscape

To once more give a simple definition, indoor landscaping is a type of landscaping that takes place indoors. However, this is not to say it's merely about introducing various furnishings to interior space to add beauty.

The most important aspect of interior landscaping has to do with bringing natural elements like indoor plants to living areas. By doing this, one can create green spaces indoors. Given this, interior plantscaping can also be considered a suitable nickname for indoor landscaping, as live plants are the focal point of this sort of landscape design.

When it comes to selecting the right planters for indoor landscaping, fiberglass planters shine as the top choice. Their standout feature is their remarkable lightweight construction, making them exceptionally easy to maneuver and position in indoor spaces.

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Why Is Your Indoor Landscape Important?

Similar to how most towns and cities would feel unfriendly and oppressive if there were nothing but concrete buildings everywhere, the same can be said about interior design. The more in contact humans are with nature, the better, and as such, your interior landscape must feature indoor plants and other natural elements if it so to really be an environment in which one can live.

indoor landscape

As a quick thought experiment, just imagine two living rooms: one with a coffee table, a television, and a couch, and the other with a coffee table, a television, a couch, and living plants. Which room would you rather spend an afternoon relaxing in?

It's no surprise that most would say they'd like to be in a space filled with greenery. These interiors are much more welcoming, not to mention they come with a host of added benefits that we'll get into in the next section.

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The Benefits Of Interior Landscapes

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Now let's find out why indoor landscapes are so beneficial not only to the look and feel of houses and commercial buildings but also to you!

A Stress-free Indoor Landscape

To start, indoor plants have great stress-reducing effects. Based on the results of a study in 2015, researchers found "active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress compared with mental work. This is accomplished through suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure and promotion of comfortable, soothed, and natural feelings."

So what does this mean for you?

Well, simply put, it means that by making a conscious effort to care about interior landscaping, you're choosing to put your well being first. Similar to how getting natural light in the morning sets you up for the rest of the day, interior plants set you up for the future.

Better Air Quality Thanks To Interior PLants

If science was one of your favorite subjects in high school, you might remember learning about how plants are able to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen in a process called photosynthesis. If you don't remember, don't worry, you're not the only one, but what's important to now know is that this process of photosynthesis enables plants to produce oxygen-rich air.

What does this mean though?

Well, in hopes of keeping complex scientific explanations at a minimum, this basically means interior plants help purify the air and make it easier to breathe!

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Indoor Plants Are Beautiful

The third and perhaps most obvious benefit of having an indoor landscape is the fact that it allows you to introduce beauty to a home, office building, or other commercial space.

Indoor landscaping makes this possible by the simple fact that you're using plants almost like architectural materials. By choosing the right plants in the right situation, you can transform building interiors from mere functional spaces into ones with awe-inspiring beauty that rival even the most revered artistic designs. Furthermore, by ensuring proper care of planters and plants, you're able to have this beauty year round!

Short planter on tabletop
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To recap, interior landscaping reduces stress while also having plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen-rich air. This improves the air quality of our indoor environments. Finally, interior landscapes benefit from plants because plants are beautiful.

Now, though there are more benefits out there, we'll leave you with these three. By now you should be convinced as to why you need to invest in your indoor landscape, so to assist you with the process, let's figure out the steps involved in an interior landscaping project.

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What Steps Are Involved In An Interior Landscaping Project?

This is a general guideline for how to go about interior landscaping. Of course, steps may change depending on the actual property and type of project.

Determine The Type Of Property

To begin, it's necessary to take a step back and understand what property you're working with. Is it a home, office building, or a hotel? Then again, what part of that property will you provide indoor landscaping? Bedrooms, office entrance lobbies, or hotel lobbies? Different considerations must be made depending on the property and actual space, so be aware of this.

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Think Of The Desired Interior Design

Once you know the property type, think of the desired interior landscape you want to create. Is it modern minimalist? Bohemian chic? Knowing the end goal, you'll have a much easier time using indoor plants to help you get that indoor landscape.

Start Choosing Plants And Planters

After the first two steps are complete, you can start getting into the fun stuff. This is where you can choose what types of plants and planters you're after, and really start to see the desired indoor landscape come to fruition. You're free to choose what plants you want, but as for the planter, we cannot recommend fiberglass enough for their overall benefits--They'll surely enhance your gardening experience!

Get Potting!

Now that everything else is taken care of, start planting your greenery. Just remember to have an understanding of each plant's maintenance requirements for the best results. Soon, you'll have an environment filled with nature!

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3 Ideas For Indoor Plants

Simple Interior Landscaping Is The Best

When you first begin interior landscaping, the common tendency is to become over-excited and go a bit wild with house plants. This is because once you realize all the possibilities at your disposal, you want nothing more than to have it all immediately, which, in the long run, can result in burnout and proper plant care being forgotten in favour of just obtaining more and more plants. To combat this, our first expert proposition when starting gardening is that you keep things simple--After all, there's a reason for the age old adage, simple is best.

When we talk about keeping things simple with your indoor landscaping, we mean choosing only a few plants that are easy to care for - to get you started. This is helpful especially if you're a novice gardener.

For one, having a few plants will mean you don't need to constantly stress about many. Plus these easy-to-care-for plants will act as a sort of crash course and provide education on how to properly take care of your plants.

short planter on table
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Pair something like a Snake Plant or Zz Plant with a Bowl Planter. These plants are stylish enough that you won't feel like you're missing out while also being extremely easy to look after!

Living Walls & Vertical Gardens

Living walls and vertical gardens are one of the best ways to bring nature into an environment without going for the overly used format of having them sit on the ground. This type of indoor landscaping is sure to impress anyone who comes across it, making it the perfect option for the indoor landscape of a home or hotel--Basically, anywhere you have guests coming in and out of.

Petulah Wall Planter

To get started with this, begin by making sure you have enough height and space on the walls of a room. This will ensure a smooth installation of your plants, and will also allow them to grow freely once they're potted.

If you've confirmed there's enough height and space, install the living walls or vertical garden. This can either be done by potting the plants directly into a wall (try a Nile Wall Planter), or by having them sitting atop a wall mounted shelf. Otherwise, why not try your hand at floating gardens? Similar to the aforementioned two, you can choose something like a hanging planter to achieve that floating effect!

Though this type of indoor landscaping is much trickier to pull off, with the right plants and know-how you'll be able to create a modern and sophisticated look all your visitors will rave about.

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Interior Plants In Corners!

Even the most seasoned interior designer will admit, one of the trickiest spots to work with in any home or commercial building are those many nit-picky corners.

Due to their shape, corners are where you can't actually fit anything unless those objects are structured in such a way that they naturally slot into that space. So what to do with them?

Now, to get over this pitfall, have you ever considered a green garden in a corner? These are a simple solution to filling corners and making them pop!

To start, opt for a square, rectangular, or round pot. How about the St. Tropez Bullet Planter pictured in gunmetal grey? Made with fiberglass, the St. Tropez is the perfect candidate for jazzing up a corner with a subtle yet impactful aesthetic.

At that point, you're pretty much done. All you have to do now is add plants and flowers to the pot, or if you really want to make a statement, try out trees!

plant corner ideas
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Incorporating indoor plants and modern planters into your interior design isn't just a matter of aesthetics and style; it's an investment in your well-being. It's about creating a living space that rejuvenates, inspires, and invigorates.

At JBD Concepts, we understand a well-crafted indoor garden's profound impact on your life. Our indoor planters are designed to elevate your interior aesthetics while bringing nature closer to you. Each of our fiberglass planters is crafted to perfect along with a 3-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind for every purchase.

Ready to embark on your indoor landscaping journey? Explore our indoor planters and discover the perfect companions for your home. Take the first step toward your dream interior landscape!