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Take a moment to think of a hotel or home, and then picture what one amenity most increases the sense of luxury and relaxation anyone can feel in such a space. For many, the answer is a swimming pool area, and this is evidenced by statistics from 2015, where studies found that 26% of travelers considered a swimming pool to be essential in a holiday accommodation. Now, although a swimming pool might seem more than enough to take any lodging to the next level, the addition of potted plants by the pool deck make this a match made in Heaven. So let's learn about these 5 pool planter ideas to take your swimming pool area to the next level!

As stated, this post will focus all on pool landscaping ideas. However, before getting into those, it's vital to lay a bit of groundwork. To do this, we'll first outline what factors you have to be aware of when you decide to start working with poolside planters. Once that's finished, we'll get into a few of the benefits of potted plants by the swimming pool, along with the best planters for use around this outdoor space. Finally, we'll get into our pool planter ideas.

By the end of this post, you'll be sure to have the knowhow to make a splash with your swimming pool area!

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What Do You Have To Keep In Mind?

Plant Selection

Perhaps one of the most obvious considerations, when you start introducing plants to a swimming pool, you're going to need to choose species that are well-suited for a poolside environment.

As a general rule of thumb, try to opt for plants that can tolerate high humidity, occasional splashes of water, and potential exposure to chlorine or pool chemicals.

You also might want to consider using plants with shallow root systems to prevent damage to the pool structure.

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Planter Material

Another fairly obvious consideration has to do with planter material. As you're going to have the planter be sitting outside, next to a pool, it needs to be made out of a durable material that is also tolerant to water.

Fiberglass planters are among the best choices, which we'll discuss later on in the post.

Size And Weight

Tying into the previous factor, the size and weight of the potted plant and planter are crucial to make your gardening by the swimming pool as low maintenance as possible.

Just think, if you have plants and planters that are heavy, moving them around for pool maintenance will become that much more of an issue. Discover our Large Planters which could solve that problem.

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Pool Water Contamination

While we've mentioned this a few times already, pool water contamination is one of those aspects of pool landscaping that you never have to deal with during any other kind of landscaping.

You're going to have to expect some guests might be diving into the swimming pool (3-2-1-Cannonball!), and this will lead to chlorine filled water getting into the soil of at least a few potted plants. Understanding how to deal with this is crucial to successful landscaping in this outdoor space.


Our final consideration has to do with safety. The pool deck is a slippery space, and if you have poisonous, prickly, or thorny potted plants, you could very well be looking at an injured guest.

Therefore, knowing how to best keep guests safe while getting the best out of plants by your swimming pools is vital.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having Plants By The Pool Area?


One of the more obvious benefits of plants by a swimming pool are the fact that the finished look is so beautiful. Just close your eyes and imagine the outdoor space: the tranquil water, the palm trees, the real luxurious pool feel as the sun sets across the landscape.

All of this and more is possible when you really start taking pool landscaping seriously.

Privacy And Screening

Strategically placed pool planters can provide privacy and act as natural screens. Combine this with tall plants or shrubs and it becomes that much easier to block unwanted views from neighboring properties.

This why poolside planters are so great--They help create a more secluded and intimate pool environment, no matter where you are!

Shade And Sun Protection

Large planters with tall plants or trees can provide shade and protect pool users from direct sunlight during hot summer days.

They offer a natural and visually appealing alternative to traditional shade structures, creating a comfortable and cool space around the pool.


Somewhat similar in functionality to the previous benefit, plants by the pool also provide wind-breaking qualities that further allow guests to truly enjoy their time in this outdoor space.

Planters with tall, dense plants work best for this, and help in creating a more sheltered and calm environment.

Wildlife Habitat

Last on our list of pool landscaping benefits is the fact that by introducing flowering plants and the like to a pool area, it's possible to provide a home to different kinds of wildlife like birds, butterflies, and bees.

These creatures can add an element of beauty and fairytale like fascination to the pool area, contributing to a more dynamic and lively ecosystem in your landscape.

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What Is The Best Planter Material For A Swimming Pool Area?


Metal planters, such as those made of stainless steel or wrought iron, are durable and visually appealing. These planters can be used to add interest to spaces such as the living room, backyard, or front entrance of a building. However, they shouldn't be used outdoors by the pool.

The issue with metal planters by a swimming pool area is that the material is prone to rust and corrosion when exposed to water and pool chemicals. The constant exposure to moisture and chlorinated water can accelerate the degradation of metal planters, compromising their longevity and aesthetic appeal, as well as the health of the potted plant.


At first glance, plastic planters might seem like a worthy choice. They're lightweight, affordable, and available in a wide range of designs, while also being resistant to rust and corrosion.

Where plastic planters falter is in their lack of durability. A pool area is a place where extended exposure to the sun is the norm, along with other types of weather. Plastic is a material that just doesn't have the strength to withstand these harsh outdoor conditions. Over time, these planters can fade, become brittle, or warp due to UV radiation and fluctuating temperatures. This can affect their structural integrity and diminish their aesthetic appeal, making them less suitable for long-term use in pool areas.


No planter is more suited to use by a swimming pool than fiberglass planters.

Not only is fiberglass a versatile and durable material that can withstand exposure to water, UV radiation, and pool chemicals without deteriorating.

These planters are resistant to rust, corrosion, and fading, ensuring they maintain their visual appeal over time.

They are lightweight yet sturdy, making them easy to move or rearrange as needed, and they also offer excellent insulation properties, which can help protect the roots of the plants from extreme temperature fluctuations.

All of this in turn means they are low maintenance, as you don't have to spend much time worrying about caretaking.

If all that wasn't enough, fiberglass planters are available in various sizes, shapes, and finishes, allowing for customization and seamless integration with the poolside landscape. They can mimic the appearance of other materials like stone or terracotta, offering a wide range of design possibilities to match your aesthetic preferences. If you're look for a planter for this outdoor space, look no further than fiberglass!

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5 Fantastic Pool Landscaping Ideas

Shrubs Alongside A Swimming Pool

Kicking off our list of pool planter ideas is to have shrubs, tall bushes, or small trees alongside a swimming pool. Not only will this provide that much needed touch of greenery to any pool area, it also functions as a bit of a privacy screen so guests can really enjoy the ultimate feel of luxury and privacy.

To achieve a look like the one in the above image, use a planter like the Salon Narrow Low Rectangular Planter. By choosing a more muted color scheme, it's possible to have the planter fit into the overall theme of the space, all the while ensuring your plants live a long and healthy life.

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Plants By A Penthouse Pool Deck

One of the more popular pool landscaping ideas takes you a few steps away from the swimming pool itself and shows you what's possible with using planters on a penthouse pool deck.

As depicted in the image, it's hard to really imagine anything as luxurious as this landscaping design, because it allows guests to lounge on comfortable deck chairs with the pool only a few feet away. Not only is this great for aesthetic purposes, it also takes away the possibility of your plants being damaged by the chlorine from the pool, given that they're placed out of reach of any splashes.

To achieve this look, you could either use the same planters side by side, or stagger planters like this Toulan Modern Tall Tapered Square Planter in between larger rectangular planters. The contrast of the white planters with the greenery and the color of the furniture will produce an awe inspiring effect your guests won't get enough of.

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A Statement Plant By The Pool

Statement plants are one of the best ways to bring about new and exciting perspectives to outdoor spaces such as pools.

While a pool is a statement piece in and of itself, you can really take the whole space to another level with this such pool landscaping ideas.

To start, choose fiberglass planters like this Perth Tall Rectangular Planter. One of the larger planters on the market, they are perfect for growing foliage like palms, grass, or any other statement plant you can think of.

As seen in the above image, they also don't need to be directly by the pool. This one is more off to the side, by a pathway around the pool area. This allows you to sprinkle bits of interest all through a property so guests never grow bored!

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Unique Plants In Square Planters

Using unique plants in square planters are a fun way to create a nice contrast between the plant and the planter. As pictured above, by combining simple, understated planters like the Montroy Cube Planter with more unique plant options like the swerving, conical shape bush, you're able to produce an interesting dichotomy between a plant and its pot.

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Plants Against A Wall To Keep The Summer Vibe Alive

Last on our list of pool landscaping ideas is to use plants against walls as a way of bringing life to what might otherwise be a drab, empty space.

As seen on the above image, this is done with two palm trees and one bushier, leafier plant in a rectangular planter. Just imagine now what this outdoor space might've looked like without these plants? This takes us back to the idea mentioned at the start of this post: how planters and swimming pools are a match made in Heaven.

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