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Nothing screams summertime more than the beach or pool, vibrant colors gleaming off the bright sunlight as laughter is heard all around. Just from that description, you're likely to be able to conjure some image of a picturesque summer scene, but out of curiosity, did that image feature any sort of tropical plants? Introducing container gardening is one surefire way to create standout displays all summer long, whether in an indoor or outdoor space. So let's take a look at various ideas for summer planters so you can have colorful foliage blooming in even the hottest full sun!

In this article, we'll focus all on a summer container garden. To begin, we'll provide a rundown on the basic components of summer container plantings that are vital to your understanding of a successful gardening project. This will include a definition of summer planters, as well as topics such as what the best planter material is and what the best foliage plants to grow throughout the summer are. From there we'll go into our 4 favorite summer planter ideas. It won't be long before you master container gardens for those long and carefree summer days!

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What's A Summer Planter?

Before getting into actually purchasing planters and plants, it's worthwhile knowing what a summer planter is.

Simply put, a summer planter is a plant pot that can be used as a container garden during hot summer seasons.

Although relatively self-explanatory, there are several considerations one needs to make when choosing the best container garden for the summertime. We'll get into these aspects in the following sections.

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What's The Best Summer Planter Material?

The material of a planter is perhaps the most crucial aspect you need to consider when deciding on a summer container. This is why it was necessary to outline what exactly a summer planter is, as, opposed to a container garden for a different season.

Once again, a summer planter needs to function in circumstances where the weather is characteristically hot, humid, and/or dry. This also means a lot of sunlight and little rainfall.

In order to then best determine what the best planter material is for this season, let's take a look at a few of the most popular pots used in container gardening.


One of the most widely used container plantings out there, it wouldn't be hyperbole to say when most people think of planters, ceramic is the material that comes to mind.

For the most part, this is for good reason. They are nice options to start off with given their affordability and simple but appealing container design. For novice gardeners who just want something easy to begin potting their beautiful plants in, ceramic is a great option. However, when the discussion shifts to a container garden to be used as a summer container, it becomes difficult to continue suggesting ceramic container gardens.

The reason ceramic pots aren't great gardening tools in the summer is that they don't possess the strength to withstand the full sun all summer long. As soon as this type of pot is left in a sunny spot, the material is likely to weaken and over time, crack.

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The story with plastic planters is similar to that of ceramic pots. Popular because of their affordability and apparent versatility, many beginner gardeners will opt for plastic because they seem like a safe option as container gardens.

Once more, this is all true.

Plastic can be an effective pot for garden design if you don't intend on going all out with your planting. This would mean choosing plants that are relatively basic and you grow them in mild weather and climate conditions. But of course, this is an article about summer planter ideas, and in such a scenario, a plastic container garden just won't do.

For one, they have a short life expectancy when exposed to UV, so having them placed in a sunny position is pretty much akin to accepting the fact that you'll need to purchase replacements. Furthermore, plastic pots retain moisture so if you do go ahead and place them near a pool for that added summer feel, your plant's soil will likely end up too moist, something that's a direct cause of root rot.


Last on our list comes fiberglass.

Anyone with a bit of gardening expertise is probably aware of the general consensus about how fiberglass planters are one of the best around. Not only are they lightweight, durable, and stylish, but they are extremely weather and temperature-resistant. This makes them the ideal container garden for use in the summertime. No matter how hot the temperature gets or how blazing the sun's rays become, a fiberglass planter is made from bonded resin that can withstand it all.

This is why fiberglass is the best material for a summer container. Whether you want to pot just one plant or have a variety of species to provide visual interest during the season, a fiberglass container will be able to fulfill all your gardening dreams.

So now you know what the best planter material is for a summer planter, let's follow up by discussing some of the best plants to pot during this time.

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Best Plants For The Summertime?

Plants that are to thrive in the summer have a few characteristics.

  • They must love extended periods of sunlight.
  • They must be able to withstand dry and/or humid weather conditions.
  • They must be able to withstand hot temperatures.
  • They must be able to cope with a lack of rainfall.

Taking into account these characteristics, let's now take a look at a few of the best plant species for a container garden in the summer.

Sweet Potato Vine

Why not kick off our list with a more unusual plant option? That's where the sweet potato vine comes in, and really, there's no better choice as a summer plant than this one!

Great due to their natural affinity for warmer weather, sweet potato vines grow well between the hot months of late spring and late summer.

We'll get into actual summer planter ideas later on, but rest assured, these trailing plants offer plenty of sweet design ideas.

Palm Trees

It would be almost sacrilege to create a list of the best plants for the summertime without including palm trees.

One of the quintessential tropical plants out there, no other plant elicits the idea of a long holiday spent relaxing on the beach.


Certain species of flowers do well in the summer, providing those much-desired bursts of color while introducing a bit of softness to a space. Some of these heat-loving flowers are...

  • Marigold
  • Begonia
  • Geranium


Last on our list of plant types that love the sun are succulents.

Succulents are drought tolerant and thrive in areas that receive the heat and light of full sun. This makes them ideal for use in a container garden during the summertime, while also providing an area with a unique look.

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4 Fantastic Ideas For Summer Planters

Trailing Plants Like Sweet Potato Vines

Once again, let's kick off this list with a unique summertime container garden, and no better plant satisfies that description than a trailing plant like the sweet potato vine.

While we already got into the fact of how sweet potato vines are perfect for growing in the summer due to their natural affinity for full sun and warm weather, we didn't actually talk about how to go about using them in gardening design. So let's find out!

Trailing plants like the sweet potato vine are great for use as a spiller in the classic container garden trio of thrillers, fillers, and spillers. While a worthwhile way to start sprucing up a garden, this would mean finding thrillers and fillers that also grow well in the summer. If this doesn't sound like something you're up for, simply have your sweet potato vines working on their own!

You could either have them spilling out of a window box or a summer container like this Tolga Corner Planter made from fiberglass. On the other hand, you could have the plant trailing up a wall for added depth to a space. Interestingly enough, depending on how much sun the plant receives, it can also turn different shades--From lime green to a deep purple!

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Your Very Own Vegetable Garden!

Growing your own vegetables is where you take the gardening aspect of a container garden to the next level. Though considered to be more for experienced gardeners, it's possible to grow your own edible plants even as a complete beginner, so long as you have a bit of knowledge on what to do.

First and foremost, if we're talking about summer planter ideas, weather, and temperature obviously play a key role. As such, it's helpful to know what types of vegetables grow in these conditions.

  • Green beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Eggplants
  • Cucumbers
  • Sweet potatoes

The vegetables listed are a few you could plant in the front yard during the summer and then harvest depending on their individual specifications--There you have it, your very own vegetable garden!

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Colorful Blooms In Beautiful Planters

Colorful flowers are one of the most beautiful ways to introduce greenery to any commercial or residential space. As mentioned, there are various flowers that grow well even during the warmer days of summertime, so let's take a look at how you can start planting them in your own garden.

Before beginning, it's vital to pick the right flowers and flower pots for your garden. We already touched upon a few flower options, and we've also mentioned how fiberglass planters are some of the best out there, so let's assume you're going to make the right choice and follow those guidelines.

At that point then, how you really go about planting your flowers is up to you. If your blooms have bold colors, how about trying a more understated planter like the Brisbane Tall Corner Planter ? With built-in drainage holes and lightweight make, this planter makes for simple maintenance while never sacrificing anything appearance-wise.

Where you place your flowers can also make a drastic difference. The entrances of homes, hotels, or restaurants are recommended as they give guests the best first impression possible. On the other hand, more discreet locations like corners also allow your bold plant to really make a statement.

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Ornamental Grasses For Form & Function

Last on the list of our favorite summertime planter ideas is to use ornamental grasses to bring about nice, bushy displays of green to your property.

The reason we're such a fan of grasses is that most of them tend to be pretty hardy, with strong resistance to weather and temperature conditions that make them perfect for planting all year around, not just in the summer.

The functional aspect of these plants stems from the fact that due to their naturally long and bushy/feathery appearance, they are great for creating a sense of privacy, or just hiding areas of a property that you want to leave out of your guest's eye.

To actually plant, you can of course let them grow out of the ground, or you could opt for a fiberglass planter like the Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter . One of the largest wholesale fiberglass pots out there, they're the perfect home for a grand display of grass!

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